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Thailand - Internet, Broadband Services, Broadcasting and Forecasts

Thailand - Internet, Broadband Services, Broadcasting and Forecasts

A generally improved commercial environment has presented increased opportunities for the development of the internet in Thailand. Over the last decade, the estimated number of internet users in the country has increased more than fourfold. Internet user penetration reached 38% in 2015. ISPs have recovered from their earlier reputation for unreliable performance and a failure to invest in improved infrastructure; and the government has been fixing the regulatory regime.

The country has been making a strong push into broadband services. Fixed broadband penetration continues to grow slowly in Thailand reaching 30% household penetration in 2015. There have also been changes in the wireless broadband market with the roll-out of more 3G networks followed by 4G/LTE. More work needs to be done on the regulatory front.

Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) continues to grow strongly in major metropolitan areas. In 2015 AIS commercially launched its residential fibre broadband service, AIS Fibre', offering connection speeds of up to 1Gbps via FTTH.

The report takes a brief look at the TV broadcasting industry in Thailand. As with the telecom industry, the broadcasting market had been waiting for a new regulator to be put in place. The government finally established the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission which has started a new licensing regime for broadcasters. There is also information in this report on developments in Thailand's IPTV market.

In late 2015 the Provincial Electricity Authority announced the rollout of the countrys first smart grid electricity project, by early 2018.

Key developments:

WiFi continues to grow strongly in Thailand. AIS is rolling out Super Wi-Fi' access points, enabling data transfer at up to 650Mb/s.
TOT is adding WiFi hotspot capabilities to 10,000 public telephone booths in greater Bangkok.
True Corp announced plans for a transformation of its fixed and wireless broadband networks.
AIS launched fibre broadband and an IPTV services utilising the IPTV licence of DTV Service Co.
Steps were taken by True and CAT Telecom to introduce cloud computing platforms;
The NBTC issued cable and satellite pay TV operator licences of up to 15-year duration;
The IPTV market was continuing to position itself to grow substantially in the coming years;

Companies covered in this report include:

TOT Corp; CAT Telecom; True Corp; True Move; TT&T; AIS; DTAC; Hutchison CAT; Jasmine; Samart; ShinSat/Thaicom; Cable Thai (CTH).

1. Synopsis
2. Internet market
2.1 Overview
2.2 One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) project
2.3 Smart Nation Smart Grid Project
2.4 Cloud services
2.5 Data Centres
2.6 Internet statistics
2.7 Forecasts internet subscribers 2015; 2020
2.8 ISP market
2.8.1 Overview
2.8.2 Market restructuring
2.9 Thailand's internet gateway exchanges
2.9.1 Overview
2.9.2 Opening up of gateway market
2.10 Regulatory issues
2.10.1 Background
2.11 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
3. Broadband market
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Broadband statistics
3.3 Major broadband operators
3.3.1 Statistics
3.4 National Broadband Policy
3.5 Wireless internet
3.5.1 WiFi
3.6 Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH)
4. Broadcasting market
4.1 Overview
4.2 Regulatory environment
4.3 Digital TV
4.3.1 Background
4.3.2 Licensing process
4.4 Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
4.4.1 Advanced Datanetwork Communications Ltd (ADC)
4.4.2 TT&T
4.4.3 TOT
4.4.4 True
4.4.5 Mass Communications Organization of Thailand (MCOT)
4.4.6 CAT
4.5 Free-to-Air (FTA) TV
4.6 Pay TV
4.6.1 Introduction
4.6.2 Pay TV licensing
4.6.3 Statistics
4.6.4 True Visions
4.6.5 Cable Thai Holding (CTH)
4.6.6 Planetcomm
5. Related reports
List of Tables, Charts and Exhibits
Table 1 Historical - Internet users 1996 - 2006
Table 2 Internet users 2007 - 2015
Table 3 Historical - Fixed internet subscribers 1997 - 2005
Table 4 Fixed internet subscribers 2007 - 2015
Table 5 International internet bandwidth 2000 - 2015
Table 6 Forecast fixed broadband internet subscribers and penetration 2015; 2020
Table 7 Fixed broadband subscribers and penetration 2001 - 2015
Table 8 DSL subscribers 2002 - 2014
Table 9 Historical Cable modem subscribers 2011 - 2013
Table 10 Mobile broadband subscribers 2011 - 2015
Table 11 Major fixed broadband providers and subscribers 2014
Table 12 True fixed broadband subscribers 2010 - 2014
Table 13 Historical Fibre-based broadband subscribers 2010 - 2014
Table 14 Key broadcasting statistics 2014
Table 15 Digital TV licence categories number of licences and bidders October 2013
Table 16 Historical - Pay TV subscribers 1996 - 2002
Table 17 Historical - Pay TV subscribers by platform 2002 - 2009
Table 18 Cable TV subscribers 2010 - 2014
Table 19 Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV subscribers 2010 - 2014
Table 20 True Visions total subscribers 1998 - 2014
Table 21 True Visions Pay TV and FTA subscribers 2007 - 2014
Table 22 True Visions pay TV ARPU 2003 - 2014
Chart 1 - Internet users - 2007 - 2015
Chart 2 Fixed Internet subscribers 2007 - 2014
Exhibit 1 Licensed ISPs in Thailand 2012
Exhibit 2 ISPs operated by telecom companies
Exhibit 3 International internet gateway operators in Thailand 2011
Exhibit 4 FTA TV Broadcasters

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