Europe Big 5 - Urologic Surgical Procedure Volumes 2015

Europe Big 5 - Urologic Surgical Procedure Volumes 2015

Europe - Urologic Surgical Procedure Volumes – 2015 is a report adaptation of Quomeda’s most recent Surgical Procedures Volumes Database and includes procedure numbers available as a dataset and coded into a unique ICD9/ICD10 nomenclature.

This report focuses on operations on the Urinary system & Male Genital Organs and contains procedures taken from the larger Europe Surgical Procedure Volumes 2015 also available for sale.

In addition to regular volumes, Quomeda also provides in this report information on the number of out-of-hospital procedures, the minimal invasive procedures ratio, the age groups and general trends (historical and forecast up to 2018).

Area Covered: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom

The Surgical Procedure Volumes database is a complete set of surgical & diagnostic procedures catalogued under the international ICD-9/ICD-10 nomenclature.

Thanks to our coding system, - not only will you be able to evaluate the data using international coding standards, but you will also be able to compare data across different countries - without getting lost in translation and by always making sure the same definition has been preserved.

The data is an ideal blend of primary & secondary research analysis, and is updated annually; however, as we are constantly gathering information, we frequently add new procedures to the database on each update.

5. Urinary System
5.1. Operations on kidney
5.1.1. Nephrotomy
5.1.2. Nephrostomy
5.1.3. Pyelotomy
5.1.4. Pyelostomy
5.1.5. Local excision or destruction of lesion or tissue of kidney
5.1.6. Nephrectomy
5.1.7. Nephroureterectomy
5.1.8. Transplant of kidney
5.2. Operations on ureter
5.2.1. Ureterotomy
5.2.2. Ureterectomy
5.2.3. Urinary diversion procedures
5.2.4. Cutaneous ureterostomy
5.2.5. Electronic ureteral stimulator Implantation Replacement Removal
5.3. Operations on urinary bladder
5.3.1. Vesicostomy
5.3.2. Cystoscopy
5.3.3. Closed [transurethral] biopsy of bladder
5.3.4. Transurethral excision or destruction of bladder tissue (TURBT)
5.3.5. Cystectomy
5.3.6. Reconstruction of urinary bladder
5.3.7. Bladder catheterization
5.3.8. Electronic bladder stimulator Implantation Replacement Removal
5.4. Operations on urethra
5.4.1. Urethrotomy
5.4.2. Ureteral meatotomy
5.4.3. Dilation of urethra
5.5. Other operations on urinary tract
5.5.1. Suprapubic sling operation
5.5.2. Retropubic urethral suspension
5.5.3. Paraurethral suspension
5.5.4. Suspension operations
5.5.5. Tension free vaginal tape (TVT)
5.5.6. Other repair of urinary stress incontinence
6. Operations on the Male Genital Organs
6.1. Operations on prostate and seminal vesicles
6.1.1. Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) only
6.1.2. Laser BPH (Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy)
6.1.3. Radiofrequency BPH (transurethral radiofrequency needle ablation)
6.1.4. Transurethral destruction of prostate tissue by other thermotherapy (RF and TUNA)
6.1.5. Ultrasound BPH (High intensity focused ultrasound)
6.2. Operations on scrotum and tunica vaginalis
6.2.1. Prostatectomy
6.2.2. Cryoablation of prostate
6.2.3. Incision and drainage of scrotum and tunica vaginalis
6.2.4. Excision of hydrocele (of tunica vaginalis)
6.3. Operations on spermatic cord, epididymis, and vas deferens
6.3.1. Vasectomy

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