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Australia - Broadcasting and Pay TV

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For those needing high level strategic information and objective analysis of Australia’s FTA TV, Digital TV, Pay TV and radio markets in Australia, this report provides essential reading and gives in-depth information on:

  • Revenue and subscriber statistics;
  • Analyses of market and industry trends and developments;
  • Regulatory and government policy developments;
  • Overviews of key market segments including: Personal Video Recorders, digital radio, Interactive TV, Set Top Boxes, podcasting and datacasting;
  • Overviews of major players in the market including: Foxtel, Austar and the FTA networks.

1.1 Free-to-air TV
1.1.1 Market overview and trends
1.1.2 FTA broadcasters
1.1.3 ABC’s iView
1.2 Digital TV
1.2.1 Market trends
1.2.2 Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
1.2.3 Interactive TV, Set-top Boxes & Electronic Program Guides
1.2.4 Datacasting
1.3 Pay TV
1.3.1 Subscriber statistics and analysis
1.3.2 Revenue statistics
1.4 Radio
1.4.1 Market trends
1.4.2 Market statistics
1.4.3 Digital radio
2.1 Market trends and analysis
2.1.1 FTA industry faces increasing challenges Broadcasters move to utilise Internet and new media channels Seven Network’s digital strategy Changes to media laws
2.1.2 Social networking isn’t diminishing TV viewing patterns
2.2 Market statistics and revenue
2.2.1 Introduction
2.2.2 TV viewing statistics
2.2.3 Advertising market statistics
2.2.4 Four-year predictions to
2.3 Film spending and production
2.4 Financial overviews
2.4.1 Financial trends in the commercial television industry Overview Revenue highlights Expenditure highlights Profitability highlights
2.4.2 Commercial TV Programming spending
2.4.3 Historical revenues Commercial TV Licence fees Rebates for the regions
2.5 Free-to-Air TV broadcasters market overview
2.6 National broadcasters
2.6.1 Public broadcasters ABC ABC divisions Television Radio Online and emerging platforms Commercial enterprises International broadcasting Transmission ABC market usage statistics ABC1 and ABC ABC Online SBS Overview Transmission
2.6.2 Commercial networks Nine Network Seven Network Joint partnership with Yahoo! Network TEN
2.7 Regional broadcasting
2.7.1 Commercial television broadcasting licences
2.7.2 Regional licence area plans
2.7.3 Television aggregation
2.7.4 Major players NBN Television Prime Television Strategy Stake acquired in TransACT Digital media strategy Southern Cross Broadcasting (SCB) WIN Television
2.8 Community television broadcasting services
2.9 Indigenous broadcasters
2.9.1 Imparja Television
2.9.2 National Indigenous Television Service (NITV)
2.9.3 Warlpiri Media Association, Yuendumu, Western Desert
2.9.4 Ernabella, north western South Australia
2.9.5 Radio 4aaa Murri Country, Brisbane
3.1 Market trends and developments
3.1.1 Digital television - slow but steady growth
3.1.2 Seven and Ten’s digital FTA HD channels
3.1.3 Market trends on new digital channels
3.1.4 Freeview
3.2 Market analysis
3.2.1 Digital TV switchover in 2013 will prove challenging
3.3 Market statistics and forecasts
3.3.1 Statistics Digital TVs sold Household penetration High Definition TV Benchmark Report
3.4 Market surveys
3.4.1 Canon Digital Lifestyle Index survey Summary Plasma TVs sales statistics LCD TVs sales statistics
3.4.2 The connected home Introduction Consumer device ownership Consumer device purchasing patterns The digital home
3.4.3 ACMA’s Digital Television in Australian Homes report Introduction Key user statistics Drivers of adoption
3.5 Market analysis
3.5.1 Are we backing the wrong horse with HD?
3.5.2 Patchy digital TV reception - yet another stumbling block
3.6 Regional overview of broadcasters
3.7 Government digital strategy plans
3.7.1 Digital TV regional switchover timetable
3.7.2 Governmen’s digital TV strategy
3.7.3 Government’s digital action plan
3.7.4 Broadcasting Legislation (Digital Television Switchover) Bill
3.8 Technological environment
3.8.1 Digital TV standards
3.8.2 Single Frequency Network options for digital TV
3.9 DVRs
3.9.1 Introduction Technical description Functional overview Global developments Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) Introduction Home media centres
3.9.2 Subscriber statistics and forecasts
3.9.3 Market analysis PVRs are not taking off DVR and advertising
3.9.4 Free-to-air DVRs Overview Seven’s My TiVo Overview Potential services Analysis
3.9.5 DVR analysis
3.9.6 Pay TV DVRs Foxtel’s iQ recorder Launch of iQ2 HD+ recorder Austar TiVo Global overview TiVo struggling IceTV
3.9.7 Television advertising
3.10 Interactive TV
3.10.1 Market overview Soon to be overtaken by broadband New services and new market opportunities Video broadband (IPTV) Standards needed Regulations
3.10.2 Definitions Interact with TV
3.10.3 The future of VoD - analysis
3.10.4 iTV analysis iTV 35 years on Broadcasting versus broadband platforms Permission-based digital TV advertising
3.11 Set-top boxes
3.11.1 Market overview by sector Set-top box definition Free-to-air digital TV Pay TV
3.11.2 Analysis How to kill the VoD market
3.11.3 Market and regulatory developments Foxtel closes digital access deal for STBs with ACCC ACCC rejects Foxtel’s special access undertaking for digital set top unit service
3.12 Electronic Program Guides (EPGs)
3.12.1 Introduction
3.12.2 The EPG market Overview EPGs to be made freely available EPGs essential for success of DVRs Mixing pot of industries New business models for EPG Competition
3.12.3 Key players Foxtel Online Guide IceTV
3.13 Datacasting overview and analysis
3.13.1 Regulatory framework Prohibited content Permitted content Datacasting licences Datacasting transmitter licences
3.13.2 Government digital media reforms Initial government discussion paper TV Channels A and B for digital services
3.13.3 Other market developments Southern Cross Broadcasting datacasting service
4.1 Market overview
4.2 Market statistics
4.2.1 Subscriber statistics
4.2.2 Telstra bundled pay TV services -
4.2.3 Consumer penetration statistics
4.2.4 Pay TV viewing statistics
4.2.5 Historical statistics
4.3 Penetration analysis
4.4 Forecasts - pay TV penetration to 2011
4.4.1 Scenario 1 - lower pay TV subscriber growth
4.4.2 Scenario 2 - higher pay TV subscriber growth
4.5 Major players - overview and major developments
4.5.1 Market overview New Audience ratings system
4.5.2 Foxtel
4.5.3 Optus
4.5.4 Austar
4.5.5 SelecTV
4.6 Market analysis
4.6.1 Expensive pay TV vulnerable to economic downturn
4.7 Revenue statistics
4.7.1 Revenues
4.7.2 Advertising revenue
4.7.3 Revenue analysis
4.7.4 Pay TV now on a solid profitable basis
4.8 ARPU statistics
4.9 Churn statistics
4.10 Infrastructure statistics
4.10.1 Availability
4.10.2 Infrastructure costings
5.1 Overview and statistics
5.2 Market overview
5.2.1 AM versus FM
5.2.2 Market trends Overview Radio must convert to multiple formats
5.2.3 Radio Usage statistics
5.2.4 2007 statistics
5.2.5 Advertising statistics
5.2.6 Number of radio licences
5.2.7 PwC report -
5.2.8 Market statistics -
5.3 Market surveys
5.3.1 CRA survey on AM radio
5.4 Financial statistics
5.5 Major players
5.5.1 Overview
5.5.2 ABC Market statistics
5.5.3 SBS Radio
5.5.4 Austereo Group Multimedia strategy
5.5.5 Australian Radio Network (ARN)
5.5.6 Fairfax Media / Southern Cross Broadcasting (SBC) Fairfax’s strategy
5.5.7 Mytalk
5.5.8 DMG radio Australia (DMG)
5.5.9 Macquarie Radio Network (MRN) Partnership with Optus for streamed-audio content
5.5.10 Macquarie Regional Radioworks (MRR)
5.6 Digital media developments
5.6.1 Podcasting and Vodcasting Overview and definition Market trends Podcasting / vodcasting providers
5.7 Digital radio
5.7.1 Market overview Introduction Market update Digital radio will face a difficult launch in Regulatory developments Extension of digital radio trials Agreement on new DAB standard Broadcasters prepare for digital rollout - early Government prepares for digital radio launch in Australian CRA digital radio trials in 2006/ Overseas developments
5.7.2 Market analysis Analysis in early 2009 launch of digital could be overshadowed by new technologies
5.7.3 Market surveys 2007 survey 2006 study on consumer interest in digital radio
5.7.4 Development path of digital radio
5.7.5 Features and benefits of digital radio Reception quality Features - text, images and data Music downloading Greater programming capacity Traffic information Advertising Pay radio Recent Australian developments Real time traffic information
5.7.6 New and alternate delivery channels Visual Radio Satellite digital radio Internet radio Gaming via Internet radio
5.7.7 Technologies Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) DVB-Tsb Eureka In Band on Channel (IBOC) ISDB-t

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