Australia - National Broadband Network - FttH, FttB roll outs and early developments

Australia - National Broadband Network - FttH, FttB roll outs and early developments

Between 2009 and 2012, NBN Co designed the architecture for a national FttH network. Legislation and contracts were completed in 2012 and shortly afterwards the rollout started, based on a rolling' three year plan. The election of the Coalition government in 2013 resulted in a political review. As a result the FttH plan was abandoned and instead a so called Multi Mix Technology (MTM) solution was introduced. This will see the continuing use of both the copper and the HFC networks.

However, the government had to honour existing contracts that had been signed under the previous government including the initial 3 years of the FttH roll out.

Under the new scheme, FttH will connect 26% of premises by 2020, while a further 44% will be served by FttN and the remaining 30% of will receive services via existing HFC networks. Using this approach, the government anticipated that 91% of premises connected to fixed-line infrastructure would receive 50Mb/s by 2020.

This report provide regularly updated overviews of the FttH roll out as well as information of the original FttH roll out as it started out in 2010. It also covers general information on the FttB (Basement) roll outs in multi dwelling units.

1. Synopsis
2. Introduction
3. Overall Roll out Updates
3.1 FttH statistical overview 2015
3.2 One million target met
3.3 NBN national construction plan Update March 2015
3.4 Review of the regional roll out 2014
3.5 Fixed roll out update March 2014
4. Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) rollout
4.1 19,000 premises cut over to FttH
4.2 Roll out scaled down late 2014
4.3 Rollout update mid 2014
4.4 Roll out end 2013
5. Fibre-to-the-Basement (FttB)
5.1 Multi dwelling units
5.2 NBN fibre basements rollout started in late 2014
5.3 TPG
5.4 Telstra tests FTTB product
6. Other developments
6.1 NBN Co outlines policies for fibre-on-demand
6.2 Cost of a NBN brownfields FTTP connection.
7. The difference between FttH and FttP
8. Original roll out program 2010-2013 (historic overview)
8.1 The initial announcement
8.2 Roll out progress report late 2012
8.3 Roll out update mid 2013
8.4 Take-up rates late 2013
8.5 NBN Co breaks out state-based rollout data
8.6 New Singaporean entrant in FttP
9. Tasmania
9.1 NBN aerial deployment
9.2 Aurora's NBN report tabled in the Senate - 2014
9.3 NBN pilot roll out
9.3.1 Stages 1 and 2
9.3.2 Second release sites in Tasmania
9.3.3 Stage 3 of the roll out
9.3.4 Tassie cities next
9.3.5 Completing the Tasmania roll out
9.3.6 Fixed-wireless roll out
9.3.7 Hobart and Launceston
9.4 Other NBN related projects
9.4.1 Tasmanian SmartStreet Project
9.4.2 Tasmania's innovation strategy for NBN and smart grids
9.4.3 Broadband delivered by TV tested as part of the NBN
10. The first mainland release sites
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Armidale
10.3 Kiama
10.4 Willunga
11. Second-release sites
11.1 Nineteen new sites
11.2 Second construction phase
12. Detailed overview of the initial roll out program
12.1 National overview
12.2 Dapto first on the list for 2012
12.3 Eight more cities announced February 2012
12.4 Roll outs northern Queensland
12.5 Brunswick
12.6 98K more premises across the country
12.7 Newcastle
12.8 Western Sydney
12.9 Perth
12.10 Geraldton
12.11 ACT
12.12 Darwin
13. Multi-dwelling units
14. First fixed wireless roll outs
15. Regional Backbone Blackspots Program (RBBP) - Historic
16. Related reports
Table 1 FttH Premises Ready for Service 2014-2018
Table 2 FttH Premises Activated 2014 - 2018
Table 3 FttH Weighted average cost per premise by technology (rounded to the nearest 100)
Table 1 Communities in NSW where build preparation is underway mid 2014
Table 2 - Communities in Victoria where build preparation is underway - mid 2014
Table 3 - Communities in Queensland where build preparation is underway - mid 2014
Table 4 - Communities in WA where build preparation is underway - mid 2014
Table 5 - Communities in Tasmania where build preparation in underway - mid 2014
Table 6 - Communities in South Australia where build preparation is underway - mid 2014
Table 7 NBN Co' key operational data 2012 - 2013
Table 8 Brownfields cost per premises
Table 9 - Key NBN metrics for 30 June 2013
Table 10 - Deployment schedule for 2011-15 corporate plan
Table 11 - Deployment schedule for 2016-21 corporate plan
Table 12 Numbers of premises passed first release sites (incl. Tasmania)
Table 13 NBN pre-sales take up rates first release sites
Table 14 - NBN Co 2012 roll out schedule
Exhibit 1 The Regional Backbone Blackspots Program

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