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As a market research-based organization, SMI takes pride in the quality of their programs and publications, ensuring that they are bought to the attention of the key decision makers in each industry sector in which they operate. SMI cultivates and maintains strong industry contacts to ensure they are informed of all pending changes in government and regulatory policy; they regard their relationships with speakers, delegates and subscribers as an investment for the future.

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134 Reports from SMI Publishing, Ltd

  • Gas to Liquids

    ... 12 months, we have witnessed a few promising projects to halt or even shut down altogether. However, whilst some doors have had to close, other doors are opening with interesting emerging markets on the new ... Read More

  • European Pharmaceutical Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement

    ... in the world, focusing on the changes in pricing and reimbursement and market access. As pharmaceutical global spending is predicted to increase by 29-32% by 2020*, the need for access to cheaper alternative medicines and ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Lyophilisation Europe

    ... parenteral Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals were for lyophilised drugs, and estimates predict that soon more than half of all injectable drugs will require lyophilisation. While a lot of R&D efforts have been input ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Mortar Systems Technology

    ... advancement. Importantly, as technology expands, so does cost, making procurement of mortar systems a key issue. Traditional challenges facing mortar teams have included resolving issues of precision v range, increased lethality and manoeuvrability. In order ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems

    ... be fully prepared to counter and ultimately defeat an increasing array of threats to both the platform, its crew and dismounted mechanised forces, the support of whom is vital. Drawing on the operational and strategic ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: MilSatCom USA

    ... Space Assets, greater focus on streamlining the MilSatCom acquisition process and a greater desire for international partnering in the US, there will be a great opportunity for the US SatCom community and allies to meet ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Oil & Gas Cyber Security

    ... that the oil and gas companies now more than ever need to strengthen their cyber security units. Perfect security for any successful company is impossible. Inevitably, some doors need to be left open. The question ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Meter Asset Management

    ... achieve the very ambitious 20-20-20 target, Member States need to consolidate efforts to drive transformation of Europe’s utility networks to become ‘smarter’. Utility companies across Europe face the prospect of meeting the EU’s goal of ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: BioBanking

    ... discussions on relevant and critical issues on how to improve biobanking practices. The proposed changes to the EU Data Protection Regulation will constitute a new legal framework for biobanking operations if and once passed by ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Gas Storage and Transmissions

    ... has struggled to keep up with storage capacity, however, new approaches to regulation and changing stances of many European governments combined with new infrastructure projects signal an exciting and profitable climate for this sector. Therefore, ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: ADMET

    ... drug discovery. Ensuring a good ADMET study will accelerate approval and therefore commercialization of your drug product – and hence pharmacokinetics remain at the forefront of drug formulation and development Since the pharmaceutical and biotechnology ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Immunogenicity

    ... -3 times as fast as chemical entities.* The challenges for the biopharmaceutical market are different to those from traditional chemical entities. Immunogenicity continues to be a major concern for the field of science, due to ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Fast Jet Pilot Training Eastern Europe

    ... Countries with smaller air forces are looking to improve interoperability to maximise the effectiveness of their jet fighter fleets. Furthermore the Czech Air Force has announced it is actively seeking to establish an international training ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Offshore Patrol Vessels Technology

    ... a single OPV platform greatly increases. Policing missions such as Counter-Piracy and Counter-Terrorism operations can be supplemented now by survey and Mine Countermeasure operations simply by swapping equipment on board the ship. This is all ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast 2016

    ... for exponential growth and account for $6 billion revenue by the end of 2020.* The market has witnessed continual advancements in device design with enhanced safety and usability by patients through human factor engineering. Nonetheless, ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: International Port Security

    ... to boast the most stringent security measures possible, using the most up to date technology. With continued migration into the EU through sea borders and the serious threat of terrorism, there is a pressing need ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: MilSatCom Asia-Pacific

    ... programmes and how the development of these programmes is satisfying current critical regional requirements. Our unrivalled speaker lineup will have critical SatCom programme updates from across Asia-Pacific as well as the strategic role of the ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: ADC Summit 2016

    ... has never been moving faster. The ADC market is anticipated to reach around US$ 12.7 Billion by 2020* and with most ADC research currently only in pre-clinical stages, we are yet to see the full ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Humanitarian Airlift And Disaster Response Asia-Pacific

    ... May 2016 in Singapore. Humanitarian Airlift And Disaster Response Asia-Pacific will be returning for the 3rd installment. This conference programme will provide updates on capabilities and requirements from national militaries for humanitarian operations, how civil-military ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Pain Therapeutics

    ... requires special approaches. SMi is proud to present the return of 16th Annual Pain Therapeutics to London, UK on 23-24 of May 2016. Through a series of interactive presentations and panel discussions, the event will ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Helicopter Technology Eastern Europe 2016

    ... many leading defence forces in both central and eastern Europe and hosted more senior heads of Air Force and Helicopter Commands than any other event in Europe. As Eastern Europe and The Baltic States continue ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Clinical Trial Logistics

    ... reach 1.2 Billion USD by 2020*, with the logistics and distribution services segment accounting for the largest share of the market. This rapid market growth is partnered with a huge change in the regulatory landscape. ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Future Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe

    ... Republic once again for our 2016 event. The participants of Future Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe 2016 will cover the whole value chain of the armoured vehicle equipment market. The speakers and invited participants will be ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Alzheimer's

    ... assessment criteria for AD diagnosis such as risk profiling, population group assessment and stages of AD progression. How do external stimuli play influence studies and outcome? Furthermore, emerging frontiers in biomarker development to aid more ... Read More

  • Conference Documentation: Lyophilization USA

    ... exponential rate. In addition, the rise of combination products and innovative drug delivery devices enable innovative drug formulations which can only be stable in solid format. As a result, the global lyophilization market is estimated ... Read More

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