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Global Wearable Technologies Market and Applications (BP Monitors, CGM devices, Smart Glasses, PERS, Insulin Pumps, ECG Monitors, Healthcare and Medical, Fitness & Wellness, Pulse Oximetry) Overview, Trends and Forecast 2014-2021

Global Wearable Technologies Market and Applications (BP Monitors, CGM devices, Smart Glasses, PERS, Insulin Pumps, ECG Monitors, Healthcare and Medical, Fitness & Wellness, Pulse Oximetry) Overview, Trends and Forecast 2014-2021

Changing lifestyle and innovations in smart technology are leading the growth of wearable devices market. As users are increasingly exposed to the benefits, and brands like Apple make an entry into the market, the sale of products is sure to pick up in the next couple of years.

Monitoring and diagnostics wearable devices are expected to drive the market. With increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, the cost of disease management and patient tracking has risen exponentially.

This report focuses on Wearable Technologies in healthcare. Most of the wearable devices developed till date are concentrated around healthcare and wellness products. Major applications of wearable devices in healthcare include BP Monitors, CGM Devices, Smart Glasses, PERS, Insulin Pumps, ECG Monitors and so on.

Increasing life expectancy rates and growing demand for preventive and long-term care are the major drivers for the growth of wearable technologies healthcare market. Data privacy and data traffic management is a challenge for the market. Major players in the Wearable Technologies healthcare market include Medtronic, Dexcom, Abbot, Bio devices, Cardiac Science.

The market for wearable devices however, faces certain challenges that may restrict its growth. The high cost of products and services is the primary obstacle since wearable device technologies are still expensive. While emerging markets are primarily responsible for the growth of mobile phones, smart phones still form only about 39% of total sales. The low acceptance of smart technology reflects in the sales of wearable devices as well. Another reason that is restraining the growth – strict regulations related to the wearable devices, especially in the existing large markets of the US and Europe. With companies launching innovative products rapidly, delays caused by regulatory and other policies are not conducive to growth.

Companies profiled include:

1. Medtronic
2. Dexcom
3. Abbot
4. Bio devices
5. Cardiac Science
6. Nonin
7. Google
8. Starkey
9. Corventis
10. Proteus Digital Health
11. Withings
12. Apple
13. Fitbit
14. Jawbone
15. Diversinet
16. Samsung
17. Viper
18. Beddit
19. Moov
21. Nixie
22. Occulus rift (now Facebook)
23. Basis
24. Garmin
25. Intel
26. Nike
27. Polar
28. Timex
29. Reebok
30. Boston scientific

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles top competitive companies

The report gives access to

  • The market growth from the period 2014-2021 in different countries and regions including coverage of regulations
  • The CAGR upto 2021 of market segments by application and type
  • Market Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities, Regional and Global Demand to understand the fastest growing markets and the factors for growth.
  • Insights and Analysis of the market
  • The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.
  • Profiling of both established as well as upcoming companies in the market.
  • Tables, graphs and figures to for a better visceral understanding of the market
Please note: The delivery time for the electronic version of this report is between 1-3 business days to allow the preparation of an updated version prior to dispatch.

The report covers following:

Global wearable technology market for Fitness and healthcare.
The market extensively studies all the segments including entertainment and industry.
The report also analyses the effect of new technologies such as smartwatches and smartglass
The report extensively covers all the important geographies and companies.
The estimations cover all the important aspects from 2014-2021

1. Executive Summary
2. What are Mobile payments?
3. Key Components of Market:
3.1. Banks
3.2. Telecom companies
3.3. Regulatory Bodies
3.4. Mobile Payment platform provider
4. Market Driver:
3.1. Inefficiencies in existing services like rigidity of banks
3.2. Growth of Mobile phone subscribers in the world
3.3. Advancement in technology
3.4. Small Merchants and Businesses
3.5. Increasing share of Smartphones in Mobile phone Market
3.6. Easy to use and convenient
3.7. Unbanked Population
3.8. Micropayments
3.9. Transfer in Different currencies
3.10. Growth of E-commerce
3.11. Cost Effective
4. Challenges in the Market:
4.1. Unwillingness to acquire(opt) new technology
4.2. Unclear business case
4.3. A complex matter
4.4. Lack of technological standards
4.5. No one needs it as present alternatives are attractive
5. Key Motivator in the Market:
5.1. Introduction of more user friendly technology
5.2. Convenience is priority in Mobile payment market
5.3. Limits on cash transaction in Some Countries
5.4. Entry of larger players
5.5. Government aide
6. Application analysis of Market:
6.1. Prepaid Mobile Wallet
6.2. Close loop payments
6.3. Person to Person (P2P)
6.4. Carrier Billing
6.5. Mobile Commerce (POS)
7.Strategic Analysis of Market Worldwide ($ million), 2013 to 2019:
7.1. Emerging Countries
7.1.1. India
7.1.2. China
7.1.3. Vietnam
7.1.4. Philippines
7.1.5. Kenya
7.1.6. Rwanda
7.1.7. Zimbabwe
7.1.3. Nigeria
7.1.9. Tanzania
7.2. Developed Countries
(North America)
7.2.1. United States of America
7.2.2. United Kingdom
7.2.3. Sweden
7.2.4. Finland
7.2.5. Norway
7.2.6. Sweden
7.2.7. Germany
7.2.8. Australia
7.2.9. Japan
7.2.10. South Korea
8.Vendor Profiles:
1. PayPal
2. Google Pay
3. Apple Pay
4. M-Pesa
5. Current C
6. Airtel money
7. Square
8. IZettle
9. Alipay
10. GCash
11. WyWallet
12. PayWave
13. Boku
14. PayPass
15. China mobile
16. Union pay
17. Tenpay
18. 99Bill
19. YeePay
20. Qiandaibao
21. Dwolla
22. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
23. Bank of America
24. Intuit QuickBooks (Intuit Pay)
25. MPOSWestern Union
26. Obupay
27. We pay
28. Reliance Industries
29. Aditya Birla Group
30. Future group
31. Payment wall
List of Tables
Global Mobile transaction volume (US $ Billion) 2013-2021
Global total value of transaction by non cash payments method (US$ billion) 2013-2021
Global Mobile Person to Person transfer (P2P) Total Market Size in ( US$ billion) 2013-2021
Global market for Mobile Commerce in (US$ billion) 2013-2021
Global market for NFC based mobile wallet (US$ billion) 2013-2021
Mobile wallet (NFC based) market Share by geography (percentage wise)
Percentage of smartphone users among mobile phone users globally (2012-2021)
Laws related to the South Korean payment and settlement system
Safaricom Mobile tower distribution per province
Comparative Analysis of GCash and Smart Money in Philippines
Mobile subscriber and 3G/4G users in US
List of Figures
Chart no. 1 Number of Commercial Bank Branches in South East Asian Countries
Chart no. 2 Number of active mobile money services for the unbanked
Chart no. 3 Mobile subscribers in Top countries
Chart no. 4 Forecast of Smartphone sales by region (From 2013-2017)
Chart no. 5 Penetration of Commercial Bank globally
Chart no. 6 U.S. E-commerce sale as a % as compared to total retail sales
Chart no. 7 Percentage of phishing attacks by sectors
Chart no. 8 Mobile payments global product mix by value 2012
Chart no. 9 Mobile payment companies deployment by geography
Chart no. 10 Value of transactions by mobile phones as percentage of countries GDP in 2013
Chart no. 11 Mobile money market share of MNOs in Tanzania (2013)
Chart no. 12 Share of mobile network operators in Rwanda (million)
Chart no. 13 Growth of mobile phone penetration in Vietnam (till 2014)
Chart no. 14 Total number of Subscribers of Globe Telecom and Smart Telecom in Philippines
Chart no. 15 Mobile subscribers in China till November (2012)
Chart no. 16 Number of Mobile connections in India (till 2014)
Chart no. 17 Percentage of Mobile payments users who have made payments by following methods (Tablets and Smartphone)
Chart no. 18 Credit card and Mobile phone users in France (2013)
Chart no. 19 Smartphone take up in countries comprising United Kingdom
Chart no. 20 Mobile subscribers and population of Japan

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