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M2 Telecommunications

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M2 Telecommunications

Established in 1999 and listed on the ASX in 2004, M2 Telecommunications Group Limited is Australia's largest network independent provider of fixed-line, mobile and data telecommunications services. The company also provides fixed-line and 3G mobile services in New Zealand.

M2 has shown consistent growth since the mid-2000s through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, and in 2009 acquired People Telecom Ltd and the business assets of Commander Communications, both at bargain basement prices. In 2010 the company completed the acquisition of selected business assets of Clever Communications and Bell Networks. While in 2011 the company continued the acquisition path with purchases of Clear Telecoms that added subscriber numbers, revenue and used debt to finance the purchase and then purchased the subscribers and assets of AUSTAR Mobile in 2011 from the pay TV satellite provider.

In 2012 the assets of Primus Telecommunications was acquired adding further subscriber numbers. While in 2013 the company acquisitions and takeovers continue with Dodo and Eftel now under the M2 umbrella.

This report provides an overview of M2, including an analysis of financial and operational data for FY2013.

Key developments:

Organic revenue growth and growth through strategic acquisitions, customer and network building, seniors' services delivered through the NBN, company operational performance for FY2013.

Companies mentioned:

AUSTAR United Communications, Time Telecom, Clear Telecoms, Bell Networks Voice & Data Pty Ltd, Clever Communications, Eftel, People Telecom, Edirect, B&W, Commander Communications, Unitel Australia, Orion Telecom, Tenex Communications, Wholesale Communications, Primus, Flextalk, PTGi, Telstra, Optus.

1. Synopsis
2. Company information
2.1 Overview
3. Company analysis
3.1 Growing the company
3.2 Arriving in the top ten
4. Financial results
4.1 Year 2013
4.2 Year 2012
4.3 Year 2011
4.4 Financial statistics overview
5. Services
5.1 Fixed-line voice
5.2 Mobile
5.3 Internet
5.4 Brands
6. Products and services
6.1 Overview
6.2 M2 Telecom (retail)
6.3 M2 Wholesale
7. Acquisitions, alliances and subsidiary companies
7.1 Acquisition overview
7.2 Acquisition Dodo 2013
7.3 Acquisition Eftel 2013
7.4 Acquisition Primus Telecommunications 2012
7.5 Acquisition Time Group 2012
7.6 Acquisition of Flextalk 2012
7.7 Acquisition of AUSTAR Mobile 2011
7.8 Acquisition of Clear Telecoms (M2 Clear) 2011
7.9 Acquisition of Bell Networks 2010
7.10 Acquisition of Clever Communications 2010
7.11 Acquisition of People telecom 2009
7.12 Acquisition of Commander assets 2009
7.13 Acquisition of Unitel Australia 2008
7.14 Acquisition of Orion Telecom 2007
7.15 Acquisition of Tenex Communications 2007
7.16 Acquisition of Wholesale Communications 2007
8. Company history
8.1 Brief timeline 1999 - 2013
9. Related reports
Table 1 M2 key financial parameters 2012 - 2013
Table 2 M2 revenue makeup and annual change 2004 - 2013
Table 3 M2 key financial parameters 2010 - 2012
Table 4 M2 key financial performance indicators 2004 - 2013
Table 5 M2's acquisitions 2005 - 2013
Chart 1 Overview of long term M2 share price trending 2007 - 2013
Chart 2 Overview of M2 share price trending 2012 - 2013
Chart 3 Overview of M2 revenue makeup and annual change 2007 - 2012
Chart 4 Overview of M2 key financial performance indicators 2007 - 2013
Exhibit 1 M2 Telecommunications Group Limited (M2) at a glance 2013
Exhibit 2 M2 services and target market by brand 2013
Exhibit 3 Primus Telecommunications Australia at a glance 2011
Exhibit 4 Primus brief company history

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