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Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2016-2020

Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2016-2020

With large-scale deployment of gigabit network, global demand for optical fiber and cable grows significantly. Staying at the peak of the pyramid of the optical fibre and cable industry, the optical fibre preform industry witnesses rapid development, with global demand reaching 11,017 tons in 2015, up 21.6% from a year ago, and expected to attain 21,000 tons in 2020.

China is the world’s largest consumer of optical fibre preform, needing 6,167 tons in 2015, 56.0% of the world’s total, followed by the United States (12.7%) and Japan (8.2%).

Promoted by the implementation of “Broadband China”, “Internet +” and “Full Fiber-optic Network” strategies, the Chinese optical fibre preform market demand will maintain a growth rate of around 16.8% during 2016-2020, hitting 13,600 tons in 2020 (64.7% of global demand).

The Chinese optical fiber preform market is still plagued by supply shortage with a narrowing gap from 1,949 tons in 2010 to 567 tons in 2015. As local production capacity in China is continuously boosted, optical fiber preform is expected to be completely self-sufficient from 2017 onward.

Global and Chinese optical fiber preform markets are highly concentrated. In 2015, top5 suppliers (YOFC, Corning, Pysmian, Shin-Etsu Chemical, and Hengtong Optic-electric) held a combined global share of 61.3% (by output). Chinese YOFC shared the most 16.4%, followed by U.S. Corning.

Attracted by good development prospects in the Chinese optical communication market, global companies have scaled up their investment in China to expand capacity. In 2016, several major Chinese enterprises have been aggressive in building new plants to raise optical fiber preform and optical fiber drawing tower capacities.

YOFC: the world’s largest supplier of optical fiber preform. In 2016, the company is building Qianjiang Science Park, with Phase I (1,000 t/a optical fiber preform and 10 million core km/a optical fiber) planned to go into production at the end of the year. When Phase II and Phase III are completed and put into operation, the Park will develop production capacity of 3,000 ton/a optical fiber preform and 25 million core km/a optical fiber, becoming the largest optical fiber preform production base in the world.

Shin-Etsu Chemical: First optical fiber preform plant (a joint venture with Fasten Group and other companies) in China went into production in Feb 2012; the second optical fiber preform plant in Hubei (a joint venture with YOFC) is being built and expected to go into operation at the end of 2016 when the company’s optical fiber preform capacity in China will total 690 ton/a.

Hengtong Optic-electric: Optical fiber preform business restructuring is scheduled to be carried out in 2016. The company announced in March that it would invest RMB500 millionof its own funds to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary- Hengtong Photoconductive New Materials with a planned optical fiber preform capacity of 1,500 ton/a.

Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2016-2020 by ResearchInChina focuses on the followings:
Global optical fiber preform market (supply & demand, geographical distribution, price, competitive landscape, etc.);
Chinese optical fiber preform market (policy environment, market supply & demand, import & export, competitive landscape, price trend, etc.);
Global and China optical fiber preform downstream sector (optical fiber and cable) (market development, market structure, etc.);
Seven global optical fiber preform enterprises (operation, development in China, etc.);
Six Chinese optical fiber preform enterprises (operation, optical fiber preform business, development, etc.)
Optical fiber preform market trends during 2016-2020.

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1 Overview of Optical Fiber Preform
1.1 Definition
1.2 Production Technology
1.3 Industry Chain
1.3.1 Upstream
1.3.2 Downstream
2 Global Optical Fiber Preform Industry
2.1 Status Quo
2.2 Supply & Demand
2.2.1 Supply
2.2.2 Demand
2.3 Regional Structure
2.3.1 USA
2.3.2 Japan
2.3.3 Europe
2.4 Price Trend
2.5 Competitive Landscape
3 Optical Fiber Preform Industry in China
3.1 Policy Environment
3.2 Development History
3.3 Supply & Demand
3.3.1 Supply
3.3.2 Demand
3.4 Import & Export
3.4.1 Import
3.4.2 Export
3.5 Price Trend
3.5.1 Raw Materials
3.5.2 Optical Fiber Preform
3.6 Competitive Landscape
4 Global and Chinese Optical Fiber & Cable Market
4.1 Global
4.1.1 Market Development
4.1.2 Regional Structure
4.2 China
4.2.1 Market Development
4.2.2 Price
4.2.3 Competitive Landscape
5 Major Global Optical Fiber Preform Companies
5.1 Corning
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Revenue Structure
5.1.4 R&D and Investment
5.1.5 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.1.6 Development in China
5.1.7 Corning Optical Fiber Cable Chengdu Co. Ltd.
5.2 Sumitomo Electric Industries
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.2.4 Development in China
5.2.5 Chengdu SEI Optical Fiber
5.3 Shin-Etsu Chemical
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Revenue Structure
5.3.4 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.3.5 Development in China
5.4 Fujikura
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Revenue Structure
5.4.4 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.4.5 Development in China
5.4.6 Fujikura FiberHomeOpto-Electronic Material Technology
5.5 Prysmian
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Revenue Structure
5.5.4 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.5.5 Development in China
5.6 Furukawa Electric
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Revenue Structure
5.6.4 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.6.5 Development in China
5.7 TwentscheKabel Holding (TKH)
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Operation
5.7.3 Revenue Structure
5.7.4 Optical Fiber Preform Business
5.7.5 Development in China
5.7.6 Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics
6 Major Chinese Optical Fiber Preform Companies
6.1 YOFC
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Gross Margin
6.1.5 Optical Fiber Preform Business
6.2 Hengtong Optic-electric
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Revenue Structure
6.2.4 Gross Margin
6.2.5 R&D
6.2.6 Optical Fiber Preform Business
6.3 Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology (ZTT)
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Revenue Structure
6.3.4 Gross Margin
6.3.5 R&D and Investment
6.3.6 Optical Fiber Preform Business
6.4 FiberHome Technologies
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Gross Margin
6.4.5 R&D and Investment
6.4.6 Optical Fiber Preform Business
6.5 Futong Group
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Revenue Structure
6.5.4 Gross Margin
6.5.5 Projects under Construction
6.5.6 Optical Fiber Preform Business
6.6 Potevio Fasten Optical Communication
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Optical Fiber Preform Business
7 Summary and Forecast
7.1 Enterprise
7.2 Market

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