European Medium & Heavy Truck Market - 2019-2024 - Market Dynamics, Competitive Landscape, OEM Strategies & Plans, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook - Daimler, Volvo, MAN, Scania, DAF, Iveco

European Medium & Heavy Truck Market - 2019-2024 - Market Dynamics, Competitive Landscape, OEM Strategies & Plans, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook - Daimler, Volvo, MAN, Scania, DAF, Iveco

The European medium & heavy truck market has been on a roll over the recent years with the EU economy revving up providing traction to freight movement & capacity utilization across operators while driving up service & maintenance activity & revenues for the European industry OEMs, some of whom are leading global trucking powerhouses as well. The trucking industry is on the cusp of a technology led transformation phase marked by confounding uncertainties and disruptions with the electrification of trucks almost nearing the inflection point. The focus on CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric) technologies continues to be at the core of this transformation with OEMs continuing to integrate an array of sensors, equipment & technologies on-board trucks which is likely to lead to the evolution of a number of new business models & concepts. The battle for electric trucks is getting fierce with almost all leading industry OEMs joining the fray with plans to foray into electric trucks segment as they face a significant challenge from start-ups and new industry entrants. These electric trucks are likely to be commercially produced & hit the market at the turn of the decade with the same likely to bring in tectonic shifts to the traditional trucking landscape & market dynamics forever.

The current phase of trucking industry’s development and its likely evolution over medium term quintessentially is going to be defined and shaped by technology which has been rapidly evolving and is poised to disrupt markets at a lightning pace. The industry OEMs & players; which are able to adopt, invest in & incorporate right technologies for right applications to deliver overall value to customers, end users & stakeholders while creating significant competitive advantages for themselves, by leveraging this technology led differentiation; will be at the forefront of the one of the most disruptive phases for the industry going forward which is likely to be marked by the introduction of a number of technology enabled entirely new business models, concepts & solutions.

The report analyzes as to how the industry OEMs are positioned and are gearing up for the highly dynamic & rapidly evolving trucking landscape based on a comprehensive analysis of their strategies & plans. The report analyzes the European (EU 30+EFTA) Medium & Heavy truck market in a unique, 3 tiered methodology with the initial sections focusing on market size & competitive landscape followed by the middle sections focused on in-depth analysis of the OEMs with strategy as the core pivot. The last section focuses on analyzing key trends, issues & challenges likely to shape the future, outlining potential growth opportunities & projecting market outlook as well as demand growth projections for the near to medium horizon.

For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

  • Key Decision-Makers
  • Program & Procurement Managers
  • Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies
  • Industry OEMs & Technology/Other Solutions Providers
  • Suppliers, Vendors, Sales & Distribution Channels and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain
  • Fleet Operators, Logistics Solutions Providers, Associated Equipment Manufacturers & Technology Solutions Providers
  • Existing & potential Investors
  • Industry & Company Analysts
  • M&A Advisory Firms
  • Strategy & Management Consulting Firms
  • PE Firms, Venture Capitalists and Financing & Leasing Companies
  • Researchers and all those associated with the industry in general
Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:-
  • Quick Macro View and Big Picture Analysis
  • Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis for Strategic Planning Process
  • Quality & Reliability backed by over a decade of Research and Coverage of the Industry
  • Detailed, Strategic Analysis on Market & Trucking OEMs
  • Visual Representation enabling Easy Comprehension
  • Meetings & Presentation Ready Format for Quick Application
  • Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images, Graphs & Infographics

Part 1: Market Size, Segmentation & Competitive Landscape
Section 1
European Medium & Heavy Truck Market (EU+EFTA)
Market Overview
Market Size
Market Segmentation
Key Drivers
Section 2
Competitive Landscape European Market for Medium & Heavy Trucks Market Share for OEMs
Part 2: Analysis on Key Industry OEMs
Section 3
Top 6 Industry OEMs Profiles & Product Portfolio Snapshot
Daimler AG
Volvo AB
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Scania AB
Iveco S.p.A.
Section 4
Financial Performance Analysis Top 6 Industry OEMs
1. Revenue Base & Growth Trend
2. Revenues Split by Key Segments
3. Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions
4. Gross Earnings & Margin Trend
5. Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend
6. Return on Sales Trend
7. Profitability Growth Trend
8. Cash Flow from Operations
9. R&D Expenditure Trend
10. CAPEX Trend
11. Order Intake & Truck Deliveries Trend
Section 5
OEM Strategies & Plans Comprehensive Analysis of Strategies & Plans for Top 6 Industry OEMs Daimler, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Iveco & DAF
Analysis Coverage:
Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans
Market Specific Strategies & Plans
R&D Strategies & Plans
Growth Strategies & Plans
Business and Corporate Strategies & Plans
Sales & Marketing Strategies & Plans
Production/Manufacturing Strategies & Plans
Financial Strategies & Plans
Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs
Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives
Section 6
SWOT Analysis On Top 6 Industry OEMs
Strengths to be Leveraged
Weaknesses to be worked on
Opportunities to be capitalized upon
Threats to be negated & mitigated
Part 3: Market & Technology Trends, Emerging Demand Scenario and Strategic Market Outlook through 2024
Section 7
Key Trends
Market Trends
Technology Trends
Section 8
Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors
Section 9
European Medium & Heavy Truck Market Force Field Analysis Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics
Driving Forces
Restraining Forces
Section 10
Strategic Market Outlook through 2024
Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario
Demand Outlook & Growth Projections for Medium & Heavy Truck Segments through 2024

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