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China - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

China - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

China has become the largest internet market in the world, with the majority of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices. China's government is aiming for universal and affordable broadband coverage through investment and competition as specified in policies.

Fixed broadband penetration in China has grown strongly over the past five years. Fibre broadband continues to be the fastest growing broadband segment, as DSL and cable modem access will continue to decline as customers migrate away from these platforms in favour of fibre broadband. There was very strong growth in fibre connections from 2012 to 2017.

Within China one of the largest drivers of economic growth is its increasing urbanisation rate as rural residents move to cities in search of economic opportunities as urban residents earn three times the income of rural residents in China.

Moderate growth is predicted over the next five years in the fixed broadband segment for the 2018 to 2023 time-period.

The future growth prospects for fixed broadband in China is dependent on the value that a fixed connection can bring relative to the mobile Internet connections that are already predominant throughout China, given that over 80% of China's Internet users access the Internet through mobile devices.

Much of the initial growth in China's digital economy was underpinned by the online demand for information, media and commerce, giving rise to China's three domestic digital economy giants; Baidu (search), Alibaba (e-commerce) and Tencent (social media). Also evolving within China's digital economy to meet the needs of China's online audience are the banking and financial services industry, public administration services, health services and education services. China is the world's largest e-commerce market and the online retail sales are forecasted to grow strongly.

Key developments:

Fixed broadband penetration in China has grown strongly over the past five years.

The Majority of China's online audiences accesses the Internet via mobile.

Fibre has overtaken DSL to be the key fixed broadband technology platform.

China's massive online population allows a number of social media platforms to flourish.

Companies covered in this report include:

China Mobile; China Telecom; China Unicom, Alibaba,, Baidu, Tencent, SINA, Weibo, Sohu, Xiaomi, Meilishuo, Mogujie, RenRen, Youku, Iqiyi/Qiyi,, BesTV

1. Synopsis
2. Market overview and analysis
3. Broadband statistics and Forecast
3.1 Operator broadband subscribers
4. Government Broadband Policy and Plans
5. Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) and Fibre-To-The-Home (FttH)
5.1 Overview
5.2 China Telecom
5.3 China Unicom
5.4 China Mobile
6. Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks
7. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks
7.1 Fixed wireless
8. Digital economy
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Online activities
8.3 e-Commerce
8.3.1 Alibaba
8.3.3 China Unicom
8.4 e-Banking
8.5 e-payments
8.5.1 e-Government
8.5.2 e-Health
8.5.3 e-Education
9. Digital media
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Social Media
9.3 Regulation
9.4 Key digital media players
9.4.1 Baidu
9.4.2 Tencent
9.4.3 SINA
9.4.4 Weibo
9.4.5 Sohu
9.5 Television broadcasting
9.6 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)
9.7 Hybrid fibre coax cable (HFC)
9.8 Video streaming
9.9 Social media
9.10 Online gaming and gambling
10. Related reports
Table 1 Fixed Broadband Subscribers and Penetration (with Forecast) 2003 - 2023
Table 2 Internet users, penetration and annual change 1996 2018
Table 3 Urban and Rural Internet users 2013 - 2017
Table 4 Lit/Equipped International Bandwidth Capacity 2013 - 2018
Table 5 Proportion of Broadband Subscribers by Access Speed 2013 - 2017
Table 6 Average Download Speed of Fixed Broadband / 4G Network 2014 - 2017
Table 7 Internet access by Internet access device type 2013 - 2017
Table 8 Internet access locations for computers 2013 - 2017
Table 9 China Telecom - fixed broadband subscribers 2003 - 2018
Table 10 China Unicom Fixed line Broadband subscribers 2008 2018
Table 11 China Mobile Fixed Line Broadband subscribers 2017 - 2018
Table 12 Number of Broadband Access Ports, Proportion of FTTH Ports 2010 - 2017
Table 13 Number of Fibre Broadband Users 2012 - 2017
Table 14 China Telecom FTTH Subscribers 2013 - 2018
Table 15 Historic - DSL internet subscribers 2000 - 2014
Table 16 Online shopping users and utilisation rate 2009 - 2017
Table 17 Usage rates of internet applications 2012 - 2017
Table 18 Historic - Cable TV subscriptions and annual growth 1996 - 2016
Table 19 Historic - Digital cable TV subscribers and penetration rate 2002 - 2016
Table 20 Usage rates of social networking applications 2016 - 2017
Chart 1 Fixed Broadband Subscribers and Penetration (with Forecast) 2008 - 2023
Chart 2 Internet users and penetration 2007 2018

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