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Vodafone New Zealand

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Vodafone NZ is just managing to remain as the country’s largest mobile network operator providing voice, data and value-added mobile services. It has had more than 50% of the mobile market since 2003, but since 2010, market share has continued to slip and by mid-2012 is around 44% with most of its lost customer base moving to mobile operator 2degrees. In mid-2012 the company announced that it was purchasing TelstraClear from Telstra Australia and with that sale come the company assets including customers, network infrastructure and mobile spectrum.

Vodafone NZ also provides fixed-line voice and data services following its acquisition of ISP, ihug. The company operates a 3G HSPA network and a 2G network both with 97% population coverage. The company is also pursuing a wholesale strategy to support mobile virtual network operators as well as providing wholesale fixed-line voice and broadband products via local loop unbundling.

The company has MVNO agreements with several companies including providing 3G services to TelstraClear on a wholesale basis and a roaming agreement with 2degrees in the New Zealand market.

Vodafone and Telecom have an agreement to roll out rural services in the Rural Broadband Initiative using fibre and wireless services. Vodafone was allocated Zone 4 community coverage and will see the rural mobile footprint coverage increase by just over 5% under the agreement.

In this report we provide an overview of the financial and operations of the company with analysis in text, tabular and easy-to-read chart format. We also provide brief analysis of Vodafone’s market strategy in relation to the government’s plan for the Ultra-Fast Broadband Network/Rural Broadband Initiative. The figures provided in this report do not include TelstraClear subscribers or its revenue as this information will not be fully integrated until 2013/14.

Key developments:

Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) tower upgrades and installations, TelstraClear purchase, assets and spectrum, regulatory approval.

Companied covered in this report include:

iHug, 2degrees, Telecom, Chorus, Vocus Communications, TelstraClear, Orcon, Compass, M2, TeamTalk, CallPlus, Vodafone, First Mobile, BellSouth NZ, MySky, Kordia, Axia.

1. Synopsis
2. Company information
2.1 Company overview
2.2 Global and Oceania operations
2.3 TelstraClear purchased by Vodafone
3. Company analysis
3.1 The price of success
3.2 Mobile separation
4. The network
4.1 2G network
4.2 3G network
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Upgrades to HSPA+
4.3 The Red Network – fixed-line and naked broadband ULL
4.4 International networks
4.4.1 Vocus Communications partnership
5. Products and services
5.1 Retail
5.2 Business
5.3 The company and the UFB/RBI
5.3.1 Overview
6. Wholesale, roaming and partnerships
6.1 Overview
6.2 TelstraClear
6.3 M2, Compass and Orcon
6.4 2degrees
6.5 Digital Mobile
6.6 First Mobile
6.7 Partnership with Kordia
7. Financial results
7.1 Year ending FY 2012
7.2 Year ending FY 2011
7.3 Year ending FY 2010
7.4 Financial statistics
8. Operating results
8.1 Subscriber statistics
9. Company history
9.1 Brief timeline – 1992 - 2012
10. Related reports
List of Tables, Exhibits and Charts
Table 1 – Vodafone NZ revenue and annual change – 1996 - 2011
Table 2 – Vodafone NZ annual profit and annual change – 2002 - 2012
Table 3 – Vodafone NZ financial overview – 2009 - 2011
Table 4 – Vodafone NZ average monthly ARPU – pre/postpaid and total – 2003 - 2012
Table 5 – Vodafone subscriber statistics – 1998 - 2013
Table 6 – Vodafone prepaid versus postpaid subscribers – 2006 - 2013
Table 7 – Vodafone fixed-line subscribers – 2011 - 2013
Chart 1 – Overview of Vodafone NZ revenue and annual change – 2004 - 2012
Chart 2 – Overview of Vodafone NZ subscribers and annual change – 2004 - 2013
Chart 3 – Overview of Vodafone NZ prepaid versus postpaid subscribers – 2006 - 2013
Exhibit 1 – Vodafone New Zealand Ltd at a glance – 2012
Exhibit 2 – Pacific Fibre, the second submarine cable fails to get laid
Exhibit 3 – Background on Vodafone UFB / RBI

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