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  • Vitamins and Supplements - UK - September 2019

    ... making it even more important for products to create compelling standout. Organic products, fun formats with exciting flavours and vitamins/supplements tailored to individual needs are all areas of opportunity.” – Emma Clifford, Associate Director – ... Read More

  • Vitamins and Minerals - US - September 2019

    ... for innovation and personalization, traditional formats and formulations continue to be important to overall market strength. However, a demand for natural, specifically whole food ingredients will continue to push brands to improve the quality of ... Read More

  • Managing Skin Conditions and Allergies - UK - September 2019

    ... that allergies are rising, but the forecast for allergy relief remains bleak unless interest can be invigorated with alternative formats or enhanced product positioning. When it comes to skin conditions, rising stress levels are elevating ... Read More

  • Digestive Health - US - August 2019

    ... conversions in the antacid segment, boosting sales dramatically in 2015. Since then, growth had stabilized and was predicted to flat line. However, new product innovations, refreshed marketing strategies and rehydration claims are bringing success to ... Read More

  • OTC Pain Management - US - July 2019

    ... offer booming potential, maintaining impressive year-over-year growth. Demand for OTC pain relievers will continue as incidence of pain is not slated to slow down, but key players must acknowledge that people are becoming more connected ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Anti-aging Products - China - June 2019

    ... target consumers, a broader variety of claims (such as behavioural aging, anti-oxidation, anti-glycation) and diverse product offerings, from cosmetic surgery-like or ingestible skincare, to other articles of daily use.” Alice Li, Senior Research Analyst Target ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold, Flu, and Allergy Remedies - US - April 2019

    ... are the most common method for treating these ailments. Yet, after achieving growth from 2013-17, category sales softened in 2018. Mintel’s forecast calls for a gain between 2018 and 2023 as a variety of treatment ... Read More

  • Smoking Cessation and E-cigarettes - UK - January 2019

    ... spend since 2015. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are predicted to have enjoyed strong value growth as smokers continue to use these as a smoking cessation method. With public health bodies such as the NHS ... Read More

  • Incontinence - US - December 2018

    ... younger consumers will deliver $579.1 million in new sales through 2023 (see Market Size and Forecast). Perhaps the single biggest growth driver is that period products are still the key means of managing light bladder ... Read More

  • Health Supplements - China - November 2018

    ... particularly since e-commerce is emerging. Enhancing product options and innovations is also important to attract consumers.” – Vicky Zhou, Research Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Opportunity for probiotic supplements The importance of ... Read More

  • Gastrointestinal Remedies - UK - November 2018

    ... alleviate GI symptoms arising from stress, IBS and shifts in dietary habits. With these issues likely to continue, the market is set to see continued investment from those who appear to prefer the convenience of ... Read More

  • Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements - US - September 2018

    ... $24.5 billion. Yet consumer emphasis on value and lack of product understanding are a challenge to the category. To best position themselves, category players should emphasize specific product benefits, increase online presence, and target trending ... Read More

  • Diabetic Health - US - September 2018

    ... and often overwhelming, not to mention costly for individuals and society alike. Opportunities are especially ripe for the integration of less invasive monitors, digital sensors and integrated health management platforms that can simplify and streamline ... Read More

  • Digestive Health - US - July 2018

    ... between 2013 and 2018, largely attributable to Rx-to-OTC transitions in the antacid segment early in the review period. However, no new Rx-to-OTC products have been introduced since 2014, providing little stimulus for new growth or ... Read More

  • OTC Pain Management - US - June 2018

    ... pain relief, though external analgesics continue to experience faster growth. Looking forward, consumers’ need for pain treatments is not expected to change, and a preference for familiar brands will remain; however, store brand remedies are ... Read More

  • Managing Stress and Wellbeing - UK - May 2018

    ... the NHS is ill equipped to cope with, indicating an opportunity for brands and service providers to help alleviate – or even stave off – the resulting issues of stress; in the short term addressing ... Read More

  • Footcare - US - May 2018

    ... a foot smoothing device fad. Foot pain and aesthetic issues are fairly common, driving footcare product usage. Consumers prioritize functionality over brand within the category, and most often discover footcare products by browsing in-store. The ... Read More

  • Children's Healthcare - UK - February 2018

    ... the NHS could help provide some respite, with parents looking to the category to fill the gap left by a limiting of its NHS Minor Ailments Scheme and a shortage of GP appointments. Brands that ... Read More

  • Managing Skin Conditions - China - February 2018

    ... treat their skin conditions. In order to broaden consumer base and usage frequencies, cosmeceuticals need to promote more preventative usage by positioning as a holistic approach to maintain a healthy skin, or address lifestyle factors ... Read More

  • Children and Health - US - February 2018

    ... combined with opportunities for interaction and germ spreading makes them especially susceptible to illness. The OTC (over-the-counter) children’s health products market has continued to grow despite recent moderate flu seasons and a declining number of ... Read More

  • Managing Your Health - US - January 2018

    ... management is increasingly placed in the hands of consumers who are turning to a variety of sources to improve their wellbeing and receive guidance. Wellness is a journey for many adults, indicating that the health ... Read More

  • Family Planning and Pregnancy - UK - September 2017

    ... challenge. Digital advances in fertility tracking and pregnancy tests are affording consumers more information than traditional testing products as they look to conceive, which brands could look to harness in order to grow the category ... Read More

  • Contraceptives and Sexual Health - US - August 2017

    ... category sales only improved incrementally from 2016-17, as the male contraceptives segment struggled. Reliance on previous product experiences and a degree of embarrassment involving the purchase process have also undermined growth potential. Products that focus ... Read More

  • Pregnancy and Health - US - August 2017

    ... out. Pregnancy related attitudes and ailments will drive the need for functional products that can give women the peace of mind they are doing the best for their growing child. As no two pregnancies are ... Read More

  • Digestive Health - US - July 2017

    ... denotes a strong base of digestive health consumers for category players. Still, category sales went relatively unchanged from 2016-17 as sales softened in the leading antacid segment. Increased interest and acceptance of proactive digestive health ... Read More

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Pharmaceuticals market research reports by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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