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  • Vehicle Recovery - UK - September 2019

    ... broader level these include the enhanced interest for consumers to acquire policies for free as a result of the purchase of other products and services. Short-term challenges also exist with the poor performance of new ... Read More

  • Airlines - China - September 2019

    ... expected to see faster passenger growth than the domestic. High-speed trains are very competitive on domestic short-distance trips, while airlines can capitalise on themed flights to innovate flying experiences and attract potential consumers. Airlines have ... Read More

  • New Cars - US - September 2019

    ... vehicles as opposed to investing in the current model year, automakers have some soul searching to do. Consumers need more than campaigns that offer to “pay their first month’s car payment” in order to entice ... Read More

  • Airlines - UK - August 2019

    ... comes to selecting add-ons and services considered to be more premium.” - Marloes de Vries, Travel Analyst This report will look at the following areas: Increasing environmental pressures on growing aviation industry Price vs experience Read More

  • Car Purchasing Process - US - July 2019

    ... commercials to entice them into purchasing their next vehicle. Consumers currently view the car purchasing process as a necessary evil they must be subjected to in order to get a vehicle. Automakers and auto retailers ... Read More

  • Car Finance - UK - June 2019

    ... the point of sale, via dealers and other retail outlets. However, digital channels will steadily increase their share of the market, albeit from a small base currently." - Sarah Hitchcock, Senior Financial Services Analyst This ... Read More

  • Perceptions of Auto Brands - US - June 2019

    ... or education level, consumers view their relationship with brands very differently as opposed to how they did years ago. For automakers looking to build brand loyalty and deeply connect with their consumers, a change in ... Read More

  • Automotive Innovations - US - May 2019

    ... will need to concentrate on long-term strategies, as opposed to short-term campaigns. Automakers need to educate consumers on the safety benefits of new features and slowly ease them into the new technology. It will be ... Read More

  • Intercity Buses in Europe - International - March 2019

    ... play in creating energy-efficient, sustainable transport networks across Europe. State-of-the art intercity buses and coaches are certainly very much part of that scenario.” - Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst This Report looks at the following ... Read More

  • Car Purchasing Process - UK - March 2019

    ... certain types of car has been rising, notably those in the mini segment as well as dual-purpose and luxury cars. Equally there is growing demand for vehicles outside of the diesel market such as petrol ... Read More

  • Car Sharing, Ride Sharing, and Alternative Transportation - US - March 2019

    ... can now easily hail a ride or book a car for the day using an app. This Report will examine consumers’ attitudes and behaviors regarding the growing mobility market, including ride sharing and car sharing ... Read More

  • Hybrid and Electric Cars - US - February 2019

    ... as a positive solution. Despite these efforts, hybrid and electric cars remain a niche market and represent just a small fraction of total vehicle sales. The future appears bright, however, as consumers have grown more ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Sri Lanka - February 2019

    ... Tourism arrival volume continues to break records every year, bringing with it foreign-exchange earnings essential to the country’s economic health. With the government’s goal of transitioning Sri Lanka to an upper-middle-income nation and an export-driven ... Read More

  • UK Car Review - UK - February 2019

    ... expected to improve prospects in the short-term. With the market suffering from depressed sales, car manufacturers increasingly need to focus on meeting consumer demands which are increasingly reflecting individual lifestyles.” – Neil Mason, Retail Category ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Singapore - February 2019

    ... due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, low crime rates, cultural diversity and the abundance of luxury market options. As tourism receipts hit a record high in 2017, Singapore’s tourism industry is looking to expand its dominance ... Read More

  • Holiday Review - UK - January 2019

    ... budget accommodation options are more likely to be considered in 2019. There is huge potential though to tempt travellers to take a cruise or a multigenerational holiday.” – Marloes de Vries, Travel Analyst This report ... Read More

  • Auto Service, Maintenance and Repair - US - January 2019

    ... local independent repair garages, and others competing over consumer spending. In order to be successful in the auto service and repair market, firms need to identify their strengths and target consumers for growth, but must ... Read More

  • Electric & Hybrid Cars - UK - December 2018

    ... from manufacturers planned for this sector of the car market. While Mintel’s research suggests that acceptance of these cars is growing, there remain a number of issues that need to be addressed.” – Neil Mason, ... Read More

  • Luxury Cars - US - November 2018

    ... economy, high consumer confidence, and improving wages, more and more consumers are able to splurge on a luxury vehicle. Brands will need to compete intensely with each other for the coveted Millennial luxury shopper for ... Read More

  • Car Aftermarket - UK - November 2018

    ... such a development has also narrowed price differentials resulting in a move away from value brands as well as reducing volume sales. Looking ahead, the UK’s departure from the EU in March 2019 is another ... Read More

  • Airports/Air Travel Experiences - Ireland - October 2018

    ... their catering proposition and look to more unique food and drink concepts to create a unique experience, increase dwell time and boost spending within terminals.” - James Wilson, Research Analyst This Report looks at the ... Read More

  • Chinese Airlines - October 2018

    ... it is projected that 35% of China’s population will be in the upper-middle-class income bracket or better by 2030, up from just 10% in 2015. In October 2017, the IATA moved forward its forecast by ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism - Nicaragua - August 2018

    ... extraordinarily special eco-lodges’ by travel magazine giant Conde Nast Traveller, Nicaragua is an aspirational country for global adventure tourists who are keen to discover the next undiscovered destination. While currently suffering from civil unrest that ... Read More

  • Airlines in the US - August 2018

    ... competition from high-speed rail so far, but this is set to change in the medium term. The trend towards consolation of the sector is likely to continue.” - Jessica Kelly, Senior Travel Analyst This report ... Read More

  • SUVs and Crossovers - US - August 2018

    ... every brand. SUVs and crossovers range in many ways, seating, cargo space, towing capacity, and cost are just some of the choices shoppers have. Car shoppers of various lifestyles will find the utility that SUVs ... Read More

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Transportation & Shipping market research reports by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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