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China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report, 2018-2022

China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report, 2018-2022

The market demand for food cold chain is on a steady rise in the wake of rapid development of China’s economy, the accelerated process of urbanization as well as the changes in the structure of residents’ food consumption. In the meantime, the governments at all level have been investing more in construction of cold chain infrastructure, being conductive to the fast development of cold chain logistics. In 2017, the market size of cold chain logistics in China rose to RMB258.8 billion, showing a CAGR of 20.5% during 2010-2017. As the cold chain policy and standards grow clear in China, the rising of fresh food e-businesses and the deepening of financial innovation will facilitate progresses in the cold chain logistics industry in the future. Till 2022, China’s cold chain logistics market will be worth RMB512.9 billion, remaining a CAGR of 14.7% between 2017 and 2022.

In China, the demand for cold chain logistics comes mainly from agricultural products including meat, aquatic products, quick-frozen food, fruits & vegetables, and dairy products. In 2017, cold chain circulation transport in China reached 417.63 million tons, an upsurge of 13.8% from a year earlier, and it is expected to report 618.08 million tons in 2022, with an estimated AAGR at 8.2% during 2017-2022. If based on cold chain circulation transport, fruits & vegetables cold chain is the biggest market segment for the moment, while the demand for cold chain of aquatic products is growing rapidly. With the growing maturity of cold chain technologies, these two kinds of products will seize more market shares. Additionally, pharmaceuticals, particularly vaccines, blood products and diagnostic reagents will be a key growth engine of cold chain logistics.

Competition in the industrial chains of cold chain logistics is presented as follows:
Logistics operation: a majority of cold chain logistics enterprises are generally engaged in both cold storage operation and cold chain transportation and they have strong competences, such as Xianyi Holding, Swire Cold Chain Logistics, and Zhengming Modern Logistics.
Cold storage operation: Chinese cold storage market is scattered with a low concentration degree and featured with strong regionality. In 2017, the top ten cold storage enterprises boasted cold storage volume of 27.71 million cubic meters together, accounting for 23.2% of market shares. The representative players consist of Xianyi Holding, Swire Cold Chain Logistics, and China Merchants Americold, all of which are in possession of a grand cold storage network nationwide.
Refrigerated truck: Of the first echelon of refrigerated trucks, Foton, JAC and Dongfeng Motor sweep nearly 60% market shares together. The brands in second echelon are composed of FAW, Qingling Motors, Henan Bingxiong Special Vehicle Manufacturing, China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd (CIMC), KF Mobile Systems, Zhenjiang Speed Automobile Group, and Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC), holding 27% market shares in all. The remaining shares go to other special vehicle refitting factories and small firms.
Refrigerating equipment: the large freezing and refrigerating equipment market is a duopoly and firmly occupied by Yantai Moon Co., Ltd and Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd, while Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd targets the cold chain logistics market and extends industrial chains.

China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report, 2018-2022 by ResearchInChina highlights the followings:
Cold chain logistics industry (definition, classification, composition structure, market features, business model, industrial policies, etc.);
Cold chain logistics market in China (market size, demand, competitive landscape, market structure, development prospects as well as analysis of cold chain logistics in key areas like the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region);
Cold Chain logistics market segments (features, demand, etc. of cold chain markets like fruits & vegetables, meat, quick-frozen rice and flour products, aquatics and dairy products);
Cold storage market (overview, total capacity, regional analysis, competitive pattern and predictions);
Refrigerated truck market (overview, overall size, regional analysis, competitive landscape and forecasts);
Refrigerating equipment market (overview, overall size, regional analysis and competitive landscape);
20 cold chain operation enterprises (profile, business performance, revenue structure, cold chain business, development strategies, etc.);
12 refrigerated truck manufacturers (profile, business performance, revenue structure, refrigerated truck business, development strategies, etc.);
5 refrigerating equipment manufacturers (profile, business performance, revenue, cold chain equipment business, development strategies, etc.).

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PART I Industry Overview
1. Introduction to Cold Chain Logistics in China
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification
1.2.1 Classification of Cold Storage
1.2.2 Classification of Refrigerated Trucks
1.3 Features
1.4 Development Overview
2. Major Industry Policies
2.1 Policy Environment
2.2 Relevant Standards for Cold Chain Industry
2.2.1 Basic Standards for Cold Chain Logistics
2.2.2 Standards for Cold Storage and Freezing Equipment
PART II Market Overview
3. Development of Cold Chain
3.1 Current Situation
3.2 Overall Market Size
3.3 Market Prediction
3.4 Market Structure
4. Development of Cold Chain Logistics in Key Regions
4.1 Yangtze River Delta Region
4.1.1 Economic Operation
4.1.2 New Policy of the District
4.1.3 Development of and Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.2 Development of Cold Chain Logistics in Pearl River Delta Region
4.2.1 Economic Operation
4.2.2 Development of and Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
4.3 Development of Cold Chain Logistics in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
4.3.1 Economic Operation
4.3.2 Development of and Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
PART III Cold Chain Operation Market
5. Cold Chain Logistics Industry Segments
5.1 Meat Products
5.1.1 Features of Meat Products Cold Chain Logistics
5.1.2 Industry Status Quo
5.1.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.2 Aquatic Products
5.2.1 Features of Aquatic Products Cold Chain Logistics
5.2.2 Industry Status Quo
5.2.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.3 Quick-frozen Flour Food
5.3.1 Features of Quick-frozen Flour Food Cold Chain Logistics
5.3.2 Industry Status Quo
5.3.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.4 Fruits & Vegetables
5.4.1 Features of Fruit & Vegetable Cold Chain Logistics
5.4.2 Industry Status Quo
5.4.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.5 Dairy Products
5.5.1 Features of Dairy Product Cold Chain Logistics
5.5.2 Industry Status Quo
5.5.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.6 Pharmaceuticals
5.6.1 Features of Medicine Cold Chain Logistics
5.6.2 Status Quo of Medicine Cold Chain Logistics
5.6.3 Demand for Cold Chain Logistics
5.7 Demand of E-commerce for Fresh Food Cold Chain
5.7.1 Business Model
5.7.2 Market Size
6. Cold Storage Market
6.1 Overview
6.2 Capacity of Cold Storage
6.3 Analysis of Regional Markets
6.4 Competitive Landscape
6.5 Cold Storage Market Size Forecast
7. Cold Chain Operators
7.1 Xianyi Holdings
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Business
7.1.3 Henan Zhongpin Food Share Co., Ltd.
7.1.4 Henan Xianyi Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
7.1.5 Alibaba and Zhongpin Corporation Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement
7.2 ZM Logistics
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Cold Chain Business
7.3 Shandong Gaishi Farming Co., Ltd.
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Cold Chain Logistics Business
7.3.3 Gaishi’s “the 13th Five-Year” Plan (2016-2020)
7.4 Shenyang Nonstaple Food Group
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Cold Chain Logistics Business
7.5 Zhenjiang Hengwei Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Cold Chain Transportation Service
7.5.3 Cold Storage Service
7.6 Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd.
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Main Business
7.6.3 Cold Storage Business Distribution
7.6.4 Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd.
7.6.5 Planning for 2020
7.7 CMAC
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Cold Chain Network
7.7.3 Kangxin Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.7.4 Tianjin Phase II Cold Storage Base Project Progress
7.8 Shanghai Speed Fresh Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Distribution Network
7.8.3 Cold Storage Operation
7.9 CJ Rokin Logistics and Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Main Business
7.9.3 Cold Chain Logistics Strategy
7.9.4 Ground Breaking for CJ Rokin’s Taicang-based Headquarters
7.10 Bright Real Estate Group Co., Ltd
7.10.1 Profile
7.10.2 Operation
7.10.3 Revenue Structure
7.10.4 Gross Margin
7.11 Shanghai Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co., Ltd
7.11.1 Profile
7.11.2 Operation
7.11.3 Revenue Structure
7.11.4 Gross Margin
7.11.5 Cold Chain Logistics Development
7.11.6 Shanghai Xintiantian Dazhong Cold Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.12 Sinotrans Ltd.
7.12.1 Profile
7.12.2 Operation
7.12.3 Revenue Structure
7.12.4 Sinotrans Cold Chain Logistics
7.12.5 SinoTransPFS
7.13 Chengdu Silverplow Low-temperature Logistics
7.13.1 Profile
7.13.2 Main Business
7.13.3 Progress of Cold Chain Logistics Center
7.14 HNA Cold Chain
7.14.1 Profile
7.14.2 Operation
7.14.3 Gross Margin
7.14.4 Cold Chain Logistics Business
7.14.5 Warehousing Business
7.14.6 Main Facilities
7.14.7 Beijing Cold Chain Logistics Center Is Launched
7.15 Beijing Er Shang Group
7.15.1 Profile
7.15.2 Beijing Er-shang Group Xijiao Food Freezing Factory
7.15.3 Beijing Er Shang-Fukushima Machinery Electric
7.15.4 Beijing Sanxin Refrigeration Logistics Co., Ltd.
7.16 Hunan Hongxing Frozen Food
7.16.1 Profile
7.16.2 Cold Chain Logistics Business
7.17 Tianjin Fisheries Group
7.17.1 Profile
7.17.2 Cold Chain Logistics Business
7.18 Liaoning Dalian Ocean Fishery Group
7.18.1 Profile
7.18.2 Refrigeration Business
7.19 Hangzhou NF United Meat Co., Ltd.
7.19.1 Profile
7.19.2 Cold chain Business
7.20 Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd
7.20.1 Profile
7.20.2 Business
PART IV Cold Chain Equipment Market Analysis
8. Refrigerated Truck Market
8.1 Overall Market Sales
8.2 Regional Distribution
8.3 Competition Pattern
9. Refrigerated Truck Manufacturers
9.1 BeiQi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
9.1.1 Profile
9.1.2 Operation
9.1.3 Revenue Structure
9.1.4 Gross Margin
9.1.5 BeiQi Foton Motor launched View G7 refrigerated vans in line with the national V emission standard
9.2 Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC)
9.2.1 Profile
9.2.2 Operation
9.2.3 Capacity Distribution
9.2.4 Refrigerated Truck
9.3 Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
9.3.1 Profile
9.3.2 Operation
9.3.3 Production and Sales
9.3.4 Capacity Distribution
9.3.5 Refrigerated Truck
9.4 Qingling Motors
9.4.1 Profile
9.4.2 Operation
9.4.3 Refrigerated Truck
9.5 FAW Jiefang
9.5.1 Profile
9.5.2 Refrigerated Truck
9.5.3 Manufacturing Bases
9.6 Henan Bingxiong Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
9.6.1 Profile
9.6.2 Refrigerated Truck
9.7 CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.
9.7.1 Profile
9.7.2 Refrigerated Truck
9.8 KF Mobile Systems
9.8.1 Profile
9.8.2 Refrigerated Truck
9.9 Zhenjiang Speed Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
9.9.1 Profile
9.9.2 Refrigerated Truck
9.10 Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
9.10.1 Profile
9.10.2 Jiangling Holdings Limited
9.10.3 Refrigerated Truck
9.10.4 Capacity Distribution
9.11 Henan Xinfei Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.
9.11.1 Profile
9.11.2 Sales Volume of Refrigerated Truck
9.12 Zhengzhou Hongyu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
9.12.1 Profile
9.12.2 Refrigerated Truck
10. Refrigeration Equipment Market
10.1 Overview
10.2 Regional Distribution
10.3 Competitive Landscape
11. Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers
11.1 Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd
11.1.1 Profile
11.1.2 Operation
11.1.3 Revenue Structure
11.1.4 Gross Margin
11.1.5 Main Products
11.1.6 Integration of Resources
11.2 Yantai Moon Co., Ltd
11.2.1 Profile
11.2.2 Operation
11.2.3 Revenue Structure
11.2.4 Gross Margin
11.2.5 Main Products
11.3 Guangzhou Baier Cold-Chain Polyurethane Technology Co., Ltd.
11.3.1 Profile
11.3.2 Main Business
11.4 Zhengzhou Kaixue Cold Chain Co., Ltd.
11.4.1 Profile
11.4.2 Operation
11.4.3 Revenue Structure
11.4.4 Gross Margin
11.4.5 Main Products and Customers
11.5 China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd
11.5.1 Profile
11.5.2 Operation
11.5.3 Revenue Structure
11.5.4 Gross Margin
11.5.5 Cold Chain Business

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