Virtusa- UX-UI Services

Virtusa- UX-UI Services
Who Is This Vendor Assessment For?
NelsonHall's UX-UI Consulting and Implementation Services Vendor Assessment fo Virtusa is a comprehensive assessment of Virtusa's UX-UI consulting and implementation services offerings and capabilities designed for:
- Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers of IT services and identifying vendor suitability for UX-UI services
- Vendor marketing, sales and business managers looking to benchmark themselves agaisnt their peers
- Financial analysts and investors specalizing in UX-UI services sector.

Key Findings & Highlights
Virtusa was founded in 1996 and is headquarted in Massachusetts, U.S. Initally it focused on working with product companies, providing product development services and incorportating an engineering mindset into application developments.
In March 2016, Virtusa closeed its acquistion of a majoority stake in Chennai based Polaris for ~$270m. This acquisiton combined Polaris' banking and finanical services application development and management business with Virtusa's banking and financial services industry segment experience; Virtusa expects to realize over $100m in revnues synergies in the three years following the close of the acquistion.
IN March 2018, Virtusa completed the acquisiton of eTocy Systems Corp (eTouch). Headquarted in Fremont, CA, for ~$140m. eTouch provides mobilie application developments, digital marketing, cloud, analytics, and data security solutions, primarily to technology companies.
The acquisition of eTouch expands Virtusa's digital engineering footprint and broadens its digital service offerings. It also establishes an innovation hub for Virtusa in Silicon Valley and allows Virtusa to address the needs of tech companies.
Virtusa has been focused on building its UX-UI services capabilties since ~2014 as it has seen the requests from its clients evolve from specific development actvity to a broader request to transform an overall capability. it view its technical engineering heritage, encompassing digital development and legacy integrationn, combined with design and strategy capabilities as giving it a unique positonn in a market where a breadth of vendors come from different points of view with different strengths.
For CY 2017, NelsonHall estimates Virtusa's revenues as ~$961m. It is forecasting its FY19 revenues (ending March 31, 2019) to be in the range of $1.235m to $1.265m.
NelsonHall estimates that UX-UI design and development services accounted for ~4% of this or $38m in CY2017 revenues.

Virtusa focuses its Customer Experience offerings around the following areas:
- Customer insights: using analytics to gain a better understanding of the customer base, including customer segmentation and customer profitability
-Omini-channel: building capabilities that addess how customers interact, including the potential for a single interaction to cross multiple channels
- Self-service: the use of bots with conversational and NLP skills to aid, in particular, the adaption of Amazon Alexa type capabilities to business needs
- Personalization: the tailoring of experiences to specific customer needs, using customer insights gained through analytics
- Ease of experience: removing friction from customer journeys and reimagining interactions. For example, where traditonally a retail financial service customer can't open an account without physically visiting a location, Virtusa is looking to enable a fuly digital transaction.
NelsonHall estimates that ~3k of its headcount is focused on digital transformation services. NelsonHall estimates that ~150 of these employees are focused on UX-UI design and development services.
The UX-UI design and development team is split roughly equally between Asia delivery centers and the rest of the world. The Asia team is primarily ocated at delivery centers in India an Sri Lanka and focused on UI development.
Virtusa has a strong protfolio of clients that it is using to grow itss UX-UI design and development footprint, particularly in the financial seres and insurance sectors. These long-term relationships have correlated to significant experience as both industries are looking to expand the use of digital for customer relations, and in parallel expanding the needs for UX-UI services to ensure digital offerings meet client needs.
Virtusa has developed an agile methodology for delivery of UX-UI design and development to enable delivering designss, protoypees and final developed products quickly to enable iterating with stakeholders for refining the deliverables. Virtusa also places signifcant focus on usability testing methodologies to ensure that user inputss are given equal weeight to cleint stakeholders.
Virtusa's greatest challenge may lie in its strategy of not developing local design studio spaces, relying on client space or standard Virtusa office space to deliver these services. While working with its current client base, it is ablee to deliver services onsite without the use of traditional design thinking workshop, newclients may place greater emphasis on collaborative design thinking in adddessing its strategy and user needs. With an investment already in building out unique xLab spaces, Virtusa could look to modify these spaces to incorporate design thinking spaces.

Scope of the Report
The report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Virtusa's UX-UI service offerigns, capabilites and market and financial strength, including:
- Analysis of the company's offerings and key service components
- Revenue estimates
- Identification of the company's strategy, emphasis and new developments
- Analysis of the profile of the company's customer base and examples of current contracts
- Analysis of the company's strengths and weaknesses.

1. Background
2. Revenue Summary
3. Key Offerings
4. Delivery Capability and Partnerships
5. Target Markets
6. Strategy
7. Strengths and Challenges
8. Outlook

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