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Global Telecoms - The Big Picture - Key Industry Statistics

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The big picture for the telecoms industry in 2014 sees mobile technology and smart phones leading the way. By the end of 2014 it is expected there will be more mobile subscriptions than the global population. The telecoms sector is also the largest industry in terms of employment in the world. This report is a valuable resource for key global statistics and trends for the important telecommunications industry.

The ongoing improvements in infrastructure have driven the continuing uptake of mobility and broadband around the world and in 2014 mobile broadband has in fact become the fastest growth area for the overall telecoms sector. This in turn sees the number of Internet users continues to increase as the penetration of both fixed and mobile broadband becomes more accessible around the globe.

The reality nowadays however is that many of the benefits and opportunities for telecommunications are on top of the network and apply to social and economic benefits, healthcare, education, digital economy, businesses, new job creation and the green economy. All of these are potential opportunities and benefits that can be created on top of a robust global telecommunications infrastructure.

This report provides a summary of recent key worldwide telecoms statistics and trends for the overall telecoms industry as well as mobile, mobile broadband, Internet and broadband sectors. It also includes a ranking of the top telcos. Please note: The focus of this report is on global statistics, with the most recent statistics included - where available. Please refer to separate reports for regional and country specific statistics.

Latest developments:

The global telecoms market landscape has changed remarkably in the last few years. There are far more mobile broadband subscribers worldwide today than the number of fixed broadband subscribers and Asia has the most mobile broadband connections. Fixed Internet users continues to grow with around 2.9 billion forecast for 2014; Mobile subscriptions are expected to surpass the global population by the end of 2014 and AT&T, NTT and Verizon are some of the top carriers worldwide in terms of sales.

1. Synopsis
2. Key global trends for telcoms industry
3. Global mobile key statistics
3.1 Wireless/mobile broadband
4. Global Internet key statistics
4.1 Fixed broadband
5. Global telecommunications expenditure and revenue
5.1 Global telecoms CAPEX
5.2 Global telecoms outsourcing
5.3 Infrastructure sharing to cut costs
5.4 Global ICT spending
5.5 Global telecoms revenue
6. Global telecoms traffic
6.1 Internet traffic
6.2 Mobile data traffic
7. Satellite services
7.1 Satellite industry revenue
7.2 Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
7.2.1 2nd Generation satellites
7.3 Satellite broadband
7.4 Direct broadcasting services/satellite radio
8. Ranking of top carriers
8.1 Global top 13 mobile parent carriers by subscribers
8.2 Global major 11 fixed-line carriers by subscribers
9. Conclusions
9.1 Trans-sector going wireless
9.2 Why does the telco industry need to change?
10. Related reports
Table 1 Global - telecom statistics at a glance 2013; 2014
Table 2 Global - mobile subscriptions and annual change 2000 - 2014
Table 3 Regional - mobile subscribers 2005 2012
Table 4 Global mobile broadband market share by technology Q1 2013
Table 5 Regional mobile broadband connections Q1 2013
Table 6 Top ten OECD countries by wireless broadband subscriptions 2011; mid 2012
Table 7 Global - internet users and annual change 2009 - 2014
Table 8 Regional - share of broadband subscribers Q2 2012
Table 9 Global - fixed broadband subscribers and annual change 2005 - 2014
Table 10 Top ten broadband countries by subscribers Q2 2012
Table 11 Global - broadband market share by access technology 2008; Mid 2010; Mid 2012
Table 12 Global - telecoms capital expenditure (CAPEX) 2008 - 2014
Table 13 Global - mobile capital expenditure (CAPEX) 2010 - 2014
Table 14 Global ICT spending 2012 - 2015
Table 15 Global - telecoms expenditure as a percentage of GDP 1990; 2006; 2009; 2012
Table 16 Global - telecoms services revenue 2008 - 2014
Table 17 Global - monthly mobile data traffic 2000; 2011; 2012
Table 18 Regional - mobile data traffic growth CAGR 2012 - 2017
Table 19 Global - satellite industry revenue 2008 - 2011
Table 20 Global - satellite services revenue 2003 - 2011
Table 21 Global - mobile satellite devices 2008; 2010; 2018
Table 22 Global top 13 mobile parent carriers by subscribers 2012
Table 23 Major 11 fixed-line parent carriers by subscribers - 2012
Chart 1 Global - mobile subscriptions 2000 - 2014
Chart 2 Global - internet users 2009 - 2014
Chart 3 Global - fixed broadband subscribers - 2005 2014
Chart 4 Global top 13 mobile carriers by subscribers - 2012
Chart 5 Major 11 fixed-line carriers by subscribers - 2012
Exhibit 1 Major global fixed satellite service operators

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