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  • Long-haul vs Short-haul Holidays - UK - September 2019

    ... increasingly frequently, demand for environmentally-friendly choices will increase as consumers seek guidelines on how to limit their carbon footprint.” – Marloes de Vries, Travel Analyst This report examines the following issues: Catering for those interested ... Read More

  • Thailand Outbound - September 2019

    ... ASEAN region and broader Asian continent.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This report looks at the following areas: What factors are driving growth in the Thailand Outbound market? What regions and destinations are most ... Read More

  • Winter Sports in Europe - September 2019

    ... most popular activities, but more sports are popping up all the time, providing variety and interest for skiers and non-skiers alike. A stable and mature market, the industry suffered a decline in recent years but ... Read More

  • Airlines - China - September 2019

    ... expected to see faster passenger growth than the domestic. High-speed trains are very competitive on domestic short-distance trips, while airlines can capitalise on themed flights to innovate flying experiences and attract potential consumers. Airlines have ... Read More

  • Competitive Socialising - UK - September 2019

    ... forward, with plenty of innovation still to come. Established brands need to strengthen their proposition to compete with emerging adult-only concepts, which are looking to become all-in-one entertainment hubs.” - Lauren Ryan, Leisure Analyst This ... Read More

  • Luxury Travel - US - September 2019

    ... may mean an emphasis on domestic luxury tourism is necessary. Meanwhile, the highest net worth travelers are responding to providers that can streamline travel and provide unique destinations and experiences, while the general population see ... Read More

  • The International Hotel Industry - September 2019

    ... well as the hostel sector, as evidenced by Accor’s Jo&Joe brand and Hilton’s recent launching of Motto, a hybrid hotel concept that offers linking rooms. At the same time, accommodation-rental platforms are increasingly offering curated ... Read More

  • Egypt Outbound - Egypt - August 2019

    ... a luxury for most, afforded by only the most wealthy and upper-middle-class consumers. Economic reforms imposed in 2016 have only exacerbated this trend. The devaluation of the Egyptian Pound radically raised the price of everyday ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Jordan - August 2019

    ... a safe haven in a region of conflict, Jordan is enticing tourists by opening up the skies, and developing new niche segments to encourage the seasonal and regional spread of tourism.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Senegal - August 2019

    ... despite the negative effect of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, reaching 1.37 million visitors in 2017.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This report looks at the following areas: What are the factors driving ... Read More

  • Themed Travelling - China - August 2019

    ... an ingredient for customised travel on one hand, but it is difficult for themed travel to enjoy economy of scale on the other hand. The focus of innovation in themed travel can be expanded from ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Zimbabwe - August 2019

    ... an important contribution to the country’s economic recovery and its future financial health. In the summer of 2017 the former tourism and hospitality industry minister, Walter Mzembi, set ambitious targets for 5 million arrivals, US$5 ... Read More

  • Family Entertainment - US - August 2019

    ... in new and interesting ways as the entertainment market gets increasingly more diverse. Entertainment options that can keep parents engaged amidst a sea of talking tank engines and purple dinosaurs can garner a dedicated audience ... Read More

  • Tourism Investment in South East Asia - International - August 2019

    ... response, each nation has identified its own investment priorities to expand tourism and create new revenues and job opportunities.” - Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: What are the ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Zambia - August 2019

    ... some say its flagship national park, South Luangwa, is one of the continent’s very best. Consequently, the country is taking big strides to take advantage of its natural and cultural highlights, aiming to position Zambia ... Read More

  • Music Concerts and Festivals - UK - August 2019

    ... some Brits to substitute overseas trips in favour of UK-based leisure activities. In an increasingly crowded market, operators need to utilise elements of the entire audience experience in order to define their brand and stay ... Read More

  • Sports Betting - UK - August 2019

    ... important influence on player volumes and the future shape of the sportsbook offer. David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst This report examines the following issues: Esports bettors playing a different game Betting shop habits die hard Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Ghana - August 2019

    ... as a weekend getaway. Nigeria has a growing middle class and like many other people with the time and money to travel, they take short breaks from their (stressful) daily lives.” – Jessica Kelly, Senior ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Lebanon - August 2019

    ... vibrant art and music scene, along with culinary excellence and numerous architectural wonders. Tourism is a major economic sector and now the country is rapidly reacquiring its reputation as a safe place to visit, the ... Read More

  • Short and City Breaks - UK - July 2019

    ... an ideal way for tourist boards and travel brands to diversify their product offering and attract people to a wider variety of new holiday types.” – John Worthington, Senior Analyst This report will look at ... Read More

  • Business Traveller - UK - July 2019

    ... are highly likely to be favoured. Meanwhile, there are opportunities to encourage more business travellers to include leisure time in their trip.” – Marloes de Vries, Travel Analyst This report looks at the following areas ... Read More

  • Outdoor Activities - Ireland - July 2019

    ... to unwind when taking part in outdoor pursuits. Activities that enable Irish consumers to escape their increasingly busier lifestyles, reconnect with the ‘real world’ and relax will hold strong appeal.” – James Wilson, Research Analyst Read More

  • Premium Hotels - China - July 2019

    ... of 6.0% between 2019-24. Premium hotels are harnessing unique designs, smart rooms and wellness to differentiate. Premium brands may also differentiate themselves by developing services that respond to consumers' desire to connect with others offline. ... Read More

  • Hotel Alternatives - US - July 2019

    ... jumped on early, and in fact remain hotel alternatives’ strongest supporters. Now, while hotel alternatives are still attractive to current young travelers and grown-up early adopters, they have to start filling the gaps in satisfaction ... Read More

  • The Future of the Sharing Economy in Tourism - International - July 2019

    ... guided tours – were booked almost exclusively through travel agents or direct with a mainstream tourism provider such as a hotel, car-rental firm or holiday letting company. The sharing economy has disrupted the tourism industry ... Read More

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