Broadband and FttP - Key Statistics and Insights - Global

Global - Broadband and FttP - Key Statistics and Insights

With more than 100 countries now involved in the rollout of FttP; there is increased evidence that commercial demand exists for this infrastructure. In developed economies FttP demand will, over the next 5 years, grow to between 30%-50% of the population. Competition aimed at the top end of this market will trigger a broader rollout.

Looking at previous developments in the internet/broadband market, it is safe to say that from now on, demand for FttP connections will around the globe only increase. Countries are increasingly viewing the developments in broadband infrastructure as a utility, similar to models used for gas, electricity and water, and such a model is the key to universally affordable broadband access.

This report provides a valuable overview and analysis of the global broadband market, supported by key global broadband statistics. The report identifies the leading broadband markets and provides key information including key trends, global broadband subscribers, access technologies, speeds and pricing.

Latest developments:

In 2014 there are around 2.9 billion fixed internet users worldwide and around 27% of these will have access to fixed broadband; With more and more video applications being used in ever increasing broader markets; there is a widespread interest in upgrading to higher-speed services; VDSL shipments have recently risen on the back of a rising number of network upgrades occurring in Europe; Broadband pricing differs according to technology and there are also regional variances; Vectoring technology is seen as an intermediate step to full FttP networks; There is evidence that the unused fibre optic cable, known as the Dark Fibre segment is in a growth phase.

1. Synopsis
2. Market-led demand for FttP is picking up
3. The end of HFC and FttN networks is approaching
3.1 Globally, no more new HFC networks
3.2 Stretching out the life of copper cables
3.3 The FttP tipping point
3.4 FttP is the only long-term solution
3.5 Good quality HFC and FttN interim solutions
3.6 The key issue regulation, not technology
4. Mobile broadband: killer app for FttP
5. Positive outlook for investments in backbones
5.1 Dark fibre - in a growth phase again
6. Global fixed broadband market summary
6.1 Broadband subscribers and penetration
6.2 Broadband access technologies
6.3 Broadband pricing
6.4 Broadband speeds
6.5 Broadband revenue
6.6 Top 10 major fixed-line carriers worldwide by subscribers
7. International IP wholesale market
8. Countries with broadband policies
9. Global submarine cable overview
10. Related reports
Table 1 Global - Internet users and annual change 2009 - 2014
Table 2 Regional market share of broadband subscribers Q2 2012; Q1 2013
Table 3 Global - fixed broadband subscribers and annual change 2005 - 2014
Table 4 Top ten broadband countries by subscribers Q2 2012; Q1 2013
Table 5 Top ten broadband countries by penetration 2012
Table 6 Global - broadband market share by access technology Mid 2010; Mid 2012; Q1 2013
Table 7 Global broadband subscribers by access technology 2013
Table 8 Average broadband price per month selected countries Q1 2013
Table 9 OECD top 5 countries with most expensive and cheapest broadband price per Mb/s - March 2012
Table 10 Global - average entry level monthly broadband price by technology Q4 2010 - 2012
Table 11 Regional - average entry level monthly broadband price by technology Q2 2012
Table 12 Average broadband connection speed - top 10 countries Q4 2011; Q4 2012; Q4 2013
Table 13 Global - average overall fixed broadband and upload speeds 2008 - 2012
Table 14 Global total broadband services revenue 2011; 2012
Table 15 Global average monthly fixed broadband ARPU 2011; 2012
Table 16 Selected country examples of average monthly fixed broadband ARPU - 2011; 2012
Table 17 Top 10 major fixed-line parent carriers worldwide by subscribers - 2013
Table 18 Countries with existing national broadband policies 2013
Chart 1 Global - Internet users 2009 - 2014
Chart 2 Top 10 major fixed-line parent carriers worldwide by subscribers - 2013
Exhibit 1 Belgium continues on path to national vectored VDSL

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