2019 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report

2019 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report

Since 2005, NMI’s Biennial Consumer Study devoted to understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors related to Dietary Supplements/OTC/Rx and their impact on market dynamics!

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 2019 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends Report. This comprehensive report analyzes the dietary supplement market from the consumer perspective with 150+ pages of consumer attitudes, behaviors and product usage patterns surrounding dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals.

Now in its 8th Edition, this research uncovers how consumers integrate this mix of self-care methods into their current lifestyle and reveals the motivations and the challenges they encounter in their pursuit of health.

Many factors are driving multiple categories across the U.S. For example, aging drives condition-specific needs, and increased consumer knowledge and desire for specific product features and benefits drive sustainable, organic, and plant-based options. The need for education and an understanding of the drivers that affect consumer behavior patterns has never been stronger.

The overall objectives of the report are to develop unique and specific consumer insight to maximize client learnings and opportunities in terms of attracting new consumers, increasing compliance and developing compelling messaging and communications strategies.

Some of the topics covered in the report:

  • Current and Forecasted New Trends
  • Consumer Nutrition and Health Goals
  • White space opportunities for supplements and condition management
  • Issues when using supplements among Supplement Users
  • Desire for personalized supplementation
  • Importance ratings of supplement attributes
  • Willingness to pay a premium for certain supplement attributes
  • Plus many others...
Executive Summary
  • Supplement use has remained relatively stable over the past 5 years with approximately 7 out of 10 consumers reporting using supplements in past 30 days
  • Consumers are looking for more natural solutions to their health issues and show high likelihood to use supplements for management and prevention across a range of issues; in fact, over half of supplement users believe they can manage many of their health issues by taking supplements
  • While it is important to understand condition managers and their needs, understanding what consumers are concerned about preventing highlights even larger opportunities

Definitions of Groups
Executive Summary
Supplement Overview
Summary Overview
Expansion of Personalization & Customization
The Advent of Nanotechnology
Nootropics and Brain Enhancement
Protein Expansion
Beauty from Within
Bioavailability and Absorption
Digestive Health: A Gut Feeling
5 Consumer Segments
NMI's Consumer Segmentation Methodology
Understanding the Segments
Segment Composition of Current, Lapsed and Non-User
Level of Engagement in Supplement Use
Demographic Profile of Segments
Nutrition and Health Goals
Search for Self-care Methods
Importance Ratings of Health Issues
Growth in Importance Ratings of Health Issues
Self-reported Worsening Conditions
Perceived Insufficiency of Nutrients in Food Consumption
Use of Supplements for Nutrient Assurance
Reasons for Perceived Insufficiency of Nutrients in Foods
Perceived Nutrient Deficiencies
Diet Types Followed
Desire for Protein
Likely Users
Likelihood to Use Supplements to Manage Conditions: Tier 1
Likelihood to Use Supplements to Manage Conditions: Tier 2
Population Size of Likely Users
Growth of Likelihood to Use Across Conditions
Likely Users Perceived Nutrient Deficiencies
Condition Concern and Management Among Likely Users
Likelihood to Use vs. Concern for Prevention
Correlations of Likely to Use vs. Concern
Demographic Profile of Likely Users
Condition Management
Conditions Managed
Pain Management
Methods Used to Manage: Supplements, OTC, Rx
Condition Managers Use of Methods
Use of More Than One Method to Manage Condition
Growth/Decline in Supplement Use to Manage Conditions
Supplement Opportunity Areas for Condition Management
Concern about False Claims of Health Benefits
Heart Management
Digestive Management
Stress/Anxiety/Depression Management
Joint Management
Immunity Management
Cognitive Management
Anti-Aging/Skin/Beauty From Within Management
Growth in Condition Specific Use
Concern about Condition Prevention
Concern about Preventing Conditions vs. Management
Conditions for Which Concern Is Growing
Perceptions of Supplement Effectiveness for Management
Growth of Perceived Supplement Effectiveness
Condition Concern vs. Perceived Supplement Effectiveness
Market Opportunities Based on Quadrant Analysis
Market Opportunities Highlighted by Growth in Concern
Supplement Landscape
Type of Supplement User
Type of Supplement User Trended
Demographic Shifts in Type of Supplement User
Trended Supplement Category Use
Level of Supplement User
Change in Supplement Use Over Last Few Years
Reasons for Increased Use
Reasons for Decreased Use
Concerns Regarding Supplement Use
Interest in Personalized Nutrition Products
Likelihood to Purchase Personalized Nutrition Products
Likelihood to Purchase Personalized Nutrition Products by Age Groups
Willingness to Take a Blood Test for Personalized Plan
Concern for Personalized Nutrition Product Requirements
Supplement Absorption Concerns
Importance Ratings of Supplement Attributes: Tier 1
Importance Ratings of Supplement Attributes: Tier 2
Growth in Importance of Supplement Attributes
Point Allocation Rating the Importance of Safety Attributes
Safety Ratings Across Supplements, OTC & Rx
Effectiveness Ratings Across Supplements, OTC & Rx
Trended Safety and Effectiveness Ratings
Reasons Non-Users Do Not Currently Use Supplements
Drivers to Initiate Use Among Non-Users
Ranked Reasons Generational Non-Users Do Not Currently Use
Specific Supplement Use
Use of Specific Supplements in Past 30 Days: Tier 1
Use of Specific Supplements in Past 30 Days: Tier 2
Top Supplement Use Across Generations
Growth in Use of Specific Supplements
Use of Essential Oils
Reasons Supplement Users Use Collagen
Reasons Supplement Users Use Fiber
Reasons Supplement Users Use Caffeine
Reasons Supplement Users Use CBD/Hemp Oil
Reasons Supplement Users Use Curcumin/Turmeric
Reasons Supplement Users Use Probiotics
Composition of Supplements
Preference for Supplements in Other Formats
Preferred Supplement Formats
Preferred Supplement Food Formats
Growth in Preferred Supplement Formats
Use of Gummy-Type Supplements
Positive and Negative Attitudes Toward Gummy Supplements
Concern about False Claims of Ingredient Content
Certification Recognition
Attributes Which Drive Willingness to Pay a Premium
Importance of Vegetarian Sourcing
Importance of Sustainable, Organic and Non-GMO Sourcing
Importance of US Sourcing
Purchasing Dynamics
Sources of Influence for Supplement Purchase: Tier 1
Doctor Recommendation of Supplement Use
Supplement Discussions with Physician
Desire for Natural Approaches to Health
Sources of Influence for Supplement Purchase: Tier 2
Channels Shopped for Supplements
Channels Shopped Most Often for Supplements
Supplement Spending Allocation Among Channels
Trended Spending on Supplements Across Generations
Change in Supplement Spending Across Channels
Comparative Spending for Supplements, OTC & Rx
OTC and Prescription Medications
OTC Products Used in Past 6 Months
Condition Managers Use of OTC
Concerns Regarding Over the Counter Medications
Trended Spending on OTC Across Generations
Health Professionals Visited
Attitudes Regarding Prescription Medication
Conditions for Which a Prescription Medication Was Used
Concerns Regarding Prescription Medications
Condition Managers Use of Prescription Medications
Trended Spending on Rx Across Generations

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