Colombia - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts

Colombia - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts

Fixed-line teledensity in Colombia is only 13.5%, well below the Latin American average. The number of lines in service continues to fall steadily, with customers abandoning traditional phones in favour of mobile handsets. As in other Latin American countries, most of the existing fixed telephone lines are concentrated in the larger cities, leaving the rest of the population under-serviced.

Colombia has about 20 local telephony providers, operating municipally, regionally, or nationally. Many of these started as private companies, but later became public concerns owned by their respective municipalities. The leading fixed-line operator in terms of lines in service is ETB, controlled by Bogotá's local government. Telefónica's Movistar is the second largest provider. UNE-EPM, owned by the municipality of Medellín, occupies a close third place. Telmex Colombia, which has adopted the brand name Claro, has a rapidly growing market share thanks to the growing popularity of its triple play services.

For several years, the Colombian telecom market has seen a number of mergers, which has intensified competition among the major players. Millicom International Cellular, operating as Tigo, merged with UNE-EPM in mid-2014, enabling the operator to develop converged fixed and mobile services.

This report provides an overview of Colombia's telecom infrastructure, together with profiles of major fixed-line operators, accompanied by relevant statistics, analyses, and fixed-line scenario forecasts for the years 2015 and 2020.

Key developments:

Level 3 Communications announces plans for a new Pacific subsea cable; ETB acquires cable TV provider Ingelcom; Movistar seeks additional funds; EPM Bogotá merges into UNE; Telmex Colombia adopts the brand name Claro; new rules from the Communication Regulation Commission prevent telcos signing exclusive use agreements on infrastructure in buildings; América Móvil makes commercial use of its AMX-1 submarine cable, report update includes the regulator's market data to Q2 2014; operator data to Q3 2014; recent market developments.

Companies covered in this report include:

Movistar/Telefónica Telecom, UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Santa Fe de Bogotá (ETB), Telmex/Claro, Emcali, Telebucaramanga, Telefónica de Pereira, Edatel.

1. Synopsis
2. Fixed network operators in Colombia
2.1 Overview of operators
2.1.1 Local operators
2.2 ETB
2.2.1 Privatisation and merger plans
2.3 Movistar (Telefónica Telecom/Colombia Telecom)
2.4 UNE-EPM Telecomunicaciones
2.4.1 Previous subsidiaries
2.4.2 Edatel
2.4.3 Telefónica de Pereira
2.5 Claro (Telmex Colombia/América Móvil)
2.6 Emcali
2.7 Telebucaramanga
3. Telecommunications infrastructure
3.1 National telecom network
3.1.1 Fixed-line statistics
3.2 International infrastructure
3.2.1 Submarine cable networks
3.2.2 Satellite networks
3.2.3 Terrestrial links
3.3 Infrastructure developments
3.3.1 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
4. Wholesale
4.1 Overview
5. Forecasts fixed-line market 2015; 2020
5.1 Scenario 1 higher fixed line growth
5.2 Scenario 2 lower fixed line growth
5.3 Notes on scenario forecasts
6. Related reports
Table 1 Share of fixed lines in service (major operators) 2000 - 2014
Table 2 ETB lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 3 Movistar fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 4 UNE lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 5 Claro fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 6 Historic - Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1996 - 2004
Table 7 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 - 2014
Table 8 Forecast fixed lines higher growth scenario 2013; 2015; 2020
Table 9 Forecast fixed lines lower growth scenario 2013; 2015; 2020
Chart 1 Fixed lines in service - market share at a glance - 2000 2014
Chart 2 Fixed lines in service market evolution at a glance 2005 - 2014
Exhibit 1 ETB at a glance
Exhibit 2 Movistar at a glance
Exhibit 3 UNE-EPM Telecomunicaciones at a glance
Exhibit 4 UNE subsidiaries and affiliates
Exhibit 5 Telmex Colombia (trading as Claro) at a glance

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