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Global Mobile - Customer Experience, Tariffs and Real-time Processing

Global Mobile - Customer Experience, Tariffs and Real-time Processing

Customer experience has become a key issue in the overall retail market, not just in telecoms and dissatisfied customers are no longer taking a passive approach. In search of better prices and better services, more and more mobile subscribers around the world are opting to change service providers. As a result, churn rates are on the rise. Bearing in mind that the cost of acquiring customers is expensive, reducing churn rates can offer significant savings to telcos.

Roaming prices are a controversial issue around the world, with customers complaining that roaming prices are too high. Many mobile users are turning to alternatives solutions such as Wi-Fi hotspots and local SIM cards. Regulators in many countries have ordered companies to lower their roaming fees and increase billing transparency, thus lessening the chance of bill-shock. However, for mobile operators, roaming remains an important source of revenue.

Average Revenue per User (ARPU) is a key performance indicator for mobile operators and used as an important benchmark by investors and analysts. The current economic climate has driven down ARPU for operators around the world. But besides the economic downturn, there are other factors at work. Price pressures due to competition and multi-SIM users are also contributing to weaken ARPU as is the fact that most new mobile subscribers come from lower-income segments. If we look at Average Revenue per unique Subscriber (ARPS), however, the downward trend is less pronounced, as this measure removes the effects of multi-SIM ownership.

Latest developments:

The migration to LTE is driving a surge in data usage, which has pushed up ARPU rates in some countries;
Operators who offer application-centric plans generally have higher ARPU and lower churn rates;
Mobile Termination Rates (MTR) continue to decrease throughout the world, reined in by regulatory intervention;
The European Commission is preparing regulations aimed at phasing out roaming charges in the European Union.

Financial information includes:

Global average mobile monthly ARPU; Mobile ARPU in the USA and Europe; Examples of mobile termination rates by region; Global mobile roaming revenue. Case study about Orange, including Orange's mobile services revenue and mobile churn rates.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Orange, Roamly, Meteor, 3 UK, Dekatel, Vodafone, MTN.

1. Synopsis
2. Introduction: global telecoms market
3. Insights into global mobile churn
4. Case study Orange
5. Customer experience key to the future of the retail market
6. Insights into global mobile ARPU
7. Insights into global mobile termination
8. Insights into global mobile roaming
8.1 Mobile data roaming
8.2 European Union roaming regulations
8.3 Roam like home
9. The retail market needs to lift its game
9.1 Under-investment in customer experience
9.2 Very little service differentiation between players
9.3 New sectors are entering the retail market
9.4 New approach needed, not a fix of broken systems
9.5 Cost transparency: the single most important issue in the telco market
10. Solution: high quality data and analytics
10.1 Data silos
11. Contextual intelligence
11.1 Benefits for telcos and ISPs
11.2 Social Network Analytics
12. Data analytic application examples
12.1 Subscriber Data Management
13. Business understands need for real-time processing
14. Related reports
Table 1 Global - telecom statistics at a glance 2013 - 2015
Table 2 Orange mobile customer churn 2003 - 2014
Table 3 Orange mobile customer acquisition costs 2007 - 2014
Table 4 Global mobile ARPU and annual change 2005 - 2015
Table 5 USA mobile ARPU and annual change 2008 - 2014
Table 6 Europe mobile ARPU and annual change 2008 - 2014
Table 7 Latin America mobile ARPU and annual change 2008 - 2014
Table 8 United Kingdom - MTRs by operator (pence per minute) 2010 - 2015
Table 9 New Zealand - Telecom and Vodafone network termination rates 2009 - 2014
Table 10 Global average Mobile Termination Rates 2009; 2011; 2013; 2014
Table 11 Examples of Mobile Termination rates by region
Table 12 Global mobile roaming revenue 2000; 2012; 2014; 2018
Chart 1 Orange mobile customer acquisition costs 2007 - 2014
Exhibit 1 Carrier attributes churn to poor network coverage
Exhibit 2 Mandated MTR reductions in Greece
Exhibit 3 Roaming price caps in the European Union
Exhibit 4 Bundling services in Europe
Exhibit 5 Real-time processing
Exhibit 6 Watson cognitive computing
Exhibit 7 - Key characteristics of contextual intelligence in customer service

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