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Gabon - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband & Forecasts

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The Gabon - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband & Forecasts report includes all BuddeComm research data and analysis on this country. Covering trends and developments in telecommunications, mobile, internet, broadband, infrastructure and regulation.

Executive summary

Gabon’s oil revenues make it one of the wealthiest nations in Africa. GDP per capita is well above the African average, although a distorted income distribution and poor social indicators are evident. The telecom market was liberalised in 1999 when the government awarded three mobile telephony licences and two Internet Service Provider licences and established an independent regulatory authority. Following two unsuccessful attempts, the privatisation of Gabon Telecom (GT) finally succeeded in 2007.

With competition between three service providers - Zain, GT’s Libertis, and Etisalat’s Moov - Gabon became one of the first countries in Africa to exceed 100% mobile market penetration in 2008. A fourth operator, Bintel, is set to enter this virtually saturated market in 2009. This is expected to accelerate the downward trend in average revenue per user which until recently has remained at remarkably high levels.

In contrast with the mobile market, Gabon’s fixed-line and Internet/broadband sectors have remained underdeveloped due to a lack of competition and the resulting high prices. The country has sufficient international bandwidth on the SAT-3/WASC/SAFE fibre optic submarine cable which runs from Portugal via South Africa to the Far East, but this facility has been monopolised by GT. With its new owner, Vivendi-controlled Maroc Telecom, the fixed-line incumbent is now becoming more efficient and innovative in developing its services. It is facing competition from ISPs rolling out WiMAX wireless broadband networks and offering VoIP Internet telephony.

This report contains an overview and analysis of Gabon’s telecommunications market, profiles of the major players in all market sectors, relevant statistics, and scenario forecasts for 2010 and 2015 for the country’s fixed-line, mobile and Internet markets.

Key highlights:

  • Forecasts for fixed-line, mobile and Internet markets for 2010 and 2015;
  • One of the highest levels of mobile penetration and ARPU in Africa;
  • GDP per capita to fall by 30% as a result of the global economic crisis;
  • Profiles of major players in all market sectors;
  • Fourth mobile network set to enter the market;
  • Comparison with other countries in the region in terms of GDP, mobile, fixed and Internet market penetration.GDP per capita in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2009
  • CountryGDP per capita (current prices, US$)
  • Gabon6,810
  • Angola3,807
  • Congo-Brazzaville2,061
  • Nigeria1,109
  • Cameroon1,023
  • Central African Republic426
  • Congo (Democratic Republic)173
(Source: BuddeComm based on IMF data)

  • Executive summary
    • Table GDP per capita in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2009
  • Key statistics
    • Table Country statistics Gabon - 2010
    • Table Fixed-line network statistics - 2010
    • Table Internet provider statistics - 2010
    • Table Internet user statistics - 2010
    • Table Mobile statistics - 2010
    • Table National telecommunications authority
  • Market analysis - 2009
    • Regional benchmarking
      • Table GDP per capita in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2009
      • Table Mobile penetration in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2008
      • Table Internet user penetration in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2008
      • Table Fixed-line penetration in Gabon and other countries in the region - 2008
  • Regulatory environment
    • Historical background
    • Regulatory authority
      • Agence de Regulation des Telecommunications (ARTEL)
    • Market liberalisation
    • Interconnection
  • Fixed network operator
    • Gabon Télécom
      • Privatisation
      • Financial results
        • Table Gabon Télécom fixed-line versus mobile revenue - 2006 - 2008
      • National telecom network
      • Fixed-line statistics
        • Table Fixed lines in service and teledensity - 1997 - 2010
      • International infrastructure
  • Broadband and Internet market
    • Overview
      • Internet statistics
        • Table Internet users and penetration rate - 2002 - 2010
    • ISP market
      • Gabon Télécom
        • Table Gabon Telecom Internet subscribers - 2007 - 2009
      • Internet Gabon
      • Solsi
    • Broadband market
      • ADSL
      • WiMAX
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Mobile communications
    • Overview of Gabon's mobile market
      • Table Mobile subscribers and penetration rate - 1999 - 2010
      • Table Mobile operators, subscribers and annual change - June 2009
    • Major mobile operators
      • Zain Gabon (formerly Celtel)
        • Table Zain Gabon ARPU - 2002 - 2009
      • Libertis (Gabon Telecom)
        • Table Libertis ARPU - 2007 - 2009
      • Moov (Telecel Gabon)
    • Fourth mobile licence
  • Forecasts
    • Forecast - fixed-line market - 2012; 2015
      • Table Forecast fixed-line and fixed-wireless subscribers - 2012; 2015
    • Forecast - Internet market - 2012; 2015
      • Table Forecast Internet users - 2012; 2015
    • Forecast - mobile market - 2012; 2015
      • Table Forecast mobile subscribers - 2012; 2015
    • Notes on scenario forecasts

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