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International trade plays a pivotal role in the global economy, facilitating the exchange of goods, services, and ideas across borders. For businesses to be successful in international trade, they must understand the political, economic, social, and technological landscape in different countries and regions. With a vast collection of research published by leading advisory firms, has the information needed to analyze risk and pinpoint lucrative opportunities within international trade.

Valuable International Market Research and Trade Data

  • Our comprehensive range of reports covers various facets of international trade, encompassing import/export trends, economic forecasts, PESTLE country analyses, and beyond.
  • Within these reports, you'll discover a wealth of data, including GDP growth forecasts, economic risk evaluation, and key insights into government policies, demographics, and financial systems.
  • By gaining an in-depth look at opportunities within international trade, you can better position your business for long-term success.

Use Our Research to Guide Your Business Strategy

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional, a consultant, or a busy executive, our reports offer valuable insights based on reliable data to help inform your decision-making.’s international trade market research reports provide a strategic pathway to stay ahead of your competition and leverage emerging market opportunities. Our resources empower you with the knowledge required to navigate the complexities of international trade, fostering growth and enhancing your business's global presence.

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International Trade Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Belgium

    ... forecast 1.4% growth next year, 0.1ppt higher than our previous estimate due to the lower base effect. We have raised our 2024 average inflation projection by 0.5ppts to 3.2% to incorporate the new basket weights ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Chile

    ... have raised our 2024 GDP growth forecast for Chile by 0.5ppts to 2.3% y/y. A strong January IMACEC print raised prospects for Q1 and national account revisions lowered 2023 GDP, automatically raising our 2024 forecast. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Colombia

    ... at the beginning of this year, prompting us to increase our Q1 growth forecast by 0.8ppt to 1.3% q/q. We don't think Colombia will enter a recession this year, but a domestic demand correction is ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Europe

    ... to 3.0% on the back of a stronger-than-expected global and European outlook. Headline inflation fell to 5.6% in February and the National Bank of Serbia expects it to return within its target range by mid-2024. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Cyprus

    ... domestic demand, but there are downside risks to our outlook. Surveys and high-frequency indicators suggest economic activity momentum might cool in the coming quarters. Fixed investment fell recently, though this was due to statistical issues. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Russia

    ... stringent monetary policy. In the absence of real competition, Vladimir Putin won the March presidential election with 87% of the votes. We see no reason to expect major changes to the country's political course or ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Czech Republic

    ... only gradually throughout 2024. That said, the worst seems to be over now. Both real incomes and, in turn, consumer spending are starting to recover, though government's ongoing fiscal consolidation is pushing in the opposite ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Hungary

    ... as well as poor signals sent by industry at the start of 2024. But we think will activity improve later on, so we have boosted our growth expectation for 2025 to 3.3%, up 0.4ppts on ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Brazil

    ... surprise driven by the services sector. Our forecast is still below that of consensus, as we have low conviction that a structural improvement in Brazil's potential growth will occur, or that the effects of contractionary ... Read More

  • Tajikistan In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis. Synopsis Understand the political system in Tajikistan through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in Tajikistan through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues. Understand ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Singapore

    ... - Country Economic Forecasts - Singapore We've maintained our Singapore 2024 GDP growth forecast at 2%, while acknowledging that the risks are shifting to the upside due to an improving outlook for the external sector. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Thailand

    ... - Thailand The Thai economy ended 2023 on a weak note, but we expect it will improve slightly in 2024. We forecast real GDP will grow 2.6% in 2024, following a 1.9% expansion in 2023. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Burundi

    ... we expect disposable incomes to rise and drive consumption spending higher this year. The devaluation of the Burundian franc in May last year and high global coffee prices are expected to support export earnings in ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Luxembourg

    ... a low point. GDP was flat in Q4 last year after having contracted by 1.4% q/q in Q3, according to the revised data. GDP declined by 1.1% in 2023, as anticipated by our forecast. Private ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Hong Kong SAR

    ... Economic Forecasts - Hong Kong SAR The recent scrapping of decade-old property cooling measures will only partially address a key macro drag on the economy, but potential homebuyers may remain sidelined given high interest rates. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Denmark

    ... forecast for Denmark by 1ppt to 2.6%, due in part to the strong outlook for pharmaceutical output. The final Q4 national accounts revised growth up in H2 2023, providing a strong carryover into this year. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Africa - Tunisia

    ... deficit – the IMF normally regards such a move as negative. While negotiations between Tunisia and the IMF are non-existent at this moment, the latest move by the government will probably widen the divide between ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - France

    ... to remain broadly flat over the first quarter. Though PMIs have registered marked improvements from record lows, overall, business surveys remain in slight contractionary territory. Activity will pick up gradually later in the year, with ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Estonia

    ... except for Ireland, but the comparison is skewed due to data issues in the latter. The good news is that we expect the worst is likely nearly over, and we forecast 2.6% growth in 2024. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Sao Tome and Principe

    ... cocoa began creeping up in the second half of 2022, before rising rapidly in early 2024 to hit a record high of $8,449/tonne on March 18 due to supply-side concerns. Apart from cocoa, the island ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Slovenia

    ... Strong domestic demand drove growth last year, while net exports were a drag. We think domestic demand will remain the main growth driver amid large real income gains by households and EU-level funding for investments. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Congo

    ... year given our view of unfavourable commodity prices and a weaker Congolese franc. Nonetheless, copper and cobalt prices are forecast to recover in 2025 and 2026, supporting the country's external position. The situation in eastern ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Poland

    ... in Q4 2023 when GDP stagnated. That said, we expect rising real incomes to translate into a solid consumption rebound this year. This, along with the recent unlocking of EU funding and a gradual recovery ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Finland

    ... at the start of this year. But leading indicators point to a turnaround, which bodes well for growth to pick up later this year. But the negative carryover means we expect the economy to contract ... Read More

  • Industry - Country Industry Forecasts - Canada

    ... by approximately 0.5%. However, we expect overall industrial output to have expanded by approximately 0.2% in 2023. Our outlook for 2024 is less positive, with output in the sector expected to contract by circa 0.4%. Read More

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