Mexico - Broadband and Digital Media Market - Statistics and Analyses

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Mexico - Broadband and Digital Media Market - Statistics and Analyses

The broadband sector is one of the highest growth areas in Mexico's telecoms market. Although it suffers from a lack of competition to the dominant player Telmex, which still accounts for the lion's share of subscribers, legislation introduced in 2014 will reduce the operator's market share to below 50%, as it also will with its sister company Telcel in the mobile sector. The pay TV sector is similarly concentrated, with Grupo Televisa the dominant player in cable TV as also in satellite TV, where it is a major shareholder in Sky Mexico.

Despite market concentration, there are significant changes under way. The main cable TV providers, Megacable, Cablemás and Cablevisión, are broadening their bundled services offerings to include cable TV, broadband and telephony, and as a result their subscriber bases have grown steadily in recent years. In addition, the entry of AT&T to the mobile market, following its acquisitions of Nextel and Iusacell, will enable the company to build up its service offerings. The company is developing a regional market incorporating Mexico and the US, relying on scale to improve its competitive clout. There remains significant scope for further market development given that the country's broadband penetration is less than half of the OECD average, and consumer prices remain among the highest in the OECD. This report provides an overview of Mexico's broadband and internet market, accompanied by relevant statistical data and subscriber forecasts.

Key Developments:

Megacable seeks MXN120 million compensation for return of unused spectrum in the 2.5GHz band; Mexico's first local Internet Exchange Point opens in Mexico City; cable operators report lower churn resulting from take up of bundles; Smart Grid deployments gathering pace further substantial WiMAX investments made; government's CompuApoyo initiative targets 1.7 million homes for computers and broadband access; Hughes delivers national satellite broadband network; regulator's market data updates; telcos' financial and operating data to Q2 2014; market developments to mid-2014.

Companies covered in this report:

Telmex; Megacable; Cablemás; Cablevisión; Maxcom; Sistemas Interactivos de Telecomunicaciones (SIT); Axtel; Megafón; InterCable; CFE

1. Synopsis
2. Introduction and statistical overview
2.1 Market analysis
2.2 Government support
2.2.1 Municipal broadband
2.3 Broadband statistics
2.4 Access
2.5 Forecasts broadband subscribers -2015; 2017; 2020
2.5.1 Notes on scenario forecasts
3. Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks
3.1 Megacable
3.2 Cablemás
3.3 Cablevisión
4. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks
4.1 Prodigy Infinitum (Telmex)
5. Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks
6. Other fixed broadband services
6.1 Wi-Fi
6.2 WiMAX
6.3 Internet via satellite
6.4 Utilities broadband
6.4.1 Utilities communications
7. Digital media
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Bundled services
7.3 Cable TV (CATV)
7.4 Videostreaming
7.5 Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite TV
7.6 Pay TV statistics
7.7 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)
7.8 Other developments
8. Related reports
Table 1 Proportion of internet accesses by medium 2014
Table 2 Proportion of residential broadband accesses by platform 2013 - 2015
Table 3 Internet users and annual change - 2000 2016
Table 4 Dial-up internet subscribers 2000 - 2015
Table 5 Fixed-line broadband subscribers 2003 - 2016
Table 6 Market share of broadband subscribers by operator 2014 - 2015
Table 7 Forecast fixed broadband subscribers 2015; 2017; 2020
Table 8 Cable modem broadband subscribers 2001 2016
Table 9 Megacable cable modem subscribers 2001 2015
Table 10 Megacable ARPU 2007 - 2015
Table 11 Megacable revenue by sector 2010 - 2015
Table 12 Cablemás cable modem subscribers and annual change 2002 2015
Table 13 Cablemás financial data 2012 2014
Table 14 Cablevisión cable broadband subscribers and annual change 2002 2015
Table 15 DSL broadband subscribers 2001 2016
Table 16 - Prodigy Infinitum DSL subscribers 2002 2015
Table 17 FttP broadband subscribers 2013 2016
Table 18 Market share of pay TV subscribers by operator 2014 - 2015
Table 19 Market share of cable TV subscribers by operator 2014 - 2015
Table 20 Historical - Cable TV subscribers 1998 - 2004
Table 21 Cable TV subscribers 2005 - 2015
Table 22 Megacable TV subscribers 2010 - 2015
Table 23 Historical - Satellite TV subscribers 1998 - 2004
Table 24 Satellite TV subscribers 2005 - 2015
Table 25 Satellite TV subscribers by provider 2013 - 2015
Table 26 Televisa video subscribers by platform 2010 - 2015
Table 27 Televisa RGUs by service 2013 - 2015
Table 28 Televisa financial data 2013 - 2015
Table 29 Pay TV subscribers by technology, annual change and penetration rate 1998 - 2015
Chart 1 Megacable revenue by sector 2010 2015

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