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International trade plays a pivotal role in the global economy, facilitating the exchange of goods, services, and ideas across borders. For businesses to be successful in international trade, they must understand the political, economic, social, and technological landscape in different countries and regions. With a vast collection of research published by leading advisory firms, has the information needed to analyze risk and pinpoint lucrative opportunities within international trade.

Valuable International Market Research and Trade Data

  • Our comprehensive range of reports covers various facets of international trade, encompassing import/export trends, economic forecasts, PESTLE country analyses, and beyond.
  • Within these reports, you'll discover a wealth of data, including GDP growth forecasts, economic risk evaluation, and key insights into government policies, demographics, and financial systems.
  • By gaining an in-depth look at opportunities within international trade, you can better position your business for long-term success.

Use Our Research to Guide Your Business Strategy

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional, a consultant, or a busy executive, our reports offer valuable insights based on reliable data to help inform your decision-making.’s international trade market research reports provide a strategic pathway to stay ahead of your competition and leverage emerging market opportunities. Our resources empower you with the knowledge required to navigate the complexities of international trade, fostering growth and enhancing your business's global presence.

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International Trade Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Lithuania

    ... 2024 GDP growth forecast for Lithuania by 0.4ppts to 2.1%. We don't think exports will recover or rate cuts will commence until Q2. However, inflation will likely continue to moderate, which will boost household expenditures. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Kuwait

    ... revenues and exports. The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is considering increasing its oil production capacity to 4mn barrels per day, especially given the Al Zour refinery is now operating at its full capacity of 615,000 ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Israel

    ... and 3.5% in 2025 for Israel. We expect the recovery in 2024 will be led by an expansion of private consumption and fixed investment owing to robust earnings, lower interest rates, and easing business uncertainty. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Qatar

    ... Industrial output rebounded strongly in January, while an uptick in activity and employment pushed the PMI to the highest level in three months. We continue to believe the economy expanded by 1.1% last year, pending ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Romania

    ... 2023 was revised downward. Still, we think the end of 2023 probably marked a low point for GDP growth. Buoyed by rising real incomes and strong investment growth, the economy is set to steadily gather ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Comoros

    ... rebounded and boosted the Comoran economy's recovery after Covid-19. Real investments coupled with real government consumption are foreseen to be the key drivers of economic growth over the short- to medium term. We forecast real ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Malaysia

    ... soft end to 2023, though we still think momentum will remain moderate and that the economy will expand by just 3% this year. Slower growth will likely prompt Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to cut rates. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - China

    ... that authorities are turning to a big manufacturing push to curve the cyclical downturn. The upshot is that, absent a commensurate increase in domestic demand and amid still-tentative external demand, disinflationary pressures will likely persist. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - South Korea

    ... 1.4% previously to reflect the positive impact of the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom on South Korea's external demand. Exports are likely to play a larger role in shoring up the economy's growth this year. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Uzbekistan

    ... an economic soft landing in the US, which will support the global macro environment. Still, a subdued economy in key trading partners like Russia and China and high inflationary pressures will continue to put downward ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - United Arab Emirates

    ... supply will increase only slightly by the end of 2025, which will limit growth next year to 4%. Production will likely ramp up significantly in 2026-2028 as new facilities become available and geopolitical uncertainty abates. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Ukraine

    ... and labour supply. This follows an estimated 5.5% growth in 2023. Nevertheless, functional Black Sea corridor, recovery of metals output and exports, positive real wage growth, and overall macro-financial stability will continue to support growth. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Taiwan

    ... its growth outlook. We have also raised our average inflation forecast for 2024 by 0.6ppts to 2% to reflect recent higher-than-expected inflation. Against this backdrop, we now expect Taiwan’s central bank (CBC) to hike rate ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Jordan

    ... tourism flows. Given tourism's substantial contribution to the country’s output, we anticipate fewer arrivals compared with the exceptional figures in 2023 will further weigh on this year’s growth outlook. Yet with sustained structural reform momentum ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Europe - Switzerland

    ... to 1.4% (or to 1.1% when adjusted for revenues from major sporting events). Although the outlook for this year has improved slightly, our revised forecast is still in line with the expectations of subdued growth. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Cambodia

    ... for 2023 and to 6.4% from 6.5% for 2024, given that the recovery in tourism fared below our expectations. Although, new export drivers in agricultural products and electric parts are likely to provide some offset. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Argentina

    ... Q4, consistent with our estimate and 0.4ppts above consensus. Last year, GDP shrank by 1.6%. We forecast consumption will drop by 11% this year and imports by 19%, owing to long-overdue measures to correct macroeconomic ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Italy

    ... driven by a surge in construction activity. We expect economic activity at the start of 2024 was muted, but will improve over the course of the year as real disposable incomes and financial conditions improve. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Africa - Egypt

    ... the troubled Egyptian economy. Erasing the FX backlog meant that authorities could release goods held at various ports around the country and lift restrictions on the use of credit cards abroad. Importantly, it also afforded ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Uruguay

    ... Supported by trade and inventories, GDP expanded by 0.4% q/q in Q4 2023 and by 0.4% in the full year, 0.1ppt below our previous forecast. Despite the rebound in private consumption and exports, investment will ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Norway

    ... forecast. We continue to expect economic activity will be weak in H1 2024, weighed down by tight financial conditions and stubbornly high inflation. The tight labour market is driving strong nominal wage growth, which will ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Slovak Republic

    ... monetary policy. We expect economic activity will gradually gain pace in 2024 as domestic and external demand slowly improve. We think growth should pick up more meaningfully in 2025, when we expect Slovakia's GDP to ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Malta

    ... in 2024, meaning it will continue to outperform the eurozone average. Strong tourism, a solid labour market, and a favourable demographic profile should continue to support economic activity. We project 3% GDP growth in 2025. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Sri Lanka

    ... - Sri Lanka We expect Sri Lanka's economy to expand by 5.7% in 2024 and 5.9% in 2025. The outlook has improved in recent months due to continued macroeconomic stabilisation and the ongoing tourism recovery. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Netherlands

    ... to 2% in 2025, a shade below the 2015-2019 average. Following a strong end to last year, we think economic momentum will keep building over the next few quarters after a slew of encouraging data. Read More

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