Jordan - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

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Jordan - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

4G services in Jordan have driven recent growth

Jordan is a unique market in many ways, due to the huge population growth in the last decade and the influx of refugees into the country. Jordan has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and the industry is preparing itself for the next wave of developments relating to 5G and IoT/M2M.

The development of a national broadband network based on fibre is well underway and Orange Jordan remains the largest fixed network operator in the kingdom. Zain Jordan is also investing in fibre-based network infrastructure.

The mobile sector in Jordan is challenging for the three major operators as they all hold roughly the same market share and are highly competitive. Zain Jordan and Orange Jordan both launched 4G LTE services ahead of Umniah - which saw a decline in mobile subscribers in 2016 as a result.

However, the launch of 4G LTE services in general, has led to a growth in data revenues for the mobile operators and expanding data offerings will be a key focus area moving forward.

Jordan is host to a growing number of ICT companies and has emerged as a technology start up hub for the Middle East, made possible due to a focus on ICT education and a regulatory environment conducive to ICT investment. It has also made great progress in the digital financial services area with support from the Central Bank of Jordan.

While Jordan is demonstrating positive developments towards fixed and mobile broadband development, it has some challenges including the ongoing influx of refugees from Iraq and Syria which places strain on the countries' economy, infrastructure and society in general.

Recent developments:

Mobile broadband is a key growth area for Jordan, with 4G services driving growth in data.

The fixed broadband network is growing with the national broadband network fibre-based deployment well underway.

Jordan is host to a growing number of ICT companies and has emerged as a technology start up hub for the Middle East.

Jordan is considered to have one of the most highly taxed telecoms sectors in the region.

The Jordan TRC has developed an initial document outlining the need to regulate IoT developments in the kingdom.

Companies mentioned in this report include:

Jordan Telecom Group/Orange, Zain Jordan, Batelco/Umniah, Virgin Mobile MEA.

1. Executive summary
2. Key statistics
2.1 Country overview
3. Telecommunications market
3.1 Market overview
3.2 Market analysis
3.3 Recent developments
4. Regulatory environment
4.1 Historic overview
4.1.1 Telecommunications Law 1995
4.1.2 Telecommunications Law 2002
4.2 Regulatory authority
4.3 Telecom sector liberalisation
4.3.1 WiMAX licences
4.4 Privatisation
4.5 Interconnect
4.6 Access
4.7 Carrier PreSelection (CPS)
5. Fixed-network operators
5.1 Jordan Telecom Group/JTG/Orange Jordan
6. Telecommunications infrastructure
6.1 National telecom network
6.1.1 National Telecommunication Program 1995-1999
6.2 International infrastructure
6.3 Broadband access market
6.3.1 Market analysis
6.3.2 Broadband and Internet statistics
6.4 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) and Fibre-To-The-Home (FttH)
6.5 Other fixed broadband services
6.5.1 Fixed wireless (WiFi and WiMAX)
7. Digital media/Digital economy
7.1 Videostreaming
7.2 E-payments/digital financial services
8. Smart city
8.1 Smart grids
8.2 IoT/M2M
9. Mobile communications
9.1 Market analysis
9.2 Mobile statistics
9.2.1 General statistics
9.3 Mobile broadband statistics
9.4 Regulatory issues
9.4.1 Third GSM licence
9.4.2 3G licences
9.4.3 4G spectrum
9.4.4 SIM card registration
9.4.5 MTRs
9.5 Mobile infrastructure
9.5.1 Digital networks
9.5.2 Satellite mobile
9.6 IoT and M2M networks
9.7 Major mobile operators
9.7.1 Zain Jordan
9.7.2 Orange Jordan
9.7.3 Umniah
9.7.4 MVNOs
9.8 Mobile handsets
10. Related reports
Table 1 Country statistics Jordan - 2018
Table 2 Telephone network statistics 2018
Table 3 Broadband statistics 2018
Table 4 Mobile statistics 2018
Table 5 National telecommunications authorities
Table 6 Jordan GDP and inflation 2012 - 2018
Table 7 - Orange Jordan Total revenue and revenue by sector 2004 - 2016
Table 8 Orange Jordan Total group subscribers 2005 2016
Table 9 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1995 - 2018
Table 10 Internet users and penetration rate 2008 - 2018
Table 11 - Fixed broadband subscribers and penetration rate 2010 2018
Table 12 Historic - Mobile subscribers and penetration rate - 1995 - 2004
Table 13 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2005 2018
Table 14 Active mobile broadband subscriptions 2010 2018
Table 15 Mobile Termination Rates 2010 - 2014
Table 16 Major mobile operators' market share 2004 2016
Table 17 Zain Jordan financial data (including ARPU) 2005 2016
Table 18 Zain Jordan prepaid/postpaid mobile subscribers 2005 1H 2017
Table 19 Orange Jordan mobile revenue and subscribers 2006 - 2016
Table 20 Umniah mobile subscribers 2008 - 2016
Chart 1 Mobile operators' market share at a glance - 2016

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