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Australia - Broadband - Business Market Statistics

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Australia - Broadband - Business Market Statistics

Although the business market in Australia was quick to embrace broadband, a significant proportion of smaller operators have yet to establish an online presence, and by early 2014 only 38% had a business website.

The government's Broadband Availability and Quality' report, published in December 2013, showed that 1.4 million premises (13% of the total) across many areas of the country had no adequate broadband infrastructure. These areas include regional and remote areas, but also pockets within urban communities. Given the state of broadband availability and speeds, many businesses still depend on mobile solutions rather than fixed-line broadband. A growing number of businesses in those areas where access to the NBN has been made available have switched to fibre broadband services, which enable these companies to compete in the global economy more effectively. The faster speeds of fibre infrastructure will see the rapid adoption of by businesses of services such cloud computing, online interaction, and media conferencing.

Business broadband has also allowed greater choices in working environment, with the ability for employees to tele-work, either from home or on the road while making use of improved mobile broadband. As such, smartphones and tablets increasingly form a part of the business ICT environment.

This report provides a detailed overview of the key drivers and trends behind broadband adoption in the Australian business market. It includes a number of recent market surveys incorporating a wide range of topics including e-business, broadband usage, small and medium enterprise readiness, and usage of the internet.

Key developments:

Mobile broadband, internet uptake in business increasing, fast fibre connections by business are increasing, smartphones, tablets, M2M, SMEs, VPN, internet access, National Broadband Network (NBN); includes ABS data to June 2014, ACMA reports for 2014, surveys into 2014, recent market developments.

Companies covered in this report include:

Telstra, Exetel, Optus, Vodafone, Sensis, NBN Co.

1. Synopsis
2. Market trends
2.1 Business market overview
2.2 ISPs targeting the business sector
2.3 Companies with broadband moving forward
2.4 Will the SME market finally succumb to VoIP?
2.5 The NBN and the business market
2.6 Business need faster speeds to communicate
3. Business market surveys
3.1 NBN Business Readiness Surveys
3.2 Remote access and operation needed
3.3 Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience
3.4 Surveys reveal that moving online benefits businesses
3.4.. Missed opportunities offered by the digital economy
3.5 Telstra Productivity Indicator
3.6 Sensi. e-business report
3.6.. Introduction
3.6.. Computer equipment
3.6.. Broadband connection
3.6.. Usage of the internet
3.6.. Social Media in business
3.6.. SME Online advertising
3.7 Optus Future of Business Report
3.7.. Overview
3.7.. Internet product platforms to expand
3.7.. Alternative payments to increase
3.7.. NBN to improve productivity
4. Business customer expenditure on telecoms
4.1 Overall telecom spen. business market
4.2 SME market statistics
5. Related reports
Tabl. . Business, government and household dial-up subscriber. 2009 - 2014
Tabl. . Business, government and household broadband subscriber. 2009 - 2014
Tabl. . Business, government and household total internet subscriber. 2009 - 2014
Tabl. . Business uptake of broadband by access typ. 2010 - 2014
Tabl. . SME online trend. websites versus social medi. 2010 - 2014
Tabl. . Historic - SME computer equipment ownership trend. 1999 - 2004
Tabl. . SME computer equipment ownership trend. 2005 - 2014
Tabl. . Computer hardware expenditur. SMEs and medium businesse. 2001 - 2013
Tabl. . Business trends in internet connection. 1998 - 2014
Tabl. 1. SMEs internet access methods, by technolog. 2010 - 2014
Tabl. 1. Top uses of the internet by SME. 2010 - 2014
Tabl. 1. Meeting customer expectations using internet application. 2011 - 2013; 2016-2018
Tabl. 1. Expectations of customer e-payment. 2011 - 2012; 2015-17
Tabl. 1. Estimated telco product mix of business customer spen. 2014
Tabl. 1. Estimated business and government market spendin. 2013
Tabl. 1. Revenue mi. total spend of telecom. SME marke. 2014
Chart . Business uptake of broadband by access typ. 201. 2014
Chart . Overview of SME computer equipment ownership trends by typ. 2005 - 2014
Chart . Overview of SME versus medium-sized business computer expenditur. 2005 - 2013

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