Chile - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts

Chile - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts

Chile's fixed-line teledensity remains below the South American average, despite the country's relatively high GDP per capita and the healthy investment environment. Teledensity peaked in 2001 and has since fallen, a trend which is being pushed by consumer adoption of mobile services for both voice calls and mobile broadband, which is reducing demand for fixed-line infrastructure.

The leading fixed-line operator is the incumbent Telefónica Chile, trading as Movistar. Its main competitors are VTR Globalcom (VTR), the GTD group, Entel, and Claro. VTR is the leading provider of cable TV and cable broadband, and the second largest provider of local telephony. The GTD Group operates through seven subsidiaries, including GTD Manquehue, GTD Telesat, and Telsur, which provide voice, data, and video services for residential and business customers. Entel offers fixed-line services primarily to the wholesale and corporate segments.

This report provides an overview of Chile's telecom infrastructure, as well as profiles of the key fixed network operators. It provides relevant statistics, analyses, and fixed-line scenario forecasts for the years 2015 and 2020.

Key developments:

Liberty Global acquires the remaining 20% stake in VTR; Chile eliminates domestic long distance charges and establishes a single nationwide calling area, effective from mid-2014; Entel fails to acquire GTD; Telsur builds 440km fibre-optic submarine cable to link southern towns; telcos' data to Q3 2014; regulator's market updates to June 2014; recent market developments.

Companies covered in this report include:

Movistar (Telefónica Chile), VTR Globalcom, the GTD group (including Telsur, GTD Manquehue, Telesat, and Telcoy), Entel Chile, and Claro Chile.

1. Synopsis
2. Fixed network operators in Chile
2.1 Overview of operators
2.1.1 Local operators
2.1.2 Long-distance operators
2.2 Movistar (Telefónica Chile)
2.3 VTR
2.4 GTD Group
2.4.1 Telefónica del Sur (Telsur)
2.5 Entel Chile
2.6 Claro Chile (former Telmex)
3. Telecommunications infrastructure
3.1 National telecom network
3.1.1 Fixed-line statistics
3.1.2 Public payphones
3.2 International infrastructure
3.2.1 Submarine cable networks
3.2.2 Satellite networks
3.3 Infrastructure developments
3.3.1 IP and voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
4. Wholesale
5. Forecasts fixed-line market 2015; 2020
5.1 Overview
5.2 Scenario 1 higher fixed-line growth
5.3 Scenario 2 lower fixed-line growth
5.4 Notes on scenario forecasts
6. Related reports
Table 1 Fixed lines in service operators' market share 2000 - 2014
Table 2 Fixed-line traffic (minutes and calls) 2000 - 2014
Table 3 Movistar fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 4 VTR fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 5 GTD Group fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 6 Entel fixed lines in service 2000 - 2014
Table 7 Entel Group financial data 2012 - 2014
Table 8 Claro fixed lines in service 2006 - 2014
Table 9 Claro revenue in service 2006 - 2014
Table 10 Historic - Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1995 - 2004
Table 11 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 - 2014
Table 12 Historic - Public phones 1996 - 2004
Table 13 Public phones 2005 - 2013
Table 14 Forecast fixed lines higher growth scenario 2013; 2015; 2020
Table 15 Forecast fixed lines lower growth scenario 2015; 2020
Chart 1 Evolution of fixed lines in service 2003 - 2014
Exhibit 1 Regions and primary zones in Chile
Exhibit 2 Local telephony operators number of zones of operation 2014
Exhibit 3 Telefónica Chile at a glance
Exhibit 4 VTRat a glance
Exhibit 5 GTD Group at a glance
Exhibit 6 Entel Chile at a glance
Exhibit 7 Claro at a glance

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