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Orthopedic Surgical Procedures in China 2015

Orthopedic Surgical Procedures in China 2015

The Surgical Procedures Database includes both primary and secondary surgical procedures performed in the public, private and university hospitals, private practices and private clinics.

Data are derived from the most recently available data in each country. The Surgical Procedures Volumes Database reflects 2014 data.

Out-of-hospital procedures are not to be confused with outpatient procedures. Out-of-hospital procedures are those performed outside the hospital setting, like procedures performed in private practices, private clinics or specialized clinics.


Other facial bone repair and orthognathic surgery
Reduction of facial fracture
Open reduction of malar and zygomatic fracture
Bone graft to facial bone
Other partial ostectomy
Total ostectomy
Bone graft
Application of external fixator device
Internal fixation of bone without fracture reduction
Removal of implanted devices from bone
Insertion of bone growth stimulator
Closed reduction of fracture without internal fixation
Closed reduction of fracture with internal fixation
Open reduction of fracture without internal fixation
Open reduction of fracture with internal fixation
Closed reduction of dislocation
Open reduction of dislocation
Disc Operations
Spinal fusion, not otherwise specified
Spinal fusion
Cervical spine atlas-axis
Cervical - anterior
Cervical - posterior
Dorsal spine anterior
Dorsal spine posterior
Lumbar spine anterior
Lumbar spine lateral tran
Lumbar spine posterior
Ankle fusion
Triple arthrodesis
Subtalar fusion
Midtarsal fusion
Tarsometatarsal fusion
Metatarsophalangeal fusion
Other fusion of foot
Refusion of spine
Meniscal repair
Joint replacement of lower extremity
Total hip replacement
Hip replacement
Partial hip replacement
Revision of hip replacement
Total knee replacement (bicompartmental, tricompartmental, unicompartmental)
Revision of knee replacement
Total ankle replacement
Replacement of joint of foot and toe
Revision of joint replacement of lower extremity, not elsewhere classified
Other procedures on spine
Fusion or refusion of 2-3 vertebrae
Fusion or refusion of 4- 8 vertebrae
Fusion or refusion of 9 or more vertebrae
Arthroplasty of hand, finger, wrist
Arthroplasty of upper joint
Arthoplasty and repair of shoulder and elbow
Exploration of tendon sheath of hand
Excision of lesion of muscle, tendon, and fascia of hand
Other excision of soft tissue of hand
Suture of muscle, tendon, and fascia of hand
Transplantation of muscle of hand
Reconstruction of thumb
Lysis of adhesions of hand
Reconstruction of muscle and tendon
Amputation of upper limb
Amputation of lower limb
Reattachment of extremity
Insertion of interbody spinal fusion device
Implantation of interspinous process decompression device
Artificial disc implantation (total)
Artificial disc revision/replacement (total)

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