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Cambodia - Telecoms, Mobile, Internet and Forecasts

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The Cambodia - Telecoms, Mobile, Internet and Forecasts report includes all BuddeComm research data and analysis on this country. Covering trends and developments in telecommunications, mobile, internet, broadband, infrastructure and regulation.

Executive summary

Hot competition in Cambodia’s crowded mobile market as 10 operators chase subscribersCambodia has managed a remarkable transition in building a vibrant telecom market. Despite the country’s status as one of the least developed nations in the world and whilst it remains one of the poorer countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s efforts to expand and upgrade its telecom infrastructure have certainly been bearing fruit. There was very little infrastructure remaining from before the tumultuous Khmer Rouge days. As a result, Cambodia bypassed rebuilding the fixed-line market and quickly launched into alternative technologies, jump-starting its telecommunications infrastructure with digital technology. Not surprisingly, mobile services have completely overwhelmed the market. By early 2010, there were ten mobile operators vigorously competing with each other in a market segment that was growing at a healthy rate. There were 5.6 million mobile subscribers (penetration 38%) in the country at the start of 2010. The market was still in a very strong expansion phase as evidenced by the keenness shown by foreign operators seeking to be part of it.

Some limited fixed-line growth had earlier come about through investment under foreign assistance, but this mainly benefited Phnom Penh and geographical coverage has not increased significantly since that effort in the 1990s. The number of fixed-line services has remained relatively static at around 50,000, but by 2009 the numbers were starting to edge upwards. In the absence of any substantial fixed-line growth, mobile telephone services continue to completely dominate the overall telecom market in Cambodia. In fact mobiles represent more than 99% of the total number of telephone services in the country.

It is worthwhile noting that wireless technology has been especially advantageous for Cambodia in achieving rapid network rollout and replacement of a fixed network badly damaged by 20 years of war. In addition to the thriving mobile networks, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) has been useful for rapid provision of a limited number of fixed-line services. However, while Cambodia has exemplified the fact that WLL offers a viable option for rapidly expanding telecom access in developing countries with low levels of fixed infrastructure, the potential of this technology has yet to be fully exploited in the country.

The expansion of Internet services has also been overshadowed by the mobile phenomenon. Internet take-up rates remained disturbingly low for many years, presenting one of the lowest penetrations in the region. Of course, the limited fixed-line infrastructure has been a major inhibiting factor in the roll-out of both dial-up and ADSL Internet services. The Internet market started to change in 2007 when wireless broadband services first began to appear in a serious manner. There has been a surge in the number of operators interested in this particular form of broadband and especially WiMAX. By early 2010 there had been a major upturn in Internet numbers on the back of the increased broadband penetration. Overall penetration remained low, however.

Market highlights:

Cambodia’s mobile market continued on its positive expansion path in 2009 and into 2010, although the annual growth slowed somewhat to 26% in 2009;

With mobile penetration of around 40% by March 2010, the market had passed the six million subscriber milestone;

Cambodia had ten licensed mobile operators in a crowded, highly competitive market that invited questions about its likely overcrowding and the possible need for some sort of early rationalisation;

The development of fixed-line services continues to languish, although the market picked up a little momentum in 2009;

The Internet segment has been languishing for some time, but there are promising signs that the widespread introduction of wireless broadband services will see a long-term surge in growth.

In 2009/10 there was evidence that this surge was starting. Internet subscriptions grew by more than 100% in 2009;Internet is a high priority for this emerging market with online access being crucial to national growth.Cambodia - key telecom parameters - 2009 - 2010

Category20092010 (e)
Fixed-line services:
Total number of subscribers54,20060,000
Annual growth26%11%
Fixed-line penetration (population)0.36%0.40%
Fixed-line penetration (household)2.0%2.2%
Total number of subscribers134,00045,000
Annual growth112%32%
Internet subscriber penetration (population)0.20%0.30%
Internet subscriber penetration (household)1.3%1.7%
Mobile services:
Total number of subscribers5.3 million6.5 million
Annual growth40%16%
Mobile penetration (population)37%44%
(Source: BuddeComm)
Note: 1Estimates for both 2008 and 2009

This report provides an overview of the trends and developments in the telecommunications markets in Cambodia. Subjects covered include:

Key statistics;
Market and industry overviews;
Major operators (mobile and fixed);
Regulatory environment;
Mobile market;
Internet market;
Telecom market forecasts for selective years to 2018.

  • Executive summary
    • Table Cambodia - key telecom parameters - 2009 - 2010
  • Key statistics
    • Table Country statistics Cambodia - 2010
    • Table Telephone network statistics - 2009
    • Table Internet user statistics - 2009
    • Table Mobile statistics - 2009
    • Table National telecommunications authority
    • Country Overview
      • Cambodian-US relations
      • Strained relationship with Thailand
  • Telecommunications market
    • Overview of Cambodia's telecom market
  • Regulatory environment
    • Regulatory authority
      • Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications (MPTC)
      • Corruption
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
    • National telecom network
      • Table Fixed lines in service - 1995 - 2011
      • Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
    • International infrastructure
      • Greater Mekong Subregion Information Superhighway (GMS-IS)
  • Internet market
    • Overview
      • WiMAX
        • Table Internet users - 1997 - 2011
        • Table Internet subscribers - 1999 - 2011
        • Table Broadband subscribers - 2005 - 2011
        • Table DSL subscribers - 2003; 2006 - 2009
        • Table Broadband subscribers and households - 2009
        • Table Total international Internet bandwidth - 1999 - 2009
      • Internet access locations
      • AngkorNet
  • Mobile communications
    • Overview of Cambodia's mobile market
      • Mobile statistics
        • Table Mobile subscribers - 1993 - 2011
        • Table Mobile operators, subscribers and annual change - March 2009
        • Table Mobile subscribers and market share by operator - March 2009
        • Table Mobile services sector estimated ARPU - 1998 - 2009
    • Regulatory developments
    • Major mobile operators
      • Cambodia GSM (MobiTel)
        • Table Cambodia GSM (MobiTel) subscribers - 1998 - 2009
      • CamShin
        • Table CamShin subscribers - 1998 - 2009
      • Hello Axiata (formerly TMIC)
        • Table Hello Axiata subscribers - 1998 - 2009
      • AZ Communications
      • Viettel
      • Applifone (Star Cell)
        • Table Star Cell subscribers - 2008 - 2009
      • CadComms
      • GT-Tell
      • Smart Mobile (Latelz)
      • VimpelCom/Beeline Cambodia
        • Table Beeline Cambodia subscribers - 2009 - 2010
      • New operators
  • Cambodia's broadcasting market
    • Overview
      • Table Key broadcasting statistics - 2009
    • Cable TV
    • Satellite TV
  • Forecasts
    • Scenario forecasts
    • Forecasts - fixed-line market - 2015; 2020
      • Table Forecast fixed-line growth - 2015; 2020
    • Forecasts - Internet services - 2015; 2020
      • Table Forecast Internet subscriber growth - 2015; 2020
    • Forecasts - mobile services - 2015; 2020
      • Table Forecast mobile subscriber growth - 2015; 2020
    • Notes on scenario forecasts

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