Australia - Digital Media - Music Industry

Australia - Digital Media - Music Industry

Music has been one of the early key drivers behind the developments in digital media and with faster speeds both mobile broadband based and fixed broadband from the National Broadband Network (NBN), video streaming has overtaking music downloading. Nevertheless music streaming, podcasting and downloading MP3s is a growing activity, particularly among the younger demographic. Inflexible digital right arrangements are still leading to illegal downloading. Competition among streaming services has also resulted in declining revenue, which led to BigPond Music deciding to close its service in December 2014, though its streaming MOG service remains in operation.

Mobile phones are now the preferred devices for listening and downloading music, overtaking iPod/MP3 players. With included data now on many mobile plans a lot of users now use free or cheap internet sites to gain access to music. With about 20% or so of Australians who actually pay for downloaded music, many others are using the online killer music apps like YouTube and other cloud-based sites to obtain their music.

Cloud-based music has been the major growth areas in recent years. It is expected that the other 80% of the users who are using digital media online will try and then some will continue to use these services. With some service providers providing cheap or free complimentary access for a couple of months and access to over 20 million tracks some interspersed occasionally with ads. The online industry has also created several new services especially around artists, festivals and concerts.

This report provides an overview of the digital media market in Australia.

Key developments:

Streaming, illegal downloading, online listening, new players are entering the now crowded music streaming market.

Companied covered in this report include:

Nokia, Apple, Sony, ninemsn, MOG, Google, TwitterMusic Rara, BigPond Music, Rdio, JB Hi-FI, Grooveshark, Spotify, Take 40.

1. Synopsis
2. The e-music industry
3. Market overview
3.1 Australian creative industry
3.2 Brief analysis of trends in Australia and globally
3.3 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey to 2016 shows online music surging
3.3.. Overall music sector increasing
3.3.. Online music sectors continue to increase
3.4 Australia considers copyright reform
4. Key player. some old and some new ones
4.1 Apple
4.1.. Background information
4.1.. iCloud
4.1.. Movie download service
4.2 Google Play Music
4.3 JB Hi-Fi Now
4.4 MOG
4.5 MusicFIX and ninemsn
4.6 Nokia MixRadio
4.7 Pandora
4.8 Rara
4.9 Rdio
4.10 Sony music unlimited
4.11 Take 40
4.12 Telstra's BigPond Music (BPM)
4.12.. Overview
4.12.. Online
4.12.. Mobile
4.12.. BPM TV
5. Digital medi. apps and entertainment (separate report)
6. Related reports
Tabl. . Value of recorded music and digital music sale. 2005 - 2014
Tabl. . Internet distribution recorded music market sale. 2006 - 2016
Tabl. . BPM standard download pricin. 2014
Tabl. . BigPond mobile music standard download pricin. 2014
Chart . Overview of recorded music sales versus digital music sale. 2005 - 2015
Chart . Overview of internet distributed recorded music market sale. 2008 - 2016

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