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Aviation Market - Opportunities, Trends and Challenges (2018-2023)

Aviation Market - Opportunities, Trends and Challenges (2018-2023)

The market can be classified under two categories; Civil Aviation (that includes General Aviation and Scheduled air transport) and military aviation. Scheduled Air Transport and Military aviation are huge markets with a combined size of over trillion dollars. Growth rates of scheduled air transport and military aviation market will set the trend for the overall rate of growth for global aviation. General Aviation Market with annual sales of just over $25 billion stands at a distant third within the global aviation market. Due to huge supply constraint in scheduled air transport and falling defense expenditures by the industrialized countries, the global aviation market will grow at a CAGR of 3.83% till 2020.

United States accounted for more than 65% of the General Aviation Aircraft sold across the world with 1,529 units in 2015, while only 823 units were sold across the rest of the world. India and China have huge potential to be future market leaders and that would drive the demand for general aviation aircraft’s over the coming years in the Asia Pacific region.

There has been a global boom in demand for commercial jets, starting from 2011, because of the introduction of new technologies that enabled jets to record superior fuel efficiencies. During 2011-12, the price of ATF was at its peak, so efficiency considerations played a huge part in buying decisions. The demand overshadowed the supply resulting in delivery backlogs even for the market leaders. Airbus and Boeing have an order book in excess of 10,000 aircraft, which represents 10 years worth of production. This is one major reason for the estimated stagnant growth for the commercial jet market over the coming 10 years. Low Cost Carriers, who presently control 1/4th of the total airline market, will grow rapidly at the expense of full service carriers and are expected to hold close to 1/3rd market share by 2020.

The Military Turbine Fixed Wing Market is showing tremendous growth due to massive spending in emerging economies like India, China, and Russia. India recently placed an order for 6 Lockheed Martin Super Hercules Aircraft and the Boeing P8i Orion Maritime Surveillance aircraft reaffirming the potential of the growth prospect for military aviation.

The penetration of rotary wing in civil aviation though is quite substantial in North America, Europe and in certain countries of Latin America, as a whole, it is negligible in countries such as India where the lack of connectivity and airports make helicopters very useful. One of the reasons for that are the strict and unrealistic regulations and laws. Relaxation of these laws is expected to open up huge opportunity for the Rotary Wing Sector in developing countries like India. Currently Sao Paulo is considered as the helicopter capital of the world due to the presence of one of the highest number of helicopters per capita globally.

ATR, Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing, Airbus and Cessna are some of the major players in the global aviation market. The report has been segmented by role (military, civilian), by type (rotary wing, fixed wing), by engine type (piston, turbine) and by geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle-East).

What the report offers

1. Market analysis for the Global Aviation Market, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on global and regional scales

2. Market definition along with the identification of key drivers and restraints

3. Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities, and identification of key companies that can influence this market on a global and regional scale

4. Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their market shares

5. Identification and analysis of the macro and micro factors that affect the Global Aviation Market on both global and regional scales

6. A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information

7. A wide-ranging knowledge and insights about the major players in this industry and the key strategies adopted by them to sustain and grow in the studied market

8. Insights on the major countries in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped

1. Research Methodology
2. Key Findings of The Study
3. Executive Summary
4. Market Overview
4.1 Market Overview
4.2 Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.3 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s 5 Force Analysis
4.4 Industry Policies
5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Drivers
5.2.1 Increasing Defence Expenditure Of Developing Countries
5.2.2 Increase in the number of Casual Fliers
5.3 Restraints
5.3.1 Buying all types of trainers considered a luxury
5.3.2 Rising Safety Concerns
5.3.3 Fluctuating Aviation Fuel Prices
5.4 Trends
5.4.1 United States Purchases Beechcraft T6 Military Training Aircraft
5.4.2 Airbus & Boeing generate a backlog in excess of 10,000
5.4.3 Emirates considering ordering upto 15 new Boeing 777X
5.4.4 Lockheed Martin buys sikorsky for $ 9 billion
6. Global Aviation Market
6.1 Technology Overview
6.2 Segmentation By Type and Capacity
6.2.1 Helicopters
6.2.2 Small Piston Fixed Wing
6.2.3 Small Turbine Fixed Wing
6.2.4 Medium Turbine Fixed Wing(upto 20 seats)
6.2.5 Medium Turbine Fixed Wing(20-60 Seats)
6.2.6 Medium Turbine Fixed Wing(60+ Seats)
6.3 Segmentation By Role
6.3.1 Military Fixed Wing
6.3.2 Military Rotary Wing
6.3.3 Commercial Airline
6.3.4 Commercial Rotary Wing
6.3.5 Private Fixed Wing
6.3.6 Private Rotary Wing
6.4 Segmentation By Region
6.4.1 North America United States Canada Mexico
6.4.2 South America Brazil Others
6.4.3 Europe
6.4.4 Asia Pacific China India Japan Others Australia New Zealand
6.4.5 Africa South Africa Others
6.4.6 Middle East
6.5 Segmentation By Engine Manufacturers(Fixed Wing) (2010-2020)
6.5.1 Rolls Royce
6.5.2 Ivchenko Progress
6.5.3 Honeywell
6.5.4 GE electric
6.5.5 pratt and whitney
6.5.6 CFM International
6.5.7 International Aero Engines
6.5.8 Rotax
6.5.9 Teeldyne Continental Motors
6.5.10 Others
6.6 Segmentation By Engine Manufacturers(Rotary Wing) (2010-2020)
6.6.1 Piaggio
6.6.2 Rolls Royce
6.6.3 General Electric
6.6.4 Pratt and Whitney
6.6.5 Honeywell
6.6.6 Motor Sich
6.6.7 Kawasaki Heavy Industries
6.6.8 IHI Corporation
6.6.9 Klimov
6.6.10 Snecma s.a
6.6.11 Mitsubishi
6.6.12 others
6.7 Segmentation By Propeller Manufacturers (2010-2020)
6.7.1 Mccauley
6.7.2 Hartzell Propeller
6.7.3 MT Propeller
6.7.4 Sensenich Propeller
6.7.5 Others
6.8 Segmentation By Fuselage Manufacturers (2010-2020)
6.8.1 Triumph Group
6.8.2 Aernnova
6.8.3 Spirit Aerosystems
6.8.4 Alenia Aermacchi spA
6.8.5 Vought Aircraft
6.8.6 Doucommun Aerostructures
6.8.7 Others
6.9 Segmentation By Rotary Wing Manufacturers (2010-2020)
6.9.1 Bell
6.9.2 Finmeccanica
6.9.3 Safari Helicopters
6.9.4 Airbus Helicopters
6.9.5 Russian Helicopters
6.9.6 Helibras
6.9.7 Boeing
6.9.8 Kawasaki Heavy Industries
6.9.9 Rotorway
6.9.10 Robinson Helicopter Company
6.9.11 Chenghe Aircraft Industries Group
6.9.12 Sikorsky Aircraft
6.9.13 Harbin Aircraft Industry Group
6.9.14 Plasecki
6.9.15 Lockheed Martin
6.9.16 Qingdao Haili Helicopters
6.9.17 Others
6.10 Segmentaton By Fixed Wing Manufacturers(Turbine) (2010-2020)
6.10.1 ATR
6.10.2 Boeing
6.10.3 Bombardier
6.10.4 Embraer
6.10.5 EADS CASA
6.10.6 Alenia Aermacchi
6.10.7 Antonov
6.10.8 Sukhoi
6.10.9 Airbus
6.10.10 SAAB
6.10.11 Dassault Falcon Jet
6.10.12 One Aviation
6.10.13 Lockheed Martin
6.10.14 Gulfstream
6.10.15 Cessna
6.10.16 Pilatus
6.10.17 Honda Aircraft Company
6.10.18 Airbus
6.10.19 Beechcraft
6.10.20 Piper
6.10.21 others
6.11 Segmentation By Fixed Wing Manufacturers(Piston) (2010-2020)
6.11.1 Cessna
6.11.2 Cirrus Aircraft
6.11.3 Bombardier
6.11.4 Diamond
6.11.5 Beechcraft
6.11.6 Tecnam Aircraft
6.11.7 Pilatus
6.11.8 Grob
6.11.9 Piper Aircraft
6.11.10 Air Tractor
6.11.11 American Champion
6.11.12 Cub Crafters
6.11.13 Flight Design Gmbh
6.11.14 Mahindra Aerospace
6.11.15 Xtreme Air Gmbh
6.11.16 Others
7. Competitive Intelligence – Company Profiles
7.1 ATR
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 Major Products and Services
7.1.3 Financials
7.1.4 Recent Developments
7.2 Bombardier
7.2.1 Overview
7.2.2 Major Products and Services
7.2.3 Financials
7.2.4 Recent Developments
7.3 Embraer
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 Major Products and Services
7.3.3 Financials
7.3.4 Recent Developments
7.4 Boeing
7.4.1 Overview
7.4.2 Major Products and Services
7.4.3 Financials
7.4.4 Recent Developments
7.5 Airbus
7.5.1 Overview
7.5.2 Major Products and Services
7.5.3 Financials
7.5.4 Recent Developments
7.6.1 Overview
7.6.2 Major Products and Services
7.6.3 Financials
7.6.4 Recent Developments
7.7 Alenia Aermacchi
7.7.1 Overview
7.7.2 Major Products and Services
7.7.3 Financials
7.7.4 Recent Developments
7.8 Cessna
7.8.1 Overview
7.8.2 Major Products and Services
7.8.3 Financials
7.8.4 Recent Developments
7.9 Pilatus
7.9.1 Overview
7.9.2 Major Products and Services
7.9.3 Financials
7.9.4 Recent Developments
7.10 Grob
7.10.1 Overview
7.10.2 Major Products and Services
7.10.3 Financials
7.10.4 Recent Developments
7.11 Bell
7.11.1 Overview
7.11.2 Major Products and Services
7.11.3 Financials
7.11.4 Recent Developments
7.12 Finmeccanica
7.12.1 Overview
7.12.2 Major Products and Services
7.12.3 Financials
7.12.4 Recent Developments
7.13 Russian Helicopters
7.13.1 Overview
7.13.2 Major Products and Services
7.13.3 Financials
7.13.4 Recent Developments
7.14 Sikorsky
7.14.1 Overview
7.14.2 Major Products and Services
7.14.3 Financials
7.14.4 Recent Developments
7.15 Beechcraft
7.15.1 Overview
7.15.2 Major Products and Services
7.15.3 Financials
7.15.4 Recent Developments
7.16 Piper
7.16.1 Overview
7.16.2 Major Products and Services
7.16.3 Financials
7.16.4 Recent Developments
7.17 Rotorway
7.17.1 Overview
7.17.2 Major Products and Services
7.17.3 Financials
7.17.4 Recent Developments
7.18 Harbin Aircraft Industry Group
7.18.1 Overview
7.18.2 Major Products and Services
7.18.3 Financials
7.18.4 Recent Developments
7.19 Kawasaki Heavy Industry
7.19.1 Overview
7.19.2 Major Products and Services
7.19.3 Financials
7.19.4 Recent Developments
7.20 Rotorway
7.20.1 Overview
7.20.2 Major Products and Services
7.20.3 Financials
7.20.4 Recent Developments
7.21 Robinson Helicopter Company
7.21.1 Overview
7.21.2 Major Products and Services
7.21.3 Financials
7.21.4 Recent Developments
7.22 Dassault Falcon Jet
7.22.1 Overview
7.22.2 Major Products and Services
7.22.3 Financials
7.22.4 Recent Developments
7.23 Gulfstream
7.23.1 Overview
7.23.2 Major Products and Services
7.23.3 Financials
7.23.4 Recent Developments
7.24 One Aviation
7.24.1 Overview
7.24.2 Major Products and Services
7.24.3 Financials
7.24.4 Recent Developments
7.25 Diamond Aircraft
7.25.1 Overview Major Products and Services
7.25.2 Financials
7.25.3 Recent Developments
7.25.4 Flight Design Gmbh
7.26 Overview
7.26.1 Major Products and Services
7.26.2 Financials
7.26.3 Recent Developments Tecnam Aircraft
7.26.4 Overview
7.27 Major Products and Services
7.27.1 Financials
7.27.2 Recent Developments
7.27.3 Xtreme Air Gmbh
7.27.4 Overview
7.28 Major Products and Services
7.28.1 Financials
7.28.2 Recent Developments
7.28.3 American Champion
7.28.4 Overview
7.29 Major Products and Services
7.29.1 Financials
7.29.2 Recent Developments
7.29.3 Cirrus Aircraft
7.29.4 Overview
7.30 Major Products and Services
7.30.1 Financials
7.30.2 Recent Developments
7.30.3 Mahindra Aerospace
7.30.4 Overview
7.31 Major Products and Services
7.31.1 Financials
7.31.2 Recent Developments
7.31.3 Honda
7.31.4 Overview
7.32 Major Products and Services
7.32.1 Financials
7.32.2 Recent Developments
7.32.3 Sukhoi
7.32.4 Overview
7.33 Major Products and Services
7.33.1 Financials
7.33.2 Recent Developments
7.33.3 Investment Analysis
7.33.4 Recent Mergers And Acquisitions
8. Investment Outlook
8.1 Investment Outlook
8.2 Future of Global Aviation Market

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