Global Aerospace & Defense Market - 2021-2025 - Key Trends, Strategic Insights, Growth Opportunities

Global Aerospace & Defense Market - 2021-2025 - Key Trends, Strategic Insights, Growth Opportunities

Global Defense Spending has been on a major upswing over the recent years spurred by the return of the great power competition amongst the leading global powers. The focus, thus, has been on equipment upgrade, modernization & recapitalization apart from capabilities revitalization and increased R&D outlays towards development of next generational & game changer technologies. The United States continues to retain & maintain its traditional overmatch over adversaries & pole position driven by the nation’s significant focus & investments towards R&D while the Chinese ascension & Russian resurgence continues unabated.

Global Defense Spending, standing at $1.98 trillion for 2020, has been growing at a scorching pace since the onset of this great power competition with the growth rate, pegged at 3.6% for 2019 & 2.6% for 2020, almost paralleling the Cold War-era highs. The Middle East, Eastern Europe & the Asia-Pacific regions remain the epicentre of ongoing geopolitical turbulence with political instability, ongoing conflicts & territorial disputes reigning supreme across these regions. The same has also been driving demand for military equipment across these regions which has led to a surge in arms imports & initiation of indigenous, large scale defense programs over the recent years with the Asia-Pacific region bagging the top spot, a trend which is likely to be sustained over medium term.

This return to the age of multipolarity, marked by the onset of great power competition at the world stage & marking the effective resurgence of the age of realism, has simultaneously witnessed the onset of the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact of the pandemic & the funding of the relief efforts underway across the globe, are likely to put significant pressure on government finances across most parts of the world. However, their impact on defense spending is likely to be limited & confined to non-strategic defense programs. Most strategic & long term defense programs, as well as technology development efforts, are likely to be more or less sustained going forward. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to take the lead, in terms of projected defense spending growth rate going forward, with most global industry OEMs keenly eyeing the region while scouting for growth opportunities for the medium term.

Against this backdrop, the report analyzes the Global Aerospace & Defense market:-

Key Focus Areas

1. Key Industry, Market & Technology trends likely to shape the industry’s evolution over medium term – Analysis & Impact

2. Key Growth Domains which are likely to spearhead top line growth over medium term – Potential Scale & Scope of the Opportunities

3. Defense Spending Trends, Analysis & the Road Ahead – Growth Areas, Key Markets & Emerging Opportunities

4. Key Upcoming, Strategic Defense Programs over medium term – Detailed Program Factsheets & Opportunities

5. Emerging & Game Changer Technologies – Focus Areas, Key OEMs, Contract Awards, Initiatives & Latest Developments

For Whom:-

The report would be critical & essential for A&D professionals with its niche content. It will be a key and vital information resource on the Global Aerospace & Defense market with its unique disposition & focus. The report would be a must have for those belonging to the industry & having strategic interests as well as stakes in the Global Aerospace & Defense Market & its evolution going forward. The report will be extremely useful for Leaders & Key Decision-Makers, Top Management of Industry Players & Companies, Program Managers, Global Procurement Managers, Defense Contracting Executives & Departments, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, Associated Equipment Manufacturers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers and all those associated with the industry.

Section - 1
Global Aerospace & Defense Market – Introduction & Overview
Section – 2
Global Aerospace & Defense Industry
Annual Revenues & Growth Trend
Revenues Split by Aerospace & Defense Segment
Defense Revenues Split by Regions
Section – 3
U.S. Aerospace & Defense Industry
Background & Overview
Revenues Base & Growth Trend
Revenues Split by Activity
Revenues Split by Key System Types
U.S. Aerospace & Defense Exports
U.S. A&D Exports split by Segments
A&D Exports by Destinations
R&D Expenditure Levels
Section – 4
European Aerospace & Defense Industry
Revenues Base & Growth Trend
Revenues Split by Key Segments
Revenues Split by Key Systems
European Aerospace & Defense Exports
European A&D Exports split by Segments
European A&D Exports split by Systems
R&D Expenditure Levels
Section – 5
Key Trends
Industry Trends
Market Trends
Technology Trends
Section – 6
Key Growth Domains – Overview, Size & Scope, Growth Outlook
Fighter Aircrafts
Military Rotorcrafts
Armored Vehicles
Military Aviation Turbofan Engines
Military UAS/UCAVs
Missiles & Missile Defense
Section – 7
Key Upcoming Defense Programs – Detailed Program Factsheets, including, Program Size, Scale, Scope, Status, Contract Awards & Latest Developments
Section – 8
Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors
Section – 9
Global Aerospace & Defense Market Force Field Analysis – Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics
Driving Forces
Restraining Forces
Section – 10
Defense Spending Trends
10.1 Global Defense Budgetary Expenditure – Analysis
10.2 Defense Expenditure Split by Regions & Nations
10.3 Global Defense Budgetary Expenditure Growth Trend
10.4 Global Defense Budgetary Expenditure as Share of World GDP
10.5 Defense Spending Levels across Key Geographic Regions
10.6 Defense Spending Levels across Key Markets Top 5 & Top 10 Nations
Section – 11 Emerging & Game Changer Technologies:
Outline of R&D Efforts, Contract Awards, Key Industry OEMs, Strategic Priorities & Initiatives and Latest Developments
Directed Energy Systems
Drone Swarms
Sixth Generation Fighter Jets
Next Generation Rotorcrafts
Section – 12
Market Outlook Global Aerospace & Defense
12.1 Market Outlook & Growth Projections
12.2 Global Defense Spending Level 2021-2025 – Projections
12.3 Global Defense Spending & Growth Rates for Key Regions – 2021-2025
Middle East

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