Australia - Digital Media - Music, MP3 and Streaming

Australia - Digital Media - Music, MP3 and Streaming

Music has been one of the key drivers behind the early developments in digital media and with faster speeds both mobile broadband based and fixed broadband from the National Broadband Network (NBN), video streaming is overtaking music downloading. Nevertheless downloading music, music streaming, podcasting and MP3s are still being downloaded in larger numbers. Yet illegal downloading that included sharing music and video files that was estimated to grow five-fold in five years from 2011 has decelerated in the past year.

While a mobile phone or tablet is one of the preferred devices for listening and downloading music, the unit pricing of the major telcos is not conducive to using these networks for music delivery. But with included data on many mobile plans a lot of users now use free or cheap internet sites to gain access to music. With about 20% or so of Australians who actually pay for downloaded music, many others are using the online killer music apps like YouTube and other cloud-based sites to deliver music.

By late 2012 cloud-based music was just one of the innovative ways to store and also deliver music anywhere and anytime over-the-air. It is expected that the other 80% of the users who are using digital media online will try and then some will continue to use these services. With some service providers providing cheap or free complimentary access for a couple of months and access to over 20 million tracks some interspersed occasionally with ads, business models like these will be hard to contend with.

In this report we provide an overview of the digital media market in Australia, with some statistics and text based-information along with tabular data and some easy-to-read charts.

Key developments:

Streaming, illegal downloading, online listening, new players are entering the now crowded music streaming market.

Companied covered in this report include:

Nokia, Apple, Sony, ninemsn, MOG, Google, TwitterMusic Rara, BigPond Music, Rdio, JB Hi-FI, Grooveshark, Spotify, Take 40.

1. Synopsis
2. The e-music industry in 2014
3. Market overview
3.1 Australian creative industry
3.2 Brief analysis of trends in Australia and globally
3.3 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey to 2016 shows online music surging
3.3.1 Overall music sector increasing
3.3.2 Online music sectors continue to increase
3.4 Australia considers copyright reform
4. Key players some old and some new ones
4.1 Apple
4.1.1 Background information
4.1.2 iCloud
4.1.3 Movie download service
4.2 Google Play Music
4.3 JB Hi-Fi Now
4.4 MOG
4.5 MusicFIX and ninemsn
4.6 Nokia Music
4.7 Pandora
4.8 Rara
4.9 Rdio
4.10 Sony music unlimited
4.11 Take 40
4.12 Telstra's BigPond Music (BPM)
4.12.1 Overview
4.12.2 Online
4.12.3 Mobile
4.12.4 BPM TV
4.13 Twitter music
5. Digital media apps and entertainment (separate report)
6. Related reports
Table 1 Value of recorded music and digital music sales 2005 - 2013
Table 2 Internet distribution recorded music market sales 2006 - 2016
Table 3 BPM standard download pricing 2011 - 2013
Table 4 BigPond mobile music standard download pricing 2011 - 2013
Chart 1 Overview of recorded music sales versus digital music sales 2005 - 2013
Chart 2 Overview of internet distributed recorded music market sales 2008 - 2016

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