U.S. Online Yellow Pages Market 2009-2012

In its fourth edition, U.S. Online Yellow Pages Market 2009-2012 reports on the state of the online yellow pages industry in 2009 and projects through 2012. But even more important than providing a clear understanding of the current market condition, this report offers exclusive perspective on how yellow pages publishers need to position themselves for future growth in the dynamic online medium.

Use U.S. Online Yellow Pages Market 2009-2012 to:

  • Gain access to Simba’s exclusive data on current online yellow pages market size and structure
  • Understand the structure of partnerships between yellow pages publishers and search engine giants, such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Benchmark your own online initiatives against those of your competitors
  • Target realistic online yellow pages revenue growth for your company
  • Identify potential partnership opportunities And more!

    The report includes growth rates, forecast, and information on companies, revenues and key executives.

    Stamford, CT - Oct. 26, 2010 - Internet yellow pages revenue is projected to increase to $3.06 billion, accounting for 20.1% of the total yellow pages market, according to U.S. Online Yellow Pages Market 2009-2012, a new report published by media industry forecast and analysis firm Simba Information.

    Yellow page publishers have shifted heavily into online advertising since recovering from bankruptcy in 2009, doubling online revenue growth in just four years, according to the report. An increase in online advertising revenue is a boost to yellow pages publishers seeking an alternative revenue stream, who fear a wave of local legislation similar to the Seattle Ordinance, which tacks on millions of dollars worth of advance fees to publishers of print yellow pages.

    "Despite the search engine threat, the yellow pages industry is still doing relatively well, having recognized the opportunity in Internet yellow pages a few years ago and invested in online operations," said David Goddard, lead author of the Simba study. "That investment is now paying off, especially for AT&T Advertising Solutions (St. Louis) and Yellowbook (Uniondale, NY), which are projected to post impressive 21.2% and 18.3% revenue gains, respectively, from online operations in 2010."

    The report, U.S. Online Yellow Pages Market 2009-2012, contains in-depth profiles of selected print publishers, pure-play Internet yellow pages companies and search engines. The report also provides detailed information on the online yellow pages market including market share, online vs. print yellow pages usage by category, estimated online traffic, sources of listings and key online alliances. The report can be found at: http://www.simbainformation.com/redirect.asp?progid=79884&productid=2523134.

    • Executive Summary
    • Methodology
    • Size of the Online Yellow Pages Market
      • Introduction
        • Table Statistical Summary of the Yellow Pages Industry, 2004-2009
        • Table Yellow Pages Revenue Growth by Publisher Category, 1996-2012P ($ in millions)
        • Table Print, Internet Share of Yellow Pages Market, 2008-2012P ($ in millions)
        • Table Revenue Growth in All U.S. Advertising Media, 2007-2010P ($ in millions)
        • Table Yellow Pages' Share of U.S. Advertising, 2000-2010P ($ in millions)
        • Table Online YP & YP Local Search Compared to Internet and All Advertising, 2007-2010P ($ in millions)
      • Yellow Pages Market Overview
        • Table Publishers' Percentage of Online Revenue, 2008-2010P (Revenue in millions)
        • Table Largests Publishers' Percentage of Online Revenue, 2008-2010P (Revenue in millions)
        • Table Yellow Pages References, 2006-2014P (References in billions)
      • Market Segments and Key Players
      • Usage Numbers Decline Slightly
        • Table Yellow Pages References, Top Headings, 2009 (References in millions)
    • Online Yellow Pages Market Dynamics
      • Types of Online Yellow Pages
        • Table Estimated Internet Yellow Pages Traffic for Select Publishers, 2007-2009 (in thousands)
        • Table Sources of Incumbent Online Directory Listings, 2009
        • Table Internet Sites and Internet Yellow Pages Publishers that Power Them, 2009
        • Table Key Internet Alliances in Yellow Pages Industry, 2009
      • Top Print Publishers in the Online Yellow Pages Arena
        • Ambassador Media Group
        • AT&T Advertising Solutions
        • Dex One (formerly R.H. Donnelley)
        • Ogden Directories
        • SuperMedia (formerly Idearc Media)
        • User-Friendly Media (formerly User-Friendly Phone Book)
        • Valley Yellow Pages
        • Yellowbook
        • Ziplocal (formerly Phone Directories Co.)
      • Search Engine Local and Yellow Pages Providers
        • IAC
        • Google
        • infoGroup
        • Local.com
        • LookSmart
        • Yahoo!
    • Forecast & Conclusions
      • Internet Market Forecast
        • Table Internet Yellow Pages Advertising Revenue, 2007-2010 ($ in millions)
        • Table Internet YP Revenue Compared to Total YP Revenue, 2008-2012P ($ in millions)
      • Print Publishers Online Growth
      • Users and Content
    • Profiles of Leading Print & Internet Yellow Pages Providers
      • Ambassador Media Group
        • Table At a Glance: Ambassador Media Group
      • AT&T Communications
        • Table At a Glance: AT&T Communications
      • Dex One (R.H. Donnelley)
        • Table At a Glance: Dex One (R.H. Donnelley)
      • Ogden Directories
        • Table At a Glance: Ogden Directories
      • SuperMedia (Formerly Idearc Media)
        • Table At a Glance: Idearc Media
        • Table SuperMedia's Discontinued Directories, 2008-2010
      • User-Friendly Media (User-Friendly Phone Book)
        • Table At a Glance: User-Friendly Media
      • Valley Yellow Pages
        • Table At a Glance: Valley Yellow Pages
      • Yell Group
        • Table At a Glance: Yellowbook
        • Table Financial Size of Selected Yellowbook Acquisitions, 1999-2009
      • Ziplocal (Phone Directories Co.)
        • Table At a Glance: Ziplocal (Phone Directories Co.)
    • Profiles of Leading Search Engines and Suppliers
      • IAC
        • Table At a Glance: IAC/Ask.com
      • Google
        • Table At a Glance: Google
      • CCMP Capital Advisors
        • Table At a Glance: infoGroup
      • Local.com
        • Table At a Glance: Local.com
      • LookSmart
        • Table At a Glance: LookSmart
      • Yahoo!
        • Table At a Glance: Yahoo!

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