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2006 Global NGN, IP and VoIP - Volume 2 - Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific

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Next Generation Networks (NGN), VoIP (internet telephony), cheaper calls, new IT applications, voice, data and video convergence, VPN, IP networks.

Report also contains:

Covering Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific
NGN, IP, VPN and VoIP overviews
Market overviews, developments and statistics
Major players and projects
VoIP overviews and statistics
Industry issues and regulatory

ATM switching is rapidly becoming inadequate (and too costly) for the more advanced multimedia networks, and it is being replaced with NGN Internet Protocol (IP) and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, which allows users to develop more innovative products and services. This migration from circuit-switched to packet-based networks is a logical progression in the drive towards IP.

VoIP, an application running on NGNs, has already started to gain traction in the market, but as a stand alone product it is unlikely to become a replacement for fixed line telephony. In Europe, the product is becoming very popular in triple play business models. IPTV is another product that is gaining momentum and Fixed-Mobil-Convergence (FMC) is also an application that requires an NGN.

Volume 2 of this report includes information on the developments taking place regionally, including analysis, statistics, forecasts and trends. Detailed information on convergence and FttH infrastructure are covered in different reports.

Key highlights:

In the US, developments in NGNs are being led by a rapid uptake in VoIP, which is quickly becoming the most competitive sector in the telecommunications market.

Canada has recently seen a rapid uptake in VoIP and will increasingly migrate towards NGN, IP and VoIP technologies.

In Europe, by the end of 2006, VoIP will be used by more than two thirds of large companies in countries with a strong broadband penetration.

Numerous NGN deployments have been made in Eastern Europe, influenced by the liberalised communications markets. Deployments have been made by both the incumbent fixed-line operators and alternative operators.

VoIP remains banned in many countries of the Middle East, but increasing competition is starting to encourage more use of such convergence products as VoIP and VoD by incumbents and alternative operators.

NGN rollouts or initiatives have been launched in 12 African countries, some of them based on wireless technologies.

The introduction of VoIP has had a significant impact on the Asian telecom market as call services become available at greatly reduced prices.

In Australia, security concerns of the past are waning and a growing number of small to large sized corporates and government departments are now implementing NGN networks.

1.1 North America
1.1.1 USA
1.1.2 Canada
1.2 Latin America
1.2.1 Introduction
1.2.2 Next Generation Networks (NGNs)
1.2.3 IP and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
1.2.4 Country overview
2.1 Western Europe
2.1.1 Next Generation Networks (NGNs)
2.1.2 IP
2.1.3 VoIP
2.2 Eastern Europe
2.2.1 Central Eastern Europe and the Baltics
2.2.2 South East Europe
2.2.3 Russia and the Ukraine
3.1 Africa
3.1.1 IP and Next Generation Networks in Africa
3.1.2 VoIP telephony in Africa
3.1.3 IP, NGN and VoIP developments in various African countries
3.2 Middle East
3.2.1 Overview
4.1 Asia market overview
4.2 Overview major Asian countries
4.2.1 Japan
4.2.2 South Korea
4.2.3 China
4.2.4 Singapore
4.2.5 Taiwan
4.2.6 India
4.2.7 Hong Kong
4.2.8 Malaysia
5.1 Australia
5.1.1 The NGN and IP market
5.1.2 The VoIP market
5.2 New Zealand
5.2.1 Next Generation Networks in New Zealand
5.2.2 VoIP market overview New Zealand
5.3 South Pacific
5.3.1 Next Generation Networks and VoIP developments
Exhibit 1 - Components of network convergence
Exhibit 2 - Regulatory status of VoIP in selected Latin American countries - 2006
Exhibit 3 - Overview of key players

Table 1 - VoIP subscribers - January 2006
Table 2 - VoIP subscribers by operator - March 2005
Table 3 - Total NGN (VAN/VPN) market revenues - 1991 - 2007

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