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China Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry Report, 2017-2021

China Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry Report, 2017-2021

The Chinese pharmaceutical distribution market has developed steadily but at a slower rate in recent years. The industry rose by 10.4% year on year to RMB1.8393 trillion in 2016 and is expected to hit RMB2.9784 trillion in 2021 at a growth rate of 10% over the next five years driven by favorable policies and downstream demand.

Western medicine sales dominate the Chinese pharmaceutical distribution market, accounting for 74.4% in 2016; East China and Central South China hold relatively higher percentages, up to 61.1% together in 2016.

The country has developed a competitive landscape where there are national pharmaceutical distributors represented by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals and Jointown Pharmaceutical Group and regional ones represented by NanJing Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals, Chongqing Pharmaceutical, Huadong Medicine, Sichuan Kelun, Zhejiang Int'l, Realcan Pharmaceutical, Guangxi Liuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Luyan Pharma Co., Ltd. which compete with each other.

By the end of Nov 2016, there were 12,975 pharmaceutical wholesalers nationwide which competed fiercely in a lowly concentrated market. Top3 champions seized only a combined 28.7% share of the market in 2016.

As medical reform policies are implemented and consolidation in pharmaceutical wholesale industry accelerates, the Chinese pharmaceutical distribution market will show trends as follows: 1) pharmaceutical E-commerce will become an important model; 2) pharmaceutical supply chain management will be upgraded; 3) capital market will play a bigger role in integration of enterprises; 4) cross-border integration of pharmaceuticals and E-commerce will continue; 5) stiffer competition will improve market concentration; 6) Wholesale-retail integration will spur industry consolidation.

China Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry Report, 2017-2021 highlights the following:
Pharmaceutical distribution industry in China (development environment, status quo, market size/structure, competitive landscape, development trends, etc.);
Chinese pharmaceutical retail market (market size, quantity, top100 pharmacy chains, online pharmacy, independent pharmacy, etc.);
15 Chinese pharmaceutical distributors (profile, operation, revenue structure, gross margin, development prospects, etc.)

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1. Overview of Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Industry Chain
1.3 Strength and Weakness of Pharmaceutical Chain Enterprises
1.3.1 Strength of Pharmaceutical Chain Enterprises
1.3.2 Weakness of Pharmaceutical Chain Enterprises
2 Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry in China
2.1 Development Environment
2.1.1 Policy
2.1.2 Economy
2.1.3 Medical Institution
2.1.4 Health Expenditure
2.1.5 Aging
2.1.6 Per Capita Disposable Income
2.2 Status Quo
2.3 Market Size
2.4 Market Structure
2.5 Competitive Landscape
2.6 Development Trends
2.6.1 Pharmaceutical E-commerce Becomes an Important Model
2.6.2 Operating Efficiency and Service Functions Gets Improved Constantly
2.6.3 Capital Market Plays a Bigger Role in Integration of Enterprises
2.6.4 Pharmaceutical Supply-chain Management Services Are Upgraded Rapidly
2.6.5 Cross-border Integration of Pharmaceuticals and E-commerce Continues
2.6.6 Stiffer Competition Improves Market Concentration
2.6.7 Growing Trend towards Regionalization
2.6.8 Wholesale-retail Integration Spurs Industry Consolidation
3 Chinese Drug Retail Market
3.1 Market Size
3.2 Quantity
3.3 Top100 Pharmacy Chains
3.3.1 Revenue
3.3.2 Branch
3.4 Online Pharmacy
3.5 Independent Pharmacy
4 Major Enterprises
4.1 China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd.
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Operation
4.1.3 Revenue Structure
4.1.4 Major Customers
4.1.5 Pharmaceutical Distribution Business
4.1.6 Development Forecast
4.2 Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Operation
4.2.3 Revenue Structure
4.2.4 Gross Margin
4.2.5 Development Forecast
4.3 Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Operation
4.3.3 Revenue Structure
4.3.4 Gross Margin
4.3.5 Development Forecast
4.4 China National Medicines Corporation Ltd.
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Operation
4.4.3 Revenue Structure
4.4.4 Gross Margin
4.4.5 Development Forecast
4.5 Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd.
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Operation
4.5.3 Revenue Structure
4.5.4 Gross Margin
4.5.5 Major Customers
4.5.6 Development Forecast
4.6 Cachet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Operation
4.6.3 Revenue Structure
4.6.4 Gross Margin
4.6.5 Major Customers
4.6.6 Development Forecast
4.7 Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Operation
4.7.3 Revenue Structure
4.7.4 Gross Margin
4.7.5 Major Customers
4.7.6 Development Forecast
4.8 Realcan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
4.8.1 Profile
4.8.2 Operation
4.8.3 Revenue Structure
4.8.4 Gross Margin
4.8.5 Development Forecast
4.9 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd.
4.9.1 Profile
4.9.2 Operation
4.9.3 Revenue Structure
4.9.4 Gross Margin
4.9.5 Development Forecast
4.10 Zhejiang Int'l Group Co., Ltd.
4.10.1 Profile
4.10.2 Operation
4.10.3 Revenue Structure
4.10.4 Gross Margin
4.10.5 Development Forecast
4.11 Zhejiang Zhenyuan Share Co., Ltd.
4.11.1 Profile
4.11.2 Operation
4.11.3 Revenue Structure
4.11.4 Gross Margin
4.11.5 Development Forecast
4.12 China Meheco Co., Ltd.
4.12.1 Profile
4.12.2 Operation
4.12.3 Revenue Structure
4.12.4 Gross Margin
4.12.5 Development Forecast
4.13 Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
4.13.1 Profile
4.13.2 Operation
4.13.3 Revenue Structure
4.13.4 Gross Margin
4.13.5 Development Forecast
4.14 Luyan Pharma Co., Ltd.
4.14.1 Profile
4.14.2 Operation
4.14.3 Revenue Structure
4.14.4 Gross Margin
4.14.5 Development Forecast
4.15 China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited
4.15.1 Profile
4.15.2 Operation
4.15.3 Revenue Structure
4.15.4 Gross Margin
4.15.5 Development Forecast

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