The Hemp and CBD Guide

The Hemp and CBD Guide

CBD may be the hottest emerging category in natural products, but pinning down the specifics on the promising ingredient has proven difficult for both brands and consumers. A new report from the Nutrition Business Journal will provide clarity to the CBD situation with sales data and marketing projections paired with proprietary consumer research and an up-to-the-minute perspective on legal issues and the state of the science.

4 Consumers have questions about CBD and hemp, but clarity seems in short supply. Learn what smart brands can do to hedge against that uncertainty.

23 The science is far from complete on CBD/hemp supplements. What questions remain unanswered and where will research take the category?

26 Brands entering the market with hemp and CBD products show a wide range of attitudes and practices around legal issues, marketing and science. Their actions could determine the future state of enforcement and regulation.

37 Changes in the just-passed U.S. Farm Bill may not be the green light for CBD development the industry is squinting to see. Get the latest on how regulations are being interpreted and enforced.

42 The tide of legalization that started in Colorado is gaining states with every election. Find out how legal recreational marijuana could impact the CBD industry.

43 Demand breeds a supply chain, but where hemp is grown, how it’s grown and how it’s regulated offer challenges to an emerging industry.

46 Cautionary voices will say a Wild West mentality has descended on CBD claims and advertising. This graphic primer on claims and labeling offers a reduced-risk approach to selling and marketing.

47 CBD is being sold everywhere from bookstores to bike shops, but each sales channel presents different challenges and legal exposures.

49 CBD is showing up in everything from dog treats to beard balms. See how survey respondents rate product ideas in the NEXT Trend Concept Lab.

63 New Hope Network’s standards for displaying CBD products at Natural Products Expos West and East also serve as a short list of industry best practices.

64 Glossary

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