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Global Digital Media - Mobile Advertising and Digital Marketing - Key Trends and Statistics

Global Digital Media - Mobile Advertising and Digital Marketing - Key Trends and Statistics

The advertising scene has undergone radical change and is still changing. With profits down between 5% and 10% on an annual basis, the performance of the traditional advertising market is under constant pressure. Data analytics is exposing the weakness of these traditional advertising business models and, like all of the other sectors affected by the digital economy, this means that these business models need to change.

As they become more aware of the power of big data, advertisers are demanding hard, quantitative data on their campaigns. Increasingly, campaigns are now linked to outcomes. These are predetermined and tested against the results, and payments are made to advertising agencies based on the success of these campaigns, which are becoming far more cost-effective.

Social media companies are becoming increasingly important website publishers. Compared to commercial broadcasters, these companies have one important difference they have valuable data on their consumers, which they are monetising in a big way. Although consumers are happy to share data with companies operating in the digital economy, they are most unhappy when these companies disrespect their wishes for privacy. On the other hand, many companies involved in big data analytics are disappointed with the results. So a better system could be a win-win situation for both the demand and the supply side.

This report explores how mobile advertising has become a key focus for the industry and as has enormous growth potential. Smart TV is also a future growth area as advertisers capitalise upon Over-The-Top (OTT) content initiatives. The report also examines the core segments of social network advertising, digital gaming advertising, search engine advertising and video-based advertising.

Latest developments:

North America is the largest market for digital ad spending.
The Asian region, particularly China, spend a large amount on mobile ad spending and this trend is expected to continue.
Search advertising is still the leading advertising channel however and it is mobile search advertising which is beginning to drive growth.
Google is still the undisputed leader in the search-engine advertising market, with China-based Baidu occupying a distant second place.
While Facebook has yet to reap such high advertising revenues as Google, it is closing the gap and increasing its market share, with a strong focus on mobile advertising.
Click fraud has become a growing concern for advertisers and website publishers, with bots accounting for a large percentage of display and video ad viewings.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Alphabet (Google); Hulu; Facebook; Zynga; Blinkx; Baidu; Tencent; digital ad exchanges.

1. Synopsis
2. Market summary
2.1 Changes in digital advertising
2.2 Digital marketing key statistics
3. Key online advertising categories
3.1 In-game advertising
3.2 Social network advertising
3.3 Online video advertising
3.4 Search engine advertising
4. Mobile advertising
4.1 Advertising on mobile apps
4.2 Mobile Location-Based Advertising (Geo-marketing)
5. Market trends
5.1 TV and smart TV advertising
5.2 Digital ad exchanges
5.3 Click fraud
5.4 Multi-screen approach gains attention
6. Internet media companies Google versus facebook
7. The effect of big data on the advertising industry
7.1 Online advertising does not improve the overall result for advertisers
8. Related reports
Table 1 Global media ad spending and annual change 2011 - 2018
Table 2 Global digital ad spending and annual change 2011 2016
Table 3 Global mobile advertising spending and annual change 2011 2016
Table 4 Top ten countries by ad spending per person and per digital Internet user 2014
Table 5 Social network advertising revenue by region 2013 - 2015
Table 6 Global search engine advertising revenue major companies 2013 - 2015
Table 7 Global market share of mobile advertising revenue major companies 2012 - 2015
Table 8 Google (Alphabet) advertising revenue (total and mobile) 2006 - 2017
Table 9 Facebook advertising revenue (total and mobile) 2011 - 2016
Exhibit 1 Digital advertising cost considerations
Exhibit 2 Top industries estimated spending on mobile advertising 2015

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