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Rapra Technology Ltd.

Established in 1919, Rapra Technology is Europe's leading independent plastics and rubber consultancy. Rapra's technical facilities are complemented by an extensive polymer Information Centre.

The information group produce a comprehensive collection of polymer-related books, reports and journals. Encompassing science, technology, market information and general reference works, there is likely to be something of use to anyone working at any level in the plastics or rubber industries, or those industries which use these materials, as well as everyone engaged in polymer-related research.

Rapra Market Reports address polymeric materials, processing and applications. Each report provides the reader with an analysis of the industry.
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6 Reports from Rapra Technology Ltd.

  • Biomass-based Biocomposites

    ...from renewable and sustainable biomass-based resources. Plants, grasses, straws, agriculture residues, algae, water plants etc. are among one of the most promising and the most abundant bio-based resources of biopolymers on earth and they are ... Read More

  • Pulp Production and Processing: From Papermaking to High-Tech Products

    ...accessibility in huge amounts by photosynthesis process as a renewable material, cellulose is considered at present the answer to many problems connected with sustainable development. This explains the great scientific interest for this compound along ... Read More

  • Innovative Graphene Technologies: Evaluation and Applications Volume 2

    ...known, and most of the applications of this material are pivoted to these properties. In addition to electronic and thermal management applications there are several other vital areas where graphene can be used successfully. This ... Read More

  • Fast Chemical Reactions in Turbulent Flows: Theory and Practice

    ...the equipment required to perform these reactions, in a turbulent mode in the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries, is also discussed. The macrokinetic approach has been developed with consideration of the diffusion, hydrodynamics, and heat ... Read More

  • Polymeric Protective Technical Textiles

    ...The fast growth forecasted in certain parts of the world suggests that EU exports could grow by about 50% over the next 5-10 years. New fibres and new functionality will increase the global size of ... Read More

  • Silicone Elastomers 2013

    ...high temperature vulcanised (HTV), room temperature vulcanised (RTV) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The conference united manufacturers, processors, designers and researchers with a common interest in silicone elastomer materials, applications and processing, informing them of ... Read More

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