Benin - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

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Benin - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

Benin government set to restructure state-owned telcos

Development within Benin's telecom market continues to be restricted by the poor condition of the country's fixed-line infrastructure. The use of fixed-line voice and internet services is low, and consequently little revenue is derived from these sectors. Mobile networks account for almost all internet connections, and also carry most voice traffic. As such, it is this sector which is attracting most investment among operators. There has been some progress resulting from improved international internet connectivity and the rapidly escalating bandwidth available, which has led to lower access pricing for end-users. This additional bandwidth has assisted mobile network operators to expand their networks, and provided the necessary backhaul capacity to support the growing use of mobile data applications and service, including m-commerce and m-banking. Improved telecoms infrastructure has the potential to transform many areas of the country's economy, bringing a greater proportion of the population into the orbit of internet commerce and connectivity.

The fixed-line monopoly operator be.Telecoms (rebranded from Benin Telecoms in October 2015) has also expanded its fixed-wireless and DSL-based broadband services in recent years, extending its national fibre backbone and international fibre connections. Long-established plans to privatise the company have thus far come to nought, though the government is developing its strategy to sell of the company's assets, including the mobile services unit Libercom which will be spun off as a new entity with separate assets.

The mobile telephony sector enjoys effective competition between Libercom, South Africa's MTN, Etisalat's Moov, Globacom's Glo Mobile, and Bell Benin. Competition among these players pushed market penetration about 87% by mid-2016.

Although fixed-line internet services have been available in Benin since 1995, access is limited to a small proportion of the population. Fixed-line internet represents only a small fraction of all accesses, with most connections being made via the mobile networks.

Key developments:

Glo Mobile has its licence revoked; Libercom cited for poor management practices; government restructures state-owned telcos; Benin Smart City construction starts, Canal+ signed deal with the Beninese Electric Power Company to provide internet services via powerlines; MTN Benin and Glo Mobile fined for poor QoS; Vodafone signs partnership agreement with Globacom; MTN Benin signs five-year Managed Rural Coverage deal with Ericsson; Orange commissions new connection from the ACE submarine cable, connecting Benin with Tenerife; be.Telecoms launches LTE services; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donate funds to a mobile vaccine registry program; report update includes telcos' operating data to Q3 2017, regulator's market data to September 2017, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

MTN, Moov (Telecel), Libercom, BBCom (Bell Benin), Glo Mobile (Globacom), be.Telecoms (Benin Telecoms, formerly OPT), Kanakoo (BeninNet), Isocel, EIT, FirstNet, Arts Bobo, Sobiex Informatique, Global Trading Agency, Afripa Telecom, Thuraya, Nitel, Suburban Telecom, CEB.

1. Executive summary
2. Key statistics
3. Country overview
4. Telecommunications market
4.1 Market analysis
5. Regulatory environment
5.1 Historical overview
5.2 West African common regulatory framework 2005
6. Fixed network operators
6.1 be.Telecoms (Benin Telecoms)
7. Telecommunications infrastructure
7.1 Overview of the national telecom network
7.1.1 CDMA2000 Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
7.1.2 National fibre backbone
7.1.3 Terrestrial fibre
7.2 International infrastructure
7.2.1 Submarine fibre
7.2.2 Satellite
7.3 Smart infrastructure
8. Fixed-line broadband market
8.1 Introduction and statistical overview
8.2 Broadband statistics
8.3 Public Internet Access Locations
8.3.1 Telecentre projects
8.4 Fixed-line broadband technologies
8.4.1 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks
8.4.2 Other fixed broadband services
8.4.3 Benin Internet Service Providers Association (AFAIB)
8.4.4 Benin Internet Society
8.4.5 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
9. Mobile market
9.1 Market analysis
9.2 Mobile statistics
9.2.1 General Statistics
9.2.2 Mobile data
9.2.3 Mobile broadband
9.3 Regulatory issues
9.3.1 Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
9.3.2 Spectrum auction 2013
9.4 Mobile infrastructure
9.4.1 Digital networks
9.4.2 Other infrastructure developments
9.4.3 GPRS
9.4.4 Satellite mobile
9.5 Major mobile operators
9.5.1 MTN (Spacetel-Benin, Areeba)
9.5.2 Moov (Etisalat Moov)
9.5.3 Libercom (Benin Telecoms)
9.5.4 BBCom (Bell Benin)
9.5.5 Glo Mobile Benin (Globacom)
9.6 Mobile content and applications
9.6.1 m-banking
9.6.2 m-health
10. Related reports
Table 1 Country statistics Benin 2017 (e)
Table 2 Fixed-line network statistics 2017 (Mar)
Table 3 Internet provider statistics 2017
Table 4 Internet and social media user statistics 2017 (Mar)
Table 5 Mobile statistics 2017 (Mar)
Table 6 National telecommunications authority
Table 7 Telecom market investment by sector 2012 - 2017
Table 8 Fixed-line and mobile revenue 2006 - 2017
Table 9 Fixed-line and mobile voice traffic 2012 - 2015
Table 10 Historic - Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1999 - 2009
Table 11 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2010 - 2018
Table 12 Fixed lines in service by type 2006 - 2017
Table 13 Benin's international internet bandwidth 2000 - 2016
Table 14 Historic - Internet users and penetration rate 1999 - 2009
Table 15 Internet subscribers and penetration rate 2010 - 2018
Table 16 Internet subscribers by technology 2009 - 2017
Table 17 DSL subscribers 2004 - 2017
Table 18 Fixed-line broadband subscribers 2003 - 2017
Table 19 WiMAX broadband subscribers 2013 2016
Table 20 Historic - Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 1999 - 2009
Table 21 Mobile subscribers (active) and penetration rate 2010 - 2018
Table 22 Prepaid and contract mobile subscribers 2012 - 2017
Table 23 Mobile market investments 2006 - 2017
Table 24 Mobile market share of subscribers by operator 2012 - 2017
Table 25 SMS traffic 2012 - 2017
Table 26 Mobile internet subscribers 2009 - 2017
Table 27 Mobile internet subscribers by operator 2008 - 2017
Table 28 Active mobile broadband subscribers 2013 - 2017
Table 29 CDMA broadband subscribers 2011 - 2016
Table 30 MTN Benin subscribers and ARPU 2003 - 2017
Table 31 MTN Benin revenue 2011 - 2017
Table 32 Moov subscribers 2011 - 2017
Table 33 Libercom subscribers 2011 - 2017
Table 34 BBCom subscribers 2011 - 2015
Table 35 Glo Mobile subscribers 2011 - 2017
Chart 1 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 - 2018
Chart 2 Internet subscribers and penetration rate 2005 - 2018
Chart 3 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2005 - 2018
Exhibit 1 Map of Benin
Exhibit 2 West African common regulatory framework 2005

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