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Global - Mobile - Smartphones, Wearable Devices, Handsets and Tablet Insights and Stats

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Despite its phenomenal growth which will continue for many years to come the smartphone is set to eventually become a utility product.

This will first emerge in the developed markets, where smartphone penetration is now reaching levels of 60%-75%. This is mainly driven by Samsung and other Android-based smartphones, with Apple operating at the top end in the market, where people are prepared to pay a premium for the iPhone.

Touchscreen tablets have also become very popular; with the most widely known being the Apple iPad. The iPad has competitive threats however from the multitude of tablet devices now on the market and the rising threat of Android.

The next frontier will be new markets that can be built on the smartphone platform. Of course this market is already well and truly underway. Another threat to the smartphone business is the limitations of the mobile broadband infrastructure. You can develop all of these new applications and services but if the infrastructure cannot handle the capacity there will be little use for them. Developed markets are now eating up new spectrum with a voracious appetite.

This report provides overall global statistics and forecasts for mobile smartphones and handsets, including growth, sales and revenue. Current and historical global market share for the top handset suppliers is also included. The report also provides information on Touchscreen Tablets including the major devices and Operating System market share. A case study in the key market of China has also been included.

Latest developments:

Smart phones still only account for around 18% of mobile device connections globally in 2013, leaving much room for growth over the next few years; Africa is considered to be the world's fastest growing smart phone market; Jolla launched a new smart phone in 2013 based on Sailfish OS; In mid 2013 the first Motorola Mobility and Google handset offering came on the market with the launch of the Android based Moto X; In late 2013 a struggling Nokia sold its Devices & Services unit to Microsoft; A number of manufacturers are reportedly working on smart watches and other wearable wireless devices; In 2013 we also saw the mass market attention towards augmented reality glasses with the launch of Google Glass.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Apple iPhone; Nokia; Motorola Mobility; Google Android; Samsung; Jolla; other handset and touchscreen market leaders.

Financial information in this report includes:

Global handset sales; global handset revenue; handset supplier market share; Smartphones sales; smartphones operating system market share; Global touchscreen tablet operating system market share; Global touchscreen tablet sales.

1. Synopsis
2. The future of the smartphone market
2.1 Hardware becomes a utility platform
2.2 Platform for innovation and industry transformation
2.3 Breaking into new markets
2.4 Who will dominate the WiFi market?
2.5 Innovation to continue
2.5.1 Jolla hopes to shake-up the smart phone sector
2.6 Look towards emerging markets for smart phone growth
3. Historical handset market growth
4. Global mobile handset statistics and forecasts
4.1 Global handset sales and revenue
4.2 Global leading handset suppliers
4.3 A tough five years for Nokia
4.4 Brief case study: Motorola
5. Smartphone leading suppliers and operating systems
5.1 Global smart phone sales
6. Touchscreen tablets
7. Wearable wireless devices
7.1 Smart watches
7.2 Augmented reality glasses
7.3 E-health devices
7.3.1 Fitness activity trackers
7.3.2 Home monitoring and remote patient devices
8. Industry observations
8.1 Apple positioned in premium market
8.2 Africa for smart phones
8.3 Affordable smart devices
8.4 Mobile VoIP and messaging for smart phone
8.5 Enviro-friendly handsets
9. Safety and security issues
10. Related reports
Table 1 Global overall mobile handset sales 2004 - 2013
Table 2 Global overall mobile handset sales by quarter 2009 Q2 2013
Table 3 Global mobile handset revenue 2010 - 2014
Table 4 Regional mobile handset sales market share 2011; 2013
Table 5 - Handset supplier global market shares 2007; 2009; 2011; 2012
Table 6 Nokia's handset supplier global market share decline 2007; 2009; 2011; 2013
Table 7 Global smart phone supplier market share 2012; Q1 2013
Table 8 Global smart phone operating system market share 2010; 2011; 2012; Q1 2013
Table 9 Global smart phone share of handset market 2009 2012; Q1 2013
Table 10 Global smart phone mobile device sales by quarter Q2 2009 Q2 2012
Table 11 Global touchscreen tablet vendor market share top 5 Q4 2012
Exhibit 2 Examples of Touchscreen Tablets
Table 12 Global touchscreen tablet operating system market share Q2 2010; Q4 2011; Q3 2012
Table 13 Global touchscreen tablet sales 2010 2013; 2016
Exhibit 1 Open Handset Alliance

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