Australia - Digital Media - Advertising, Social Networks, Gaming and Gambling

Australia - Digital Media - Advertising, Social Networks, Gaming and Gambling

Social media developments are fascinating and exciting. They show the great potential of the new communication and information tools that are becoming available thanks to the internet, Web 2.0, email, broadband infrastructure and mobile phones and tablets. However, for these new social media tools to succeed, they need to be fully and totally integrated into our daily communication.
Popular social media sites have come and gone over the last five or so years as users trend to new features that allow them to experiment and connect. Services include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Foursquare and LinkedIn Instagram, Pinterest and many others. The battle however is still far from over, with companies trying to build viable business models around their ever increasing customer data bases.Increased use of mobile broadband through mobile devices is driving consumer uptake, with many businesses now also investing in social media and also expecting a return.
As broadband speed and capacity increases we are seeing a whole new range of gaming applications entering the market over the next decade. Not needing a console has increased access and created distinctions between console vs. casual gamers. Games are now integrated with other online services such as music and movies. The video and computer games industry in Australia continues to grow strongly. Much of the growth in digital has come from a jump year-on-year in mobile game downloads.
Online gaming and gambling can take players from outside the boundaries of their home countries where these online activities may or may not be sanctioned by the authorities. The global market is an expanding one where virtual online gaming and virtual online gambling is a growth market. There is a decline in the number of Australians who are gambling but an explosion in sports betting, especially via online.
In this report we provide information and analysis and an overview of digital media developments in online gaming, gambling, online advertising, social networking and video gaming markets.

Key developments:

Electronic gaming machines, interactive gaming, video games, gambling, online

Companied covered in this report include:

Optus, Tabcorp, Sportingbet, FOXTEL, Sky Racing, Australasian Gaming Council, IEAA, Betfair, IGEA, Facebook, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, Pinterest.

1. Synopsis
2. Analysis of the Online Advertising industry
2.1 The effect of big data on the advertising industry
2.2 Online advertising does not improve the overall result for advertisers
3. Mobile internet advertising
3.1 Background
3.2 Mobile ads in exchange for discounts
4. Over-The-Top (OTT) Communication Tools
5. The rise of the Access Economy
6. Key Social Network Providers
6.1 Statistics
6.2 Facebook
6.3 LinkedIn
6.4 Twitter
6.5 Instagram
7. Social Networks Global Trends
7.1 Adult services
7.2 Online dating
8. Social Network Trends Consumer Segment
8.1 Sensis Social Media Report 2016
8.1.1 Penetration of Social Media
8.1.2 Social media usage on smartphones
8.1.3 Social media usage Trends
8.1.4 Online shopping trends related to social media
8.1.5 Online Advertising, ratings and reviews.
8.2 Sensis Social Media Report 2015
9. Social Network Trends Business Segment
10. Video Game Market - Industry developments
10.1 Industry review 2015 2016
10.2 The Video Game market in 2016
10.3 The Video Game market in 2015
10.4 Game classification
10.5 Gaming targeted by DDoS attacks
11. Online Shopping
12. Video Game Market surveys
12.1 Statistical Overview of the Market
12.1.1 Socio demographic changes in the video games market
12.1.2 Historical Statistical overviews
12.1.3 Key Findings
12.2 Gaming targeted by DDoS attacks
13. Mobile gaming
13.1 Mobile gaming
13.2 Global trends
13.3 Tabcorp betting via mobile devices
14. Online gambling
14.1 Statistics
14.2 Online Sports betting - 2015
14.3 Gambling down; online betting up
14.4 Betfair Australia revenue increases
15. Gaming and gambling (separate global report)
16. Related reports
Table 1 OTT Communications Market 2015 - 2016
Table 2 Estimated social networking members by major sites in Australia 2010 - 2017
Table 3 Social Media Presence by Size of Business - 2016
Table 4 Proportion of SMBs with a social media presence, by industry 2011 - 2016
Table 5 - Traditional vs Digital Sales - 2015
Table 6 - The Digital Games Business
Chart 1 Social Networks Actively Used - 2016
Chart 2 Social Networking Sites Used - 2016
Chart 3 Proportion of businesses that have a social media presence - 2016
Chart 4 Social Media Presence by Size of Business - 2016
Chart 5 Proportion of businesses that have removed social media presence in last year- 2016
Chart 6 Proportion of businesses that intend to get a social media presence in next year- 2016
Chart 7 Proportion of SMBs with a social media presence, total 2011 - 2016
Chart 8 Proportion of Businesses that Advertise on each Channel - 2016
Chart 9 Proportion of Businesses that found paying to advertise on a Social Media Channel Effective - 2016
Chart 10 Preferred Entertainment Activities Playing Video Games on any Device
Chart 11 Preferred Entertainment Activities 2012; 2016
Chart 12 Most important influences on buying decisions 2013; 2016
Chart 13 Attitudes Towards Online Advertising - 2016
Exhibit 1 Examples of popular online dating sites

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