Amazon Best Sellers Tracker: Magazine (Germany, July 2018)

Amazon Best Sellers Tracker: Magazine (Germany, July 2018)

Amazon Best Sellers Trackers are monthly reports (pdf format) published by ResearchFarm allowing to track the performance of top items (1P and 3P) in various categories and countries on the Amazon websites. This service has been launched in October 2013 and represents the only benchmark available for Amazon.

Amazon operates the most professional online marketplace in the world. Neither FMCG companies or retailers can ignore Amazon and in future every company will have to adjust their strategies in how to cooperate or compete with them. But – Amazon apart – no one really knows what the dynamics of the marketplace actually are.

ResearchFarm tracks on a daily basis the fastest selling products in every category to deliver 100% reliable and unique insights into which products are performing best. Thanks to our solid methodology and unique algorithm, we produce a monthly analysis which allows you to analyse key trends such as seasonality effects, healthy eating, promotional strategies, shopper trends and this in any category (30+ available) on any Amazon platform (United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Canada and Germany).

Section 1: Ranking of the best selling items on the Amazon marketplace

This section of the report features a ranking with 30 to 500 items (depending of the product category) ranked by volume. For this purpose, our analysts have devised a new algorithm to rank Amazon Best Sellers per category and monitor item performance on a monthly basis. This ranking allows you to compare item performances from month to month. You can observe how a best selling item generates interest from more and more sellers over time.

The tracker reports reveal what the most successful packaging sizes are and what the best selling sub categories in the broader category are (coffee capsules in grocery for example). Readers can look up all the items on the relevant Amazon stores to get more details by entering the reference details provided.

The minimum, maximum and average prices we provide allow brand owners and 3P sellers to stay competitive in the market and to understand the pricing strategies running on Amazon. Regarding pricing, the trackers also highlight the biggest price variations of the month (see section 2).

Key questions answered with the rankings from section 1:

- The tracker shows what pack sizes are performing best in what category on Amazon, to answer the question whether shoppers prefer to buy in bulk on Amazon
- Premium versus mass – learn what sells best on Amazon in what category in which geography
- Brand versus Private Label – there are actually some retailer private labels on Amazon, find out which ones
- Is Ethical/fair trade a big trend on Amazon?
- Gain insights around product category seasonality on Amazon and dynamic developments over longer periods. Questions you could then answer would be: When do people start buying confectionery on Amazon? Are there spikes before Easter and Christmas just in offline retailing?
- Find out who sells the products, by clicking through on the sellers pages

Monthly trend:
Amazon Bestsellers: Top Items
Price fluctuations
Movers and shakers
Top brands/manufacturers
Top sellers

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