Digital and Mobile Media - Apps, Entertainment, Social Networks and Gaming

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Digital and Mobile Media - Apps, Entertainment, Social Networks and Gaming

Often internet and mobile users connect for purely entertainment purposes. From updating social networks, browsing interesting websites, watching online videos, downloading and listening to music, trialling new apps and participating in games and gambling - the online and mobile platforms now offers a myriad of services based on entertainment.

In 2014 improved infrastructure is helping to drive these markets with broadband (FttH) and 4G networks being rolled out and enormous growth is predicted ahead. It is mobile broadband apps in particular which are thriving with improvements in mobile infrastructure and a stream of new apps and services are now continually being released to the market. Mobile gambling in particular is expected to thrive once the infrastructure is well established and online and mobile gaming is also one of the most popular online activities - after social networking.

This BuddeComm report provides a global overview of the key areas for entertainment on mobile and fixed Internet. It includes information and statistics on social networks, app stores, photo messaging, online and mobile gambling and gaming and digital music. Please note: Online video and Mobile TV is covered in a separate report.

Latest developments:

In 2014 there are over 2 million apps available from Google Play and Apple app store combined; In May 2013, Candy Crush Saga by was the most popular mobile game downloaded from Apple's app store; Purchasing and accessing online music has been very popular for a number of years and was one of the key drivers behind the early developments in digital media; In 2014 music streaming continues to be a key growth area with Google, Apple, Amazon and other start-ups competing heavily in the sector; In 2013 Twitter's Vine because the fastest growing app in the world.

1. Synopsis
2. Portals or Apps?
3. Mobile apps insights
3.1 Mobile apps statistics
3.2 Leading free and paid apps
3.3 Fastest growing apps
3.4 CrowdRoaming app
4. Social networks
4.1 Mobile social networking
4.2 Adult services
4.3 Online dating
5. Mobile photo-messaging
5.1 Instagram
6. Online and mobile gaming
6.1 The highs and low of gaming
7. Online and mobile gambling
8. Online and mobile music
9. Advertising a key revenue source
9.1 In-game advertising
9.2 Social media advertising
9.3 Online video advertising
9.4 Online search advertising
9.5 Mobile Location-Based Advertising (MLBA)
10. Related reports
Table 1 Global - mobile entertainment revenues 2011 - 2017
Table 2 Global - leading app store competitors
Table 3 Global fastest growing apps - 2013
Table 4 Global subscribers to key social networks - 2014
Table 5 Time spent on online in social networks by top 10 countries 2010; 2011; 2012
Table 6 Global wagers via mobile gambling 2011; 2017
Table 7 Global digital music revenue 2007 - 2013
Table 8 Worldwide in-game advertising spending 2010; 2013
Table 9 Worldwide social network advertising spending 2008 2016
Table 10 USA social network advertising spending 2008 - 2009
Exhibit 1 Mobile apps examples
Exhibit 2 Top 5 free leading apps App Store and Google Play mid 2013
Exhibit 3 Top 5 paid leading apps App Store and Google Play mid 2013
Exhibit 4 Vancouver mall customers shop via Facebook
Exhibit 5 Foursquare
Exhibit 6 Mobile video communication: FaceTime and Google Talk
Exhibit 7 Examples of popular online dating sites
Exhibit 8 Apple iTunes
Exhibit 9 Anarchy Online by Funcom
Exhibit 10 Facebook and Nielsen's marketing alliance

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