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  • Border Security

    ... explore how political issues affecting the border security community, such as increasing immigration in the Mediterranean as well as cross-border terrorism, can be combated and managed using innovative technological solutions. Enhancing surveillance and detection strategies, ... Read More

  • Land Forces Simulation & Training

    ... demanding as possible to create a robust representation of the physical, mental and ethical challenges on the battlefield must be crucial for any land forces to win in a complex world. For all areas within ... Read More

  • Network Enabled Capability Technology

    ... Conference will focus on network enabled capability technology, taking into consideration the various MOD’s programs developed by different nations. Key presentations will be deliver to discuss various technological components and strategic approach to deliver systems ... Read More

  • Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling

    ... Italian Air Force. This year's Military Airlift conference will provide a comprehensive overview of strategic and tactical airlift in Europe. There will be critical updates from the UK Ministry of Defence, the EATC Commander Major ... Read More

  • Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2016

    ... a key focus on the technologies and concepts of operation for enhanced survivability , this unique conference focuses on the collaboration between military and industry and invites not only the programme managers and operational commanders ... Read More

  • Naval Mission Systems Technology

    ... conference programme will provide updates from national navies on their mission system capabilities, future requirements and the associated challenges. Navy's are constantly looking at how the collection and dissemination of data from maritime helicopters, UAVs, ... Read More

  • Social Media in the Defence & Military

    ... younger audience globally for recruitment and information purposes but as a new front in warfare. What soldiers, airmen and sailors post online can be crucial to winning the hearts and minds of local populations, weakening ... Read More

  • Global MilSatCom 2016

    ... range of networking opportunities: Service providers as well as key military and government end-users to make up 500 attendees for the conference and exhibition. Two evening networking receptions hosted by SES and Airbus Defence and ... Read More

  • Airborne ISR

    ... this capability, allowing commanders to understand the situation on the ground and act accordingly. Covering direction, collection, process, dissemination and targeting, Airborne ISR aims to thoroughly analyse the intelligence chain and deliberate best practice for ... Read More

  • Air Missile Defence Technology

    ... Prague on the 24th and 25th October 2016 in Czech Republic. This conference programme will provide updates on capabilities and requirements from national militaries on their Air Missile Defence programs, the challenges associated with developing ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Mortar Systems Technology

    ... advancement. Importantly, as technology expands, so does cost, making procurement of mortar systems a key issue. Traditional challenges facing mortar teams have included resolving issues of precision v range, increased lethality and manoeuvrability. In order ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems

    ... be fully prepared to counter and ultimately defeat an increasing array of threats to both the platform, its crew and dismounted mechanised forces, the support of whom is vital. Drawing on the operational and strategic ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: MilSatCom USA

    ... Space Assets, greater focus on streamlining the MilSatCom acquisition process and a greater desire for international partnering in the US, there will be a great opportunity for the US SatCom community and allies to meet ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Oil & Gas Cyber Security

    ... that the oil and gas companies now more than ever need to strengthen their cyber security units. Perfect security for any successful company is impossible. Inevitably, some doors need to be left open. The question ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: International Port Security

    ... to boast the most stringent security measures possible, using the most up to date technology. With continued migration into the EU through sea borders and the serious threat of terrorism, there is a pressing need ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: MilSatCom Asia-Pacific

    ... programmes and how the development of these programmes is satisfying current critical regional requirements. Our unrivalled speaker lineup will have critical SatCom programme updates from across Asia-Pacific as well as the strategic role of the ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Helicopter Technology Eastern Europe 2016

    ... many leading defence forces in both central and eastern Europe and hosted more senior heads of Air Force and Helicopter Commands than any other event in Europe. As Eastern Europe and The Baltic States continue ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Future Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe

    ... Republic once again for our 2016 event. The participants of Future Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe 2016 will cover the whole value chain of the armoured vehicle equipment market. The speakers and invited participants will be ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Air Mission Planning

    ... demands of the operational environment, the expectations and practices of mission planning continue to adapt. From static and lengthy pre/post mission processes, the potential for increased agility, interoperability and combat effectiveness is greater than ever. ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness

    ... is necessary. Given the confined and highly protected nature of the armoured vehicle, this can often be difficult, with crews becoming easily disorientated. Additionally, the armoured vehicle is becoming increasingly relied upon as a gatherer ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Soldier Equipment Technology Advancement Forum

    ... technical leaders from industry, leading researchers and end users, to proactively advance and develop optimum approaches to dismounted soldier capability. With its unique and interactive format, we maintain our original belief in “No Attendees only ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Defence Logistics Eastern Europe

    ... the demands put on them by NATO membership. They need to become adaptable and flexible, ready to deploy anywhere to defend NATO interests or keep the peace. To do that they require an effective logistics ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Border Security

    ... February 2016 in Rome, Italy. The value of this event is recognized by the Italian Navy who will be sending a delegation to attend and provide a senior speaker to speak about the current operations ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

    ... and those who use the seas legitimately, safe. Many nations are currently seeking to upgrade and develop those platforms that serve them in the Maritime Domain, from Patrol Planes and Helicopters to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Mobile Deployable Communications

    ... the support of the Polish Armed Forces who will be in attendance at the event as well as providing two host nation addresses. As well as this, this year’s conference will provide further updates on ... Read More

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