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Sniper Rifle Market - Opportunities, trends and Challenges (2018-2023)

Sniper Rifle Market - Opportunities, trends and Challenges (2018-2023)

The Germans were the first to use the sniper rifles extensively in World War 1. The results were so astounding that other militaries (specially the British) were forced to put the sniper rifles to use in the war. The reason was that the Sniper Training was very intensive and prohibitively expensive and the countries did not feel the need to spend so much money as they felt that the return would not be commensurate. But after looking at the damage caused by Germans the sniper use became more common. The M16 Rifle originally developed by Fairchild but produced by colt which is one of the most Produced Sniper Rifles in the World with over 8 million used.

A Sniper Rifle is a man portable shoulder firing high precision Rifle that fires with the accuracy higher than other fire arms even without the help of a high powered telescopic sight. But the pin point accuracy and effectiveness comes at the cost of agility and the rate of fire which is much lower than a standard assault rifle. The longest kill by a sniper rifle is recorded at 2475 Meters by the L115A3 long range rifle. Sniper Rifles are mainly distinguished by their cartridges, action, the stock, the use of accessories and the telescopic sights. There is a large amount of activity happening in the Sniper Rifle Market where many countries including Russia are procuring such rifles in large quantities. The Russian military is planning to deploy more than 1000 snipers to the motorized rifle and tank brigades.

The Sniper Rifle market is fast evolving market with huge market all over the world.As the defense budgets of developing countries and the emerging economies increase they will want to replace the ageing sniper rifles with their law enforcement and armed forces and even equip the units with sniper rifles for the first time, so the Sniper Rifle Market is slated to grow rapidly over the next few years overcoming the slowdown in the United States which is has reached its saturation point. The major drivers of the Sniper Rifle Market will be India, China, Middle East over the next few years.

What the report offers

The study identifies the situation and predicts the growth of the Sniper Rifle Market. Report talks about growth, market trends, progress, challenges, opportunities, government regulations, technologies in use, growth forecast, major companies, upcoming companies and projects etc. in the Sniper Rifle Market. In addition to it, the report also talks about economic conditions of and future forecast of its current economic scenario and effect of its current policy changes in to its economy, reasons and implications on the growth of this sector. Lastly, the report is segmented by Purpose, Capability and By the Regions Of the world.

1. Research Methodology
2. Key Findings of The Study
3. Executive Summary
4. Market Overview
4.1 Market Overview
4.2 Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.3 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s 5 Force Analysis
4.4 Industry Policies
5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Drivers
5.2.1 Lowering Cost Of Sniper training
5.2.2 Increasing Instances of Guerilla Warfare
5.3 Restraints
5.3.1 Slowing Market In Developed Countries
5.3.2 Newer Technologies rifles that combine the actions of Sniper Rifle with Assault Rifles
5.4 Trends
5.4.1 Russian Military Planning to Deploy more thsn 1000 snipers by 2016
5.4.2 ISIS deploys 10 foot Sniper Rifle
6. Sniper Rifle Market
6.1 Defence Budget Spending Overview
6.2 Technology Overview
6.3 Segmentation By Purpose
6.3.1 Telescopic Sights
6.3.2 Action Bolt Action Gas Operation/ Semi Automatic
6.3.3 Cartridge
6.3.4 Barrel
6.3.5 Stock
6.4 Segmentation By Capability
6.4.1 Accuracy
6.4.2 Maximum Effective Range
6.5 Segmentaton By Region
6.5.1 North America
6.5.2 South America
6.5.3 Africa
6.5.4 Europe
6.5.5 Asia
6.5.6 Pacific Rim
6.5.7 Middle East
7. Competitive Intelligence – Company Profiles
7.1 S and T Motive co.
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 Major Products and Services
7.1.3 Financials
7.1.4 Recent Developments
7.2 Remington Arms Company llc
7.2.1 Overview
7.2.2 Major Products and Services
7.2.3 Financials
7.2.4 Recent Developments
7.3 FN Herstal
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 Major Products and Services
7.3.3 Financials
7.3.4 Recent Developments
7.4 Savage Arms
7.4.1 Overview
7.4.2 Major Products and Services
7.4.3 Financials
7.4.4 Recent Developments
7.5 Mechanical And Chemical Industry Corporation
7.5.1 Overview
7.5.2 Major Products and Services
7.5.3 Financials
7.5.4 Recent Developments
7.6 Knight's Armament Company
7.6.1 Overview
7.6.2 Major Products and Services
7.6.3 Financials
7.6.4 Recent Developments
7.7 Accuracy International
7.7.1 Overview
7.7.2 Major Products and Services
7.7.3 Financials
7.7.4 Recent Developments
7.8 Zastava Arms
7.8.1 Overview
7.8.2 Major Products and Services
7.8.3 Financials
7.8.4 Recent Developments
7.9 Brugger And Thomet
7.9.1 Overview
7.9.2 Major Products and Services
7.9.3 Financials
7.9.4 Recent Developments
7.10 Kalashnikov Concern
7.10.1 Overview
7.10.2 Major Products and Services
7.10.3 Financials
7.10.4 Recent Developments
7.11 Armalite
7.11.1 Overview
7.11.2 Major Products and Services
7.11.3 Financials
7.11.4 Recent Developments
7.12 Denel
7.12.1 Overview
7.12.2 Major Products and Services
7.12.3 Financials
7.12.4 Recent Developments
7.13 SIG Holding AG
7.13.1 Overview
7.13.2 Major Products and Services
7.13.3 Financials
7.13.4 Recent Developments
7.14 PGM Precision
7.14.1 Overview
7.14.2 Major Products and Services
7.14.3 Financials
7.14.4 Recent Developments
7.15.1 Overview
7.15.2 Major Products and Services
7.15.3 Financials
7.15.4 Recent Developments
7.16 Heckler And Koch Gmbh
7.16.1 Overview
7.16.2 Major Products and Services
7.16.3 Financials
7.16.4 Recent Developments
7.17 Steyr Mannlicher
7.17.1 Overview
7.17.2 Major Products and Services
7.17.3 Financials
7.17.4 Recent Developments
7.18 Barret Firearms Manufacturing
7.18.1 Overview
7.18.2 Major Products and Services
7.18.3 Financials
7.18.4 Recent Developments
8. Investment Analysis
8.1 Recent Mergers And Acquisitions
8.2 Investment Outlook
9. Future of Sniper Rifle Market

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