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Chad - Telecoms, Mobile and Internet

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Broadband market lacks international bandwidth and backbone network infrastructure

This annual report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Chad’s telecommunications market.

Subjects covered include:

One of the most underdeveloped telecom markets in the world ; The impact of the global economic crisis ; Key statistics ; Market and industry overviews ; Government policies affecting the telecoms industry ; Market liberalisation and regulatory issues ; Telecoms operators – privatisation, acquisitions, new licences ; Major players (fixed, mobile and broadband) ; Infrastructure development ; Mobile voice and data markets ; Average Revenue per User (ARPU) trends ; Internet and broadband development ; Convergence (voice/data, fixed/wireless/mobile).Internet and broadband development ; Mobile data services.

Despite being Africa’s latest exporter of oil, Chad has one of the least developed telecommunications markets in the world. Penetration rates in all market sectors – fixed, mobile and Internet – are well below African averages.

The mobile sector is growing fast under competition between two foreign-owned networks – Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), and Millicom (Tigo). The national telco and fixed-line operator, Sotel Tchad (ST) was participating in another mobile network in partnership with Orascom Telecom until it ceased operations in 2004 over legal disputes between the shareholders.ST is rolling out a CDMA2000 fixed-wireless system that enables it to potentially re-enter the mobile sector. It supports broadband internet access using EV-DO technology. Libyas LAP Green acquired a majority stake in the company in late 2010, but the civil war in Libya has left the future of that investment hanging in the balance.

The mobile networks offer basic mobile data services using GPRS and EDGE technology. Third generation (3G) mobile services have not yet been introduced.

Chad still lacks a national backbone infrastructure and international fibre optic access to support efficient broadband services. All long-distance connections, national and international, are currently made via satellite. However, the World Bank-funded Central African Backbone (CAB) project is now laying the foundation for the development of a broadband market.

Market highlights:

One of the world’s most underdeveloped markets
Broadband market lacks international bandwidth and backbone network infrastructure
Additional US$30 million approved for Central African Backbone (CAB) fibre optic project ;
Almost all cell sites powered by diesel generators.

Estimated market penetration rates in Chad’s telecoms sector – end-2012
Market | Penetration rate
Mobile | 35%
Fixed | 0.4%
Internet | 2.3%
(Source: BuddeComm based on various sources)

Companies covered in this report:

Sotel Tchad (LAP Green)
Bharti Airtel (Zain)
Millicom (Tigo)
Tchad Mobile (Orascom)

1. Executive summary
2. Key statistics
2.1 Country overview
3. Telecommunications market
3.1 Overview of Chad’s telecom market
3.2 Regional benchmarking
4. Regulatory environment
4.1 Telecommunications Act 1998
4.2 Regulatory authority
4.2.1 OTRT
5. Fixed-network operator in Chad
5.1 Sotel Tchad
5.1.1 Fixed-line statistics
5.1.2 Network infrastructure
5.1.3 CDMA2000 WLL
5.1.4 National backbone network
6. International infrastructure
6.1 Overview
6.2 Submarine fibre optic cables
6.3 The Central African Backbone (CAB)
6.4 Other projects
7. Internet and broadband market
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 Internet statistics
7.2 VoIP telephony
8. Mobile communications
8.1 Overview of Chad’s mobile market
8.1.1 Mobile statistics
8.2 Major mobile operators
8.2.1 Airtel Chad (formerly Zain)
8.2.2 Millicom Chad (Tigo)
8.2.3 Tchad Mobile (defunct)
8.3 Satellite mobile
9. Related reports
Table 1 – Country statistics Chad – 2012
Table 2 – Fixed and fixed-wireless network statistics – 2012
Table 3 – Internet provider statistics – 2012
Table 4 – Internet user statistics – 2012
Table 5 – Mobile statistics – 2012
Table 6 – National telecommunications authority
Table 7 – Fixed and fixed-wireless lines in service and teledensity – 1999 - 2012
Table 8 – International Internet bandwidth in Mb/s – 1999 - 2010
Table 9 – Internet users and penetration rate – 1998 - 2012
Table 10 – Mobile subscribers and penetration rate – 2000 - 2012
Table 11 – Zain Chad subscribers – 2005 - 2010
Table 12 – Zain Chad ARPU – 2002 - 2009
Table 13 – Tigo Chad subscribers – 2008 - 2012
Table 14 – Tigo Chad monthly ARPU – 2009 - 2010
Table 12 – Tchad Mobile (defunct) subscribers – 2001 - 2004
Chart 1 – Mobile subscribers and penetration rate – 2002 - 2012
Exhibit 1 – Map of Chad

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