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Emerging Markets - A New Wave for Mobile Communications - Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria

There are exciting opportunities for the mobile communications sector, beyond the traditional BRIC markets which have received much attention. BuddeComm's Senior Analysts have identified further emerging markets worth consideration and in this report highlight the markets of Colombia, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Colombia is included in a group of up-and-coming nations (dubbed CIVETS) touted as hot markets because of their large potential returns. Hoping to attract tourism and foreign investment, the Colombian government is trying to shake off the country's image as a trouble spot. In fact, according to some economic analysts, Colombia is becoming the hidden investment gem of South America.

Indonesian mobile telephone market is booming with penetration of 117% in early 2013. Despite this high penetration, there is still considerable opportunity for expansion in Indonesia's mobile market when compared with some of its Asian neighbours. Consumer interest has started to shift to the 3G services being offered by the operators and take up of mobile data services is certainly on the rise, as evidenced by a significant surge in the sale of smartphones.

Nigeria is Africa's largest mobile market with more than 110 million subscribers, and yet market penetration stands at only around 70% in early 2013. Subscriber growth accelerated again in 2012, driven by lower prices and a growing demand for mobile broadband services.

It can be difficult to obtain useful information on telecommunications in the emerging markets and this BuddeComm Emerging Markets report offers valuable statistics and information on mobile communications in Colombia, Indonesia and Nigeria. Written by BuddeComm's Regional Senior Analysts, the report includes key mobile statistics and an overview of each market; insights into the regulatory environment and the key mobile technologies in use.

Key developments:

We estimate that the fastest growing sectors in Colombia in 2013 will be 3G and 4G mobile services, satellite TV, and fixed broadband; After a period of uncertainty, the Indonesian telecom sector has settled into what looks like a healthy development phase; Nigeria is one of the biggest and fastest growing telecom markets in Africa, attracting huge amounts of foreign investment, and is yet standing at relatively low levels of market penetration."

1. Synopsis
2. Colombia
2.1 Overview of Colombia's mobile market
2.2 Mobile statistics
3. Colombia Regulatory issues
3.1 Spectrum regulations and auctions
3.1.1 Third generation (3G)
3.1.2 Fourth generation (4G)
3.2 Mobile number portability
3.3 Theft prevention
4. Colombia Mobile technologies
4.1 Overview
4.2 Third Generation (3G) mobile networks (UMTS)
4.3 Long Term Evolution (LTE)
5. Indonesia
5.1 Overview of Indonesia's mobile market
5.1.1 Operational statistics
6. Indonesia regulatory issues
6.1 Background to market development
6.1.1 Foreign ownership regulations
6.1.2 Temasek and anti-monopoly ruling
7. Indonesia mobile technologies
7.1 GSM
7.2 Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
7.2.1 Fixed wireless
7.3 Third Generation (3G) mobile
7.3.1 Background and initial licensing process
7.3.2 Second 3G auction
7.3.3 Launch of 3G services
7.3.4 Expansion and marketing of 3G services
7.3.5 Further auction of 3G spectrum
7.4 4G / Long Term Evolution (LTE) services
8. Nigeria
8.1 Overview of Nigeria's mobile market
8.2 Mobile statistics
9. Nigeria Regulatory issues
9.1 GSM licence terms
9.2 Interconnection
9.3 Mobile tariffs
9.3.1 Per-second billing (PSB)
9.3.2 SMS price caps
9.4 International gateways
9.5 Unified licensing regime
9.6 Universal service
9.7 Mobile number portability
9.8 Central equipment identity register
9.9 Poor quality of service
9.10 SIM card registration
9.11 Foreign ownership
9.12 Equal access for mobile content providers
9.13 Consumer protection against billing irregularities
10. Nigeria mobile technologies
11. 3G
11.1 Licensing
11.2 Globacom
11.3 Airtel
11.4 MTN
11.5 Etisalat Nigeria
11.6 CDMA-2000 1x EV-DO
11.7 LTE
12. Related reports
Table 1 Colombia - mobile subscribers and penetration rate 1997-2013
Table 2 Colombia - market share of mobile operators 2001-2013
Table 3 Evolution of mobile ARPU in Colombia major operators 2009 - 2012
Table 4 Colombia - Number Portability results July 2012
Table 5 Colombia - 3G subscribers (mobile broadband and mobile phone access) 2010 - 2013
Table 6 Indonesia - mobile subscribers 1995 - 2013
Table 8 - Indonesia - 3G mobile operators and subscribers March 2013
Table 9 Nigeria - mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Nigeria 1998 - 2013
Table 10 Nigeria - mobile subscribers by operator, technology December 2012
Table 11 Glo Mobile Nigeria 3G HSDPA pricing 2013
Table 12 Airtel Nigeria 3G HSPA+ pricing 2013
Table 13 MTN Nigeria 3G HSDPA pricing 2013
Table 14 Visafone Nigeria CDMA-2000 1x and EV-DO pricing 2013
Chart 1 Colombia - mobile subscribers market evolution at a glance 2003 2013
Chart 2 Colombia - mobile market share at a glance 2012
Chart 3 Indonesia - mobile subscribers and penetration 2005 - 2013
Chart 4 Nigeria - mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2002 - 2013
Exhibit 1 Colombia - 4G auction results

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