TANTALUM: STATE OF THE INDUSTRY: 2018: And World Market Outlook: 2018-2023

TANTALUM: STATE OF THE INDUSTRY: 2018: And World Market Outlook: 2018-2023

This study covers the global market for tantalum materials, including tantalum ores and concentrates and engineered tantalum powder, wire, foil, sheet, bar and rod for consumption in tantalum capacitor anodes, tantalum sputtering targets, superalloys, cemented carbide cutting tools, fabricated mill products and tantalum chemicals and compounds. The study forecasts demand for tantalum based upon its “known reliability” and its unique attributes of capacitance, durability, corrosion and heat resistance; as well as its unique optical properties. The study addresses key issues facing the industry between 2018 and 2023 including the expected price fluctuations for the metal, including its potential deficit amidst mine closings; stringent legislation and vertical integration within the supply chain. The study forecasts demand for tantalum in capacitor anodes, taking into consideration the projected demand for tantalum capacitors consumed in various portable digital electronics, including smartphones and computer tablets, notebook computers and servers; automotive electronic subassemblies; and consumer electronics such as game consoles; and digital cameras. For forecasting suture requirements, the study takes into consideration the existence and market potential for tantalum displacement by alternative technologies such as high capacitance MLCC and conductive polymer aluminum chip capacitors. It also forecasts tantalum consumption in hard metals, including cemented carbide cutting tools, superalloys, and mill products, amidst expected increases in production of aircraft and automobiles to satisfy increasing demand from emerging economies. The study also forecasts primary and secondary tantalum supply. Including primary mining operations and their expected expansion. The study also forecasts tantalum from tin mining and slag operations; tantalum from urban mining (Recycling) and tantalum in inventories and makes projections regarding tantalum materials requirements forecasts to satisfy demand in 2023. Tantalum pricing forecasts for tantalum ores and concentrates are given for 2018 through 2023 as are projected volume requirements in each of the market subsets, including capacitor anodes, semiconductor sputtering targets, superalloys (turbine blades), mill products for industrial and chemical processing, cemented carbides and chemicals and compounds. See the table of contents for a complete listing of what is included in this study. Forecasts to 2023

Slide 1: Cover Art
Slide 2: Introduction
Slide 3: Roadmap of Presentation: Complex Markets Visually Explained
Slide 4: Tantalum Ores & Concentrates: State of The Industry: 2018-2023 Market Outlook
Slide 5: Tantalum Ores & Concentrates: Global Shipment Volume: 1995-2017; 2018 Forecasts (Includes updates to the Paumanok tantalum market presentations in Goslar, Germany in 1995 and York, UK in 2013) Includes an analysis of the market cycle; historical patterns and recent market data for FY 2018 collected at the conference in Vancouver.
Slide 6: Global Engineered Tantalum Consumption by Form Factor: FY 2018 Forecast for Tantalum Powders, Metallurgical Products and Fine Chemicals.
Slide 7: Tantalum Demand Breakdown By Consuming Industry (Electronics, Allow Additives, Industrial Processing, Fine Chemicals, Other): FY 2018 (Shows How Tantalum Is Largely Consumed in or Influenced by the Global Electronics Industry)
Slide 8: Tantalum Consumption In Electronics By Sub-Market (Capacitor Anodes, Semiconductors, Filters, TaN Resistors) Includes an analysis of recent events in tantalum consumption in 2015, 2016, 2017 and current markets in FY 2018)
Slide 9: Tantalum Consumption in Alloy Additives by Sub-Market (Aerospace Alloys, Gas Turbine Alloys and Medical Device Markets): FY 2018 Includes an analysis of metallurgical grade tantalum for turbine blades, structural products, specialty implants and other devices).
Slide 10: Tantalum Consumption in Industrial Processing (Chemical & Pharma Processing, Industrial Furnaces, Glass and Specialty Industrial Processing): FY 2018 (Includes tantalum demand in Mill Products, such as furnace liners, condensers, crucibles, trays, containers and thermocouples).
Slide 11: Tantalum Consumption In Cemented Carbides: FY 2018 (Grain Inhibitor Markets In Cermets and Drillbits): Additional Markets in Laboratory Fine Chemicals and Other Miscellaneous Markets.
Slide 12: Shift in Global Consumption for Tantalum Ores & Concentrates: FY 2011-FY 2015 to FY 2018 (Capacitor Powder and Wire, Super-alloy Additives, Sputtering Targets, Mill Products, Cemented Carbides, Chemical and Compounds)
Slide 13: Tantalum Ore Price by Year from 1995 to 2018, calculated from Paumanok’s monthly reports for this study. Very significant data showing the frequency of market patterns required for intelligent investment.
Slide 14: Market Shares In Tantalum Ore Mining in 2017 compared with 2015 and 2011 (A changing competitive environment)
Slide 15: Tantalum Ore Price Analysis Including Changes in Tantalum Ore Prices in US Dollars per Pound by Known Mining Operation in 2011, 2015 and 2017
Slide 16: Tantalum Ores & Concentrates: Expected Requirements by Industry FY 2018 to FY 2023 Forecasts.
Slide 17: Tantalum Powder & Wire: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2018-2023.
Slide 18: The Global Market For Engineered Tantalum Materials By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2018 Comparted To FY 2015Tantalum Ores & Concentrates are separated into their most purest forms through advanced metallurgy and consumed in specific end-markets in the forms of powders, wires, sheets and ingots.
Slide 19: Engineered Tantalum Materials Vendors: FY 2018 Estimated Global Market Shares (Includes an analysis of the changing captive and merchant markets and how this impacts the shares of the top five suppliers of materials.
Slide 20: Tantalum Capacitors: State of The Industry in FY 2018: World Market Outlook To 2023
Slide 21: Photograph: Tantalum Anode Production Line In Europe (Paumanok Photo- On Site)
Slide 22: State of The Tantalum Capacitor Industry in FY 2018- Upcycle in Parts
Slide 23: Opportunities for Tantalum Capacitors in Competing Dielectrics: An analysis of market opportunities in High Capacitance BME MLCC, Aluminum Electrolytic and Niobium Oxide Type Capacitors in FY 2018.
Slide 24: Changes in Global Overall Capacitor Markets by Dielectric: FY 2018 Forecasts Estimated (Change in the value of tantalum capacitors compared to ceramic MLCC, aluminum, plastic film and other types of capacitors).
Slide 25: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Shipments Volumes: Each Year for 2003 through 2017, with FY 2018 Forecasts and forecasts for each year to 2023.
Slide 26: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Shipment Value: Each Year for 2003 through 2017; 2018 through 2023 forecasts for tantalum capacitor shipment value globally.
Slide 27: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Pricing and Forecasts: Each Year for 2003 through 2017; 2018 through 2023 forecasts for tantalum capacitor pricing per one thousand pieces.
Slide 28: Tantalum Capacitors: Consumption Value by Component Configuration, including molded chip, coated chip, radial dip, molded radial, molded axial, hermetically sealed and wet slug tantalum type capacitor markets: FY 2018.
Slide 29: The Importance of the Molded Tantalum Chip Capacitor To The tantalum Supply Chain
Slide 30: The Differentiation Among Tantalum Capacitor Product Portfolios By Vendor; FY 2018
Slide 31: The Differentiation In Specialty Tantalum Capacitor Products: Next Gen Research
Slide 32: FY 2018 Tantalum Capacitor Market Drivers and Challenges
Slide 33: Tantalum Capacitor Consumption Value By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2018 (Includes an Analysis of FY 2018 Changes in Each Key Subset of the End-Markets)
Slide 34: Tantalum Capacitor Unit Forecasts: FY 2018 to FY 2023 by End-Use Market Segment
Slide 35: Tantalum Capacitor Consumption: Demand By World Region: FY 2018
Slide 36: Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturers: FY 2018 Estimated Sales and Market Shares: Comparison Analysis With FY 2013; Explanation of Consolidation
Slide 37: An Explanation of The Cost Structure at Three Levels of Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturing
Slide 38: Technology Roadmap Update: Critical Changes in Capacitance Over Time: FY 2018
Slide 39: Tantalum Capacitor Markets By Cathode System: FY 2018
Slide 40: The Top Global Consumers of Tantalum Capacitors: Distributors; OEMs; EMS.
Slide 41: Tantalum Capacitor Revenues by Channel of Distribution: FY 2018
Slide 42: FORECASTS: Tantalum Capacitor Forecast for Consumption: FY 2017-2023
Slide 43: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Unit Forecasts: 2018-2023 (In Billions of Pieces)- The Upward Requirement For Electronics Continues Because of “Known Performance With 40 Years of Data “
Slide 44: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Dollar Value Forecasts: FY 2018- FY 2023
Slide 45: Global Pricing Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2018-2023 (In USD)
Slide 46: Tantalum Capacitors: Global Consumption Value By End-Use Market Segment: 2013-2017; 2018-2023
Slide 47: Forecasts By Tantalum Cathode System: Conductive Polymer Versus Manganese: 2018-2023
Slide 48: Tantalum Capacitors: Forecasted Revenues By World Region: 2018-2023
Slide 49: Tantalum Anode Powder Technical Trends and Directions
Slide 50: Ultimate End Markets Driving Demand For Tantalum Ores and Concentrates.
Slide 51: An Update on Tantalum Lead Time Trends in 2018.
Slide 52: Monthly Price Data for Tantalum Ore Clearly Showing Market Upcycle Trends
Slide 53: Additional Reports and Resources on Tantalum

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